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Forum Administration / Downtime?
Haven't been able to reach the forum all day until now, was it down for some reason?

This topic has been moved to Hobbies & Entertainment
Films/Movies are entertainment, so moved to the correct board
My wife just bought a new Android smart phone and she wants a decent browser on it. So which is the best one?
Not owning a phone myself it's not something I've really looked into. She had Opera Mobile Classic on her old one, is it still the best choice or is there something better out there now?

Any hints greatly appreciated.
The Lounge / Word Disassociation Game
Quite simple, post a word that cannot be associated with the previous word at all.

Good example: Oven > Hike
Bad example: (and therefore wrong) Oven > Light

So to start off I give you:-

A bit too serious for the lounge. Topic has been moved to DnD Central.
Forum Administration / Downtime
What happened? lost the site for over half an hour.

The Lounge / What is your mood, right now?
What is your mood, right now?
Keep it short or use a smiley if you desire. 
Happy Sad Angry Sleepy Sick   Excited Whatever it is share it here.


As this is really about entertainment. This topic has been moved to Hobbies & Entertainment.
The Lounge / What Time Is It?
What's the time in your part of the world?
You can use the 12 or 24 hour clock, it doesn't really matter.

What have you just eaten or drunk?

Packet of salted cashew nuts.
The Lounge / For keeps or drop.
For keeps or drop
Keep one word, drop the other word and replace it. The trick is to keep both words relevant to each other.

Electric cable > Cable car.

Let's keep it simple so no additional words to be added, it will always be two words.  ;)
Here's your starter.

Sausage roll
Change one letter to make a new word, we're using 4 letters so you should have plenty choices.  :D
If the situation arises where you cant make a word by changing one letter start a new 4 letter word, hopefully it won't come to that but you never know.
To get us started.

The Lounge / What is your weather now?
What is your weather now?

9°C Breezy and raining.
The Lounge / Letter linking game.
I would think everyone knows the rules but just in case......
I'll start with a word e.g. House and the next person starts their word with the last letter of that word, which in the example is the letter "e".
So we could have House > expire.
Off we go then.

The Lounge / What are you up to right now?
Tell us what you are occupying yourself with at this moment.

Trying to do Xmas shopping on line. Failing miserably.  :-[
The rules are simple, post a stupid answer to the previous person's question and then post a stupid question.
For example:
Poster 1
Q: Why is the sky blue?
Poster 2
A: Because the Elephants asked first.
Q: Can you boil an egg?
Poster 3
A: Only in government allowed areas.

OK Simple enough? Then I shall begin.  :)

Q: Why does day turn into night?
Always interesting to know our chums musical tastes. Be they good, bad or downright embarrassing.  ;D
So what music are you listening to right now?

The Doors - People Are Strange
It's decision time folks.
DnD Sanctuary is now viable and raring to go.  :D
So do we carry on posting in both lounges or concentrate solely on this one?
It's gone a bit quiet in the other place so I think I can guess what the result will be. But I think it would be best for us all to know where we are.  ;)

DnD Central / Is this interesting enough?
Is this interesting enough?
Probably not, but it's a test if nothing else.   ;)