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Otter Browser v180xp errors of playing videos from youtube

Otter Browser Forum / Error 301
When authorizing on many sites, the error is 301.
otter-browser-win32-weekly168 Win64
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He did not give a congratulatory speech on the day of the Soviet Army
Putin refused the post of chief of the Soviet Army
This position offered him the last president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev
This is similar to how it was 100 years ago, the emperor Nicholas deposition 2
Problems with zoom in on a settings
You put 150% indicates 100%

Where can I download Portable Otter Browser so that you can insert your bookmarks and use with USB?
Portable Otter Browser there? Or how to make Portable?
7 first Russian-language forum Otter Browser

Welcome all incoming here  :beer:  :cheers:  :yes:

If Emdek will go to the site Super User, I will be glad to see him.
There are ways to circumvent the blockage  ?