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DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Apparently the US national archives think that altering photographs constitutes not engaging in the political debate.

"we blurred references to the President's name on some posters, so as not to engage in current political controversy"
Oh jeesh, it's been that long? Yeah, that is sad.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Seems rather hyperbolic, but then again Trump is a walking talking hyperbole.
The Lounge / Re: Happy New Zealand!
Cold out. ;)
In that regard the Europlugs (type C) are better, in inset sockets it is practically impossible to touch the leads when live.
Sure, those are great. Still pretty darn hard to touch inside type E/F/K in any case and likely actually impossible due to the plastic at the onset of the pins? But that is yet another thing I prefer about type not-E, because you can fairly easily hurt yourself on that stupid ground pin while trying to pull out a Europlug. Being more or less safe from electrocution isn't the same thing as being safe from injury.

My position is that Schuko is by far the safest and most user-friendly. If we really needed forced polarity I'm hard-pressed to believe that most of Europe would be using Schuko, but in that case the Danish system is greatly superior to the French/Belgian one.

provide little security for accidental electric shocks
Well, I guess it's no worse than a European outlet from before my birth or a present-day American one. Do they also put them on the floor so as to more easily electrocute infants?
they have the wrong sort of power sockets
So do France and Belgium with type E. Schuko/type F and Danish type K are so much better.

They had all the exceptions and still whined for more
It's especially curious when they supported or even piloted new EU regulation just to turn around and claim the EU made them do it.
downloaded music is just lacking something in the ranges (or overcompensating).
Besides CDs, I only (occasionally) buy lossless CD quality or hi-res audio on Qobuz. That's in the FLAC format, avoid lossy ones like mp3. Those are the ones that have audible defects or lack frequencies. ;)

That being said, I'd be hard-pressed to pick out Vorbis or Opus from lossless. It's mp3 specifically that has a few identifiable defects.

But overall the difference in sound quality depends more on the DAC/amplifier and your IEMs/headphones/speakers than the encoding, imho.

Idk if I've ever gave real attention to the difference between 78s and like LPs. I assume higher sample rates with less on the disc? Prolly not much difference swapping digital glitches for mechanical noise.  :sherlock:
78 rpm is older, and more brittle when made out of shellac instead of vinyl. The difference is simply that I have 78 rpm records from the '50s that aren't necessarily available in a modern format, or only in a way that somehow sounds very different, while I don't think I have any vinyl LPs or SPs to which that applies as strongly.

Here's more or less what those records sound like:

I believe that just means it is CD quality. Cloud services like to cut some range to save space. Arguably out of earbuds or some headphones you wouldn't need it anyway.
I think hi-res audio is probably pointless in theory but the CD master is often messed up, see here. Sometimes the hi-res audio isn't messed up, in which case it'll still sound better if you downsample it to CD quality or even to mp3. Similarly vinyl records often aren't messed up even though records are inferior to CD, making them superior in some weird twisted way.[1]

Back in the early to mid-2000s I didn't understand this was the reason less processed live recordings often sounded better even though it didn't seem like they should.
Speaking of which, I was in a Fnac the other day and they had at least a dozen record players out. Pity they take up so much space, but I'd definitely like to have one that could play my 78 rpm records. I don't really care about the 33 1/3 & 45s.
The Lounge / Re: Random horse
Yeah, but then you lose whatever sense of ownership you might've had. Often it doesn't matter, but sometimes it might. :)
Quite OK seems a bit of an overstatement even if it's praise adjacent at most. I went through their French thing a bit a few years back and a lot of the pronunciations were just plain wrong. But the general principle is useful for some of the basics at least.

The pronunciations being computer-generated and wrong may not be the biggest issue if you could just turn off the sound, but there are literally speaking exercises where you should repeat the sample...
I think I'm happy with my slightly simpler to use Zim, but it definitely looks interesting.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Michael Bloomberg, that petulant, ex-NYC Mayor
Republican (petulant) ex-NYC mayor, wasn't he? Doesn't a priori sound terribly left tbh, unless he's completely turned around the past decade.
Comme on dit en français, c'est la vie. :)
You mean like what you get with right click, inspect element?
I guess nicknames don't work from the F2/Ctrl+k/Go to page dialog. I don't think this makes too much sense; it might be a case of following Opera/Presto too closely (not sure how it behaves otoh) or perhaps some people consider it a feature that nicknames don't work in there?

I always just thought of it as a popup addressbar with the exact same functionality that you could use to save space if desired.

But something like "w search term" for Wikipedia most definitely works for me.

Edit: I found that when Otter is in fullscreen, then, by default, Ctrl+k activates the secondary address field in search-engine mode. But, yeah, bookmarks for some reason do not show up either in primary or secondary address fields.
On this Windows install I've got weekly 300 and I get bookmark suggestions? It's a bit hard to capture a screenshot of it though; that'd be easier in a VM.
but it's precisely on this second adress bar that there is no way to use word-shortcuts for search'engine and boomark shortcuts
That doesn't sound right. Did it break recently? On this computer/OS I have a version from September or so atm where that seems to work fine. I think it's quite literally the same addressbar widget with all the same behaviors.
Presumably the one that can be called up with F2 by default. It's a former Opera feature also implemented in Vivaldi. I consider Shift+F2[1] of special note as well, which autocompletes nicknames. For some reason Vivaldi is missing the Shift+F2 functionality so you need one more keypress for the same result.
I think the shortcut is too complex for such a great feature though. I'd just bind it to F1 or something instead, assuming you want to keep F2 as a default so that it's compatible with a default Otter/Vivaldi installation.
I think I or @ersi mentioned this to @Emdek a while back but I don't think anyone's found the time to work on it yet.
Interestingly, Firefox seems to be about the only browser not suffering from this ailment.
Yum, chips!
Yeah, living in a city has some truly bizarre aspects, at least from my perspective as someone who didn't grow up in one. (My parents did.)

Things like blackberries are basically weeds that to quite some extent you want to get rid of. Of course you eat plenty of actual blackberries from about August to October, but they're just these things that are there. Same for watercress (except more of a welcome guest than a weed), etc., etc., etc. But here in the city blackberries are some kind of expensive delicacy, as is watercress.
It's also outdated though, perhaps they've improved.
Nope, definitely a fully Dutch commercial. Turns out there's a subtlety I missed at the time: the kid's dad in the commercial is actually a famous architect of presumably greater importance than some random lawyer.

(And it says it was from 2000? Huh, it somehow feels older in my memory.)