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Clever you worked out I liked Putin and by the way Tsarism as well - last Tsar is on my wall.....!  8)
This one?

Europeans talk talk talk criticizing the rest of the world and everyday it passes we are more out of the map.
I imagine the same happened with the Romans.
Europe already had its Rome a very long time ago. I think right now USA is experiencing its end-of-empire times.
Not only will there be a US presidential election, but a Russian presidential election as well.
The first of these is a failure regardless of the outcome because the choice between two is not really a choice and the constitution says the people are not supposed to be involved anyway, except by popular delusion.

The latter has already been decided - Putin for life, until death.
Yes, terribly lousy battery life for a monofunctional device. I would start be happy with at least a week as with eink devices in general.

Edit: Its update promises 4 weeks of battery life tho

Edit2: Oops, looks like I misread that particular review. The reviewer said, "I don't know how long the battery lasts, but I tend to write in three-hour blocks and then put it on charge." This may only describe the habit this non-techy reviewer has with charging, not how long the device lasts. The device may last much longer.

Still, for me it would be super important to have the text editor of my own choice and an open file system to have the incentive of buying this thing. Onyx Boox Max 3 with a bluetooth keyboard attached easily trumps Freewrite/Hemingwrite, assuming that Termux works on the Onyx immediately and an ARM-based Linux may be installed on it.

And meanwhile I found Pomera which looks much much better
Overnight trains never ceased to be a thing in Russia. You're all welcome to go try them out.
Browsers & Technology / Re: E-readers
Think of it as how to turn the device.
It turns in the opposite direction instead of in the indicated direction. Fascinating and makes me think a lot.
I've never been at the States but I lived a few years in South America and they are an incredible violent society judging by European standards. I see no reason for their Northern neighbors to be different.
United States is frankly a third world country that is just so full of itself in international diplomacy that EU powers unfortunately think they have to look *up* to USA rather than down. USA commerce is married to the military, so peace unfortunately cannot win when dealing with the USA.

I have been to Costa Rica, expecting another third world dump, but my expectations were not confirmed - no beggars, no poverty or dirt on the streets, no pushy hustlers... A complete contrast to USA.

I hear that Canada seems to be much more European like. Probably virtues of speaking French.
Maybe it's the snow.
Browsers & Technology / Re: E-readers
Will the consensus be against you again when you suggest to turn the arrows right?
Or maybe Quickpad Pro

I definitely like the ultralong battery life and the fact that it has an opsys as opposed to a text editor and a few other preinstalled apps and nothing else. Possibility to install own apps always beats whatever apps come preinstalled.

Additionally, it is quite important for me that the machine is as widely Unicode-capable as possible, able to handle e.g. Indian and Chinese characters. Such characters cannot be all the same size, therefore some green fixed-font LED screen is far too limiting. Word processors or text editors should be able to render various fonts in various sizes, because sometimes you want to see DejaVu, sometimes Courier, etc.

And the tty should see at least 80 columns.

Edit: Therefore Freewrite/Hemingwrite is no good, despite its eink screen. From what I have seen in the reviews, its battery lasts only three hours. Its functionality is limited to the proprietary text editor where you can move back only by backspacing over the written text. And you can only transfer your writings through the proprietary app of the company. And there appears to be no resizing of the text.

Even if somebody figures out a way to install a real opsys on it or at least more text editors and make a direct USB file transfer work, it won't wash due to low battery life.
Browsers & Technology / Re: E-readers
The latest Koreader update even with all the massive overhaul of some aspects is otherwise okay, but the arrows on the 90° buttons point wrong. Is it possible to drop the arrows and rename one of the buttons to 270° ???
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
Zelensky defused a hostage crisis by complying with the terrorist's demand
Gunman releases passengers unharmed following leader Volodymyr Zelensky's video message urging Ukrainians to watch animal rights documentary
In this case it was easy as the autonomous vehicle did not cause the accident. The party for insurance purposes is the owner of the vehicle. The vehicle's max speed was set to 15 km/h.

But yes, it's an interesting question supposing that the vehicle gets in its head to "speed head-on at obstacles" instead of "stop before you hit the obstacle". The owner would be responsible for material damages, but lives... I assume lives cost very little, legally.
Race is a feature, not a problem. I think it is a problem when we cannot talk about it, except to "celebrate" it or something weird like this. The slant of the following story is definitely odd.

'My Nigerian great-grandfather sold slaves'
Nwaubani Ogogo lived in a time when the fittest survived and the bravest excelled. The concept of "all men are created equal" was completely alien to traditional religion and law in his society.

It would be unfair to judge a 19th Century man by 21st Century principles.

Assessing the people of Africa's past by today's standards would compel us to cast the majority of our heroes as villains, denying us the right to fully celebrate anyone who was not influenced by Western ideology.
I agree that people in a given culture are best understood in terms of the given culture. However, this also means that concepts like "hero" and "celebrate" are best withheld at first, possibly even discarded altogether.

My great-grandfather was renowned for his business prowess, outstanding boldness, strong leadership, vast influence, immense contributions to society, and advancement of Christianity.


"He was respected by everyone around," my father said. "Even the white people respected him."
I can easily see why white people, coming to Africa to buy slaves, would respect such a man. But why would his own people, apart from fellow slave traders, respect him rather than fear or envy or despise him?
Orthodox is NOT a State Church.
From a legalistic point of view you are correct. But nothing in Russia works as a legalist would have it.
The Orthodox Church was in total agreement and they also dedicated the thing for goodness sake
The Russian Orthodox Church had no say in the matter, except to obey.

By the way, the remains of the murdered Romanov family are said to have been found
The Colour Maximite 2 is a small self contained computer inspired by the home computers of the early 80's such as the Tandy TRS-80, Commodore 64 and Apple II.

It uses a USB keyboard and outputs to a standard VGA monitor.  Programs are saved on a full size SD card and it includes its own sophisticated BASIC interpreter with a full screen program editor.
What a cute little idea :)

And I recently heard that some heavy-duty retro-looking keyboards are being re-manufactured, which is awesome

But it would be even more awesome if somebody would re-create some of those amazing old-time built-into-the-keyboard laptops - not the microcomputers where you attach the screen, but those that come with a screen. And these days it should be an eink screen. My favourites in this form factor are TRS-80 Model 100 and Panasonic Business Partner CF-150B.
It's the first ever church in Russia built purely for political pomp. It doesn't have a congregation and it is not dedicated to a saint. It celebrates irreligious historical figures such as Stalin and features a display/exhibition of, among others, Nazi artefacts, possibly inducing pilgrimage of Nazi sympathisers. Controversial, to put it mildly.
The first ever traffic accident involving a self-driving (or AI-driven) vehicle in Estonia.We are totally evolving at break-neck speed in break-neck direction
It went official!

Linux Kernel blacklists "blacklist"
Audials gives you pretty much all you may want from a radio and podcast-streaming Android app. Such as:
 - No ads
 - No in-app purchases
 - Tons of pre-selections ready for sorting in many ways (language, country, genre, author, etc. - not entirely intuitive though)
 - Possibility to add your own streams and podcasts!

I found a Russian app too with almost all the same features, but I will not mention it.

Edit: I need to correct that I actually did not find a way to input links to your own podcasts. But an additional feature is that you can record what you are listening and you can set a specific channel or station to wake you up.

Well, input of your own podcasts would have been a killer feature. That's why it's not there, I guess.
Microsoft's Free Rein Over EU Staff Data Sparks Privacy Warning

The EU's in-house data protection regulator said in its findings of a probe that institutions' lack of control "over which sub-processors Microsoft used and lack of meaningful audit rights also presented significant issues."

EU institutions should "carefully consider any purchases of Microsoft products and services or new uses of existing products and services until after they have analyzed and implemented the recommendations" of the European Data Protection Supervisor, the watchdog said.

The staff and agencies using the products "had insufficient clarity as to the nature, scope and purposes of the processing and the risks to data subjects to be able to meet their transparency obligations," the EDPS, which acts independently of the EU bodies it oversees, said in the 29-page report on its findings.
Microsoft products are annoying on many levels and dangerous in many ways. It is long overdue that somebody start questioning the terms Microsoft is imposing on the users and what it is doing inside the cloud services.

The full report
Can understand why Putin brought the national anthem back as the one concocted wasn't impressive but he did NOT return to the USSR style of things of things so you are a bit off.
Putin brought back the USSR anthem, specifically. Not a USSR-style anthem, but the exact same anthem that used to be the USSR anthem. And if you check out his full speech that I wrote about in this thread, you will see that he basically worships Stalin. (Not the Czar.)

ps. Even the army under him via it's top military band centre in St Petersburg has been selling a whole selection of Tsarist former regimental band music. Have a copy myself and impressive.
Of course, they have been performing and selling those since Yeltsin times.
Seeing they use the old Imperial symbols including the crown symbol and there are senior military units with Tsarist dress uniforms that is a gap!
Actually they used to use more Tsarist symbols under Yeltsin and reverted back to more Soviet symbols under Putin, such as the anthem.
Symbolic proxy battles in an inanimate field is not constructive, and might distract from real liberation. Should female connectors have the same wages as male?
In the inanimate field there are no wages. And who is supposed to be liberated in the inanimate field?

Mind you, anything offensive is likely to be renamed. E.g. anything abbreviated to "KKK" will not be so for long.
In Estonian language we are boldly abbreviating European Central Bank exactly the same way as Estonian Communist Party. This has not changed in 30 years. The aimed effect is to associate the abbreviation with the bank rather than the party. There may be the same aim with the KKK abbreviation also.