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do i have, warn for a wolf à few quickly... may be

then, after to have cleaned all my search engine, there were many old one wich where there for nothing or in double

everything seems to works, and i found the way to do a new search engine, with the good "web adress" in the Otter appda
whatever, Otter do not do "by itself new search engines" (which is close to be deep inferno)

then everything works, and i found the little option that allow to had "little custom icon" to these home-made search engines

thanks a lot...

there's a heap of files.txt there that contains the data of the websearchEngines...

i've got 52 files, then 52 search engines
but only 42 in the configuration panel in preferences/search

i never count before...
but i've got somes with qwant[1] qwant[2] in the files with some specifics websearch
-for website that havn't got inner search fields
well, impossible to rename a file, without to make it disapear into Otter...
the problem upper may be come from this...
whatever i'd never tried to rename a file before...

may be during the precedant update ??
well, i was lloking for something unusual, but i was knowing that i did a search engine...
 but nothing happenned with the keyword in the adress bar

i went in my "Otter backup" if i could find it... and i found it... i decide to copy past it to the usuel seraengine folder

and surprise... the files was yet there... but inactive

i was having some supsicion about it... but nothing clear... now its clear

seeing that, it appears that the identity file "name" of these search engine is not "really obvious to read"
[mode santa klaus on] if it could have the same name than in Otter... could be very nice [/mode santa klaus off]

thanks a lot
well, finally, i've changed the useragent for this website only... i'm a new happy googlechrome 63 user

yep vbr, i was sure of it... only this website, and its "update" has changed the way to acceed to the webmailer

if i look well, when i use an alert javascript, it seems that there is a twice call to the page that killed my "alert();"
it do work, but before the page is "fully loaded" then no way for me for the moment to have the possibility to catch anything in this html'page

for what i see in the Otter dragon'fly is that the iframe do not load the "<head> datas and the <body> data"
i've catch it in another browser(chromium'cloned)... but no way to inject'n'replace the whole innerHTML of the <Iframe>

but thanks a lot for the anwser ;)
hi all,

boring problem, with the update of my usual webmail (french)

i can read my mail, but i can't write or answer message
this part of the code is not loaded (an <iframe>) certainly because its an ajax upload
i've try stuff with javascript... but it can't get the document.getElementsbyTagName("iframe") its length give 0

it works with vivaldi, but no more with Otterbro...
it's not a problem with adblocker or personnal rules
if some got some ideas... as ever
thanks a lot
hello alls,

my little problem of the day... i try to override (replace) the javascript msgBox alert by something a few more nice(<div></div>)

well, i found code allover the net, that basicaly use window.alert = function(){ //your code here for the new window }

it works well... on any page... except on one page where i would need it - for sure -

i'm trying to do a little warning for personnal important even (ex:do not forget the food for the cat) that would have the nice behaviuour to use the javascript "alert" overrrided

but at the opening of the browser... at "start-page"... it do works with a simple Js.alert();

but, if i try with the overriding code... nothing happened anymore...
in the same story, no way to open the console with the otter (start-page)

why the start-page ? because it's my defaut page, the open for any new Tab... then i'm that with this i will not forget the food for the cat... (this time :)) )

then my problems comes with otter, and not with Javascript...

somes ideas ???

may the code would please you... if finaly it works
yep it was in about:config adressbar

simple, instead of [inline] pas to [popup]

just nothing... too, too happy, there few month that it was ennoying me ;)

thanks a lot frenzie
hi, frenzie, how ya ?

tobe sure that we're talking about the same problem

in the adress bar, i've copied something
- this is the first part (with white fond)...
- the second part in blue, is the remains (leftover) of something  :D
-- added automaticaly whatever there nothing that can match it

it seems to the last adress typed... but not sure

i went into abou:config... and i've get off all suggestion proposed here... but nothing happened

hi all, there's a couple of weeksi haven't complaint about something

well, this time it's about the adress bar...
- there a long time that it "auto-add", the last part of the last url, instead of something "pertinent"
( do there is something i can do, i've uncheck everythings in adressebar/suggestion and nothing happened (for the moment)

thanks a lot.

Otter Browser Forum / Re: video codecs ??
well, i've forget something, my problem with video codecs comes because i've explusate flash player out from my PC
then the website that call for it ain't find it...
Otter Browser Forum / Re: video codecs ??
really no one got some info about it ?
there two format webM (vp8 vp9) and Ogg Theora  (see

vivaldi use H.264 oggTheora and the webM.vp8, webM.vp9

i don't know for other browser, but webM is a google tech then...

and for Ogg Theora

how add it to win10 and add it in OtterBro ? it seem pretty complex

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / video codecs ??
i would like to know if there a way to had some video codecs to OtterBro ?
or, do there is an hope to have some of them... it's few boring to have to switch on vivaldi to view somes..

thanks a lot
I do corrige the shortcut,
i have target my personnal shortcut then...
it's not crtl+menu (^appskey)

but the original shorcut (F8) that have t be targeted => Send, {F8}

and not forget the return after .ahk function... or it could blocked the scroll on the laptop (synaptic)

it's a little hell to find functionnal forms with this soft... but at last... 
hi all,
i tried something impossible to do... this shortcut "seems" to not exist

how to activate the adress bar (easy) with clearing this field... impossible, no way to produce a sequence of shortcuts with Otterbro.

then, this sequence lookalike [activate adress'bar][alt+a][backspace]

and in waiting, i did it with auto-hotkey (ahk)
here the code i use (ctrl+appskey(wich is just near the rght ctrl on on my laptop)
Code: [Select]
#IfWinActive, ahk_exe otter-browser.exe  ;catch otterbrowser
Send, {F8}
Send, ^{a}
Send, {Backspace}
if (WinNotActive, ahk_exe otter-browser.exe)    ;emulate ctrl+a (select all) in other environnement
      Send, ^{a}

then if you got the time to implement this shortcut, wich is really usefull, when you used the adress'bar as a research tool

Ps: for the few i know about auo-hotkey the code can be diffrent in function of your environnement.. (then no certitude that this one work for those interrested with)
finally, it do works...
there were only a problem with adresse in the line "application".

really thanks a lot Beastie
for the moment i have add
Code: [Select]
"type": "action",
"identifier": "OpenUrlAction",
"options": {
"icon": "",
"text": "Open in Opera"
"parameters": {
"application": "opera.exe",
"urlPlaceholder": "{pageUrl}"

i took it on an old post about this 'little' absence of the options <openWith>
but, if the link do appears with the right icon...

i have add the line [ "type": "action", ]

but it do not open the page, or the url in an other browser..

i try to do it with the old opera, because there a key in windows
HKEYlocalMachine/Software/client/StartMenuInternet... with otterBro too but no vivaldi or chrome or other
opera 12.18 was using this regedit key to open an other browser...

for the moment... well well well
then, it works, but this files is just an headack ... find where to do something is as "benji" (i do it, or not ???)

well, then i've remove the "open link" firt line of the OpenAlink Rightclick'menu wich is not really usefull in comparison of the next one OpenInAnothertab (its a use in vivaldi)

and i'm tryonf to had and openwith another browser... for the moment i've been abble to add <open with vivaldi>, an <open with opera>, just after the openInAnotherWindows... as in opera...

but it yet opened nothing, the .exe is not called and the url is not opened... it's hell there !!!
yeap, you're right... i went into this files, just after had this new bar... but without to have close/reopned otter... and nothing was recorded into

now this bar is recorded, and is esay to find... (then i've post a few quicker, in little moment of panics (whaaat nothing to get it off... rhaaa)

thanks a lot
cool, thanks a lot Beastie... i'm goona try that soon
Otter Browser Forum / Remove newToolBar
well, i tried new stuff...

view/toolbar/add sidebar/
 ... it works

but how to remove it ?? i try to see the file into appdata but nothing into about this "new toolbar" ???

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / two difficulties
well... some old problem are solved (downloader, and passwords panel )
but two new appears...

= no way to create automaticaly (as it was) a new webengine via the right context panel
____must did it "with my own two hands" (i'm suffering a lot)
= well, i can't modify my keyboard shortcuts anymore with the configuration panel
____if i try, it goback to the default version... and that, if was not having a backup with the "keyboard" file into... well :chef:

thanks a lot
hi, hersi and frenzie...

the view-source, is the way to display the code-source of the page... but the form (organisation/appareance of the code) depends of the way the autor of the code have did it.
then, many of them do compress their code, wich is just readable by the browser, not reaaly by me...

well, a simple copy-past to my python allow me to see it a minima correctly /[<]([^\/])/ ="\n<$1"

but, i would like to catch the page via an js extension (or any other way) to apply some 'little personnal modification"  :wizard:

hi all, my new problem ...

there's no files in appdata/otter about this "important"  daily tool ...

do there is a way to modify it... no key too in the windows regedit