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too cool Beastie... just as i was wishing...
a little copy past of
            "action": "ShowToolBar",
            "parameters": {
               "toolBar": "ErrorConsoleBar"
            "shortcuts": [

and Nickel, reopen otter, preférence keybord shorcuts, and Done !!

thanks thanks a lot :)
but i know why i havn't seen it...

there's no specific command in keybord shortcuts preference to open/close it in a keypress...

VBR, if you know how to had it in a file... (the command name) it'll be welcome here..

thanks a lot
yeeees !! thanks a lot VBR

i never went there, or i never seen it...

Otterbro can't be defeat !! it's a certitude now !!!
hi, VBR... i use the otterbro dragonfly window... but it's not this one i do talk about... it was a spécific pop-up in opera witch was only givin "Error console" and not as in chromium like, a full tool for all information possible about the web-page

the one you're talking about work really well, really usefull, but... ;)
hi all,
well i went back to coding for the web... HTML,CSS, and Javascript
as you know the last one is particuliary capricious and semicoloned problematic  :bomb:  :insane:  :cry:

the couple Otterbro and chrome-like do generaly the job
but for one test today, i reopened my old friend Opera 12.17... just to see some mistakes with the console (CRTL+MAJ+O) a popup

and suddently, i remeber me, that it was my fav-tool-ever to debug javascript..., i'm not asking a new Feature... but something like this in the left-panel bookmarks(with a new button) i would not say no... frankly, i will accept it with no difficulties

thanks a lot
hi all, i do continue with my little local problem

then, on [anywebsite/rightclick/preference/UserStyleSheet]

everything works perfectly... load a css page Ok, but the field on top [website] only accept the one given, and refuse to record specific pages
it's a few boring, but many website got many webpages with different "style" or stuff to exploded... but without a specific "adress" and a specific Css file... impossible to remove without

(for sure there is addons... but it's few more difficult to use  :faint: )

thanks a lot
thank's for the answer frenzie,, if do not fail for you, then it comes from my Otter config, may be the addblocker...
 i've to try some new stuff then

hi all
my little problem of the day...
on the reverso website... just nothing but...
add a word-to-translate in the field, [enter] key (as is should, ans it works in chromium-like)

and here a blank webpage appears, with ""

but nothing in the adress bar, it do not update the adress bar

i tried with an extension targeting the website and the field, add a "onkeyup" but... nothing good happened... ever the blank page

thanks a lot
see you
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly #272
it works as it should here
Otter Browser Forum / Re: ERROR 99
finally, i think taht i've got some difficulties with my web provider, or the server of some website...

i did a little batch, with ipconfig/flushdns to reboot my connexion... not that bad ;)
well, this time its serious, really serious, absolutly not a new caprice, or a whatelsoever...

i did to much search engines, then when i try to use them, by a rightclick it gives me that:

problematic isn'it ?

but, in fullscreen it's possible to got an address bar as this:

could it be possible, to got this field, with into the selected "toSearch" ... and the possibility to had "the magic letter(g=>google)" that allow to get immadiatly a specific searchEngine

i try, because, now, with all these searchEngine i use it less ans less, because i use more "magic letters" than this kind of rollingpanel

thanks a lot  :beer:
Otter Browser Forum / ERROR 99
hi all,
then today, my question is... what the f... is that f.... stupid Error 99
more and more, it seems to come from my provider... but... it was not happening with older OtterBro version

if it comes from Otter, is there something i could do ?

well, it seem to be resolved, here anyway...
the module pawsword do not record nomore a new couple loginpassword everytime i log somewehere

thanks a lot
the win10 i got and that i'm using is probably my last windows tool... i will pas on linux because, microsoft turns its customer OS to a simple MS client, and not as a personna computer... it tooks me one month fo configurate my win10 correctly with a lot of external apps...

win7 is more closed that XP was but still is made in the idea of a personnal computer... win10 is make for the web... and to be a personnal data sniffer...

the next MS OS will certainly be AIreaddy to prevent everything to be done by customers against MS service... then nomore MS

linux may will be the next génération OS because of no AI into... AI is really evilic for small coders as i
it's me or its not possible to use google product nomore ? links in google do not works, google translate do not accept clicks

its the new version of their service,
a kind of privatisation of the web via chrome ??? invisible if you're on chrome (maybe, surely)

a way to solve it ???
approximatively solved

the problem was coming from that this input is into a
etc.. </tr></table>
there were noborder for this... and the "width" of this input was too large for its container (div)
puting border='1' and style=(border-collapse:collapse; background:black; border:solid 1px black; width:smaller++)
it finally works, and with padding-left:8px and font-weight:bold... just nice

but may it better to know it, because it do not appaers with chromium's-like...

hi, all,
this time it's a little difficulties with the <input type="text"> in one of my coded webpage, not usualy for website...
the problem is that the text is strangely as shifted on the left border of the input field ...  [yesterday  ], appears [esterday   ]
i tried many CSS solution as padding-left:4px but, if it works in chrome/iridium it works 3secondes in Otter and with any modification(clicks) in return to it's original [ifficulty   ] <= not fun here

a solution, an idea to Solved it.. ??
hi, all
since 1.0 (i suppose and yesterday in fact) i got a problem to create new WebSearchEngine...
=> usualy, i click-right in the search input panel of a website, and the context-menu allow to create a new webSearchEngine
it still the case... but OtterBro do not record it... or in fact, it record it(i went see i the appdata file), but do not display it in the usual list of my WebSearchEngine...

i do suffer a lot since yesterday, all my dream seem to all got fly away... ??

sure it still possible to do record it and display it normaly by making it with the hand in the searchEngine panelgestion but...

as I was saying when you how to do it it's really more simple than it seem (comparatively from chrome manifest)

then the way:
create file in Otter extension with the extension .user.js
re-opened Otter ... otter/extension otter must have do a new directory with the same extension and a copy of you file

opened the file in your favorite editor:
first test : as say mark pilgrim in "dive into greasemonkey": alert("HelloWorld") <= hahahaha
nothing else...
reload otter, go in tools/extension/check your extension
right click onto/reload extension

normaly with it, an alert pop-up "HelloWorld" will be load for any new page or tab opened in Otter
to stop it uncheck the extension and reload Otterbro

second: how to catch a webpage :
rename your extension helloworld.user.js for the website you want to catch (for exemple) with user.js ever
var aaa=document.URL
if (aaa.indexOf("")>-1) { alert("done !"; /*here you're code*/; }

reload Otter, reload extension if it needs, go on the website, and it should open a popun "done!"
not that complex after if you know a few about javascript...

Otter bro rules da web  :rolleyes:
hi, thanks for sharing... but the "read me" inside is in german/dotsch (if i read well)

here a traduction with return charriot..
Drilling Gray + 3d light - style sheet for the Otter Browser
================================================== =======

BoringGray is a "skin" for the Otter Browser
next icon collection, wild stuff from Opera 12.x,
1 x Windows XP and Otter 0.99.
This will give you a couple of .son files with Toolbar and Menu configuration.

1. Stylesheet
   To use the style:
   - Style file file stored separately
   - Otter through
       Working / Adjustments / Extending / Separating image -> Overflakes-Format Forces
       about: config -> Interface / StyleSheet
     put the style sheets in the knowledge.
     The style sheet also defines it as being devastating
     Widget Graphics (Arrows, Hoists, Radio-Checked Images).
     The sticks in the icons / w /.
     Should those icons not be used, the appropriate block
     loosen / comment on stylesheet, then use otter
     say their own.
2. Icons
   About the Icons / Steering Element Decorations:
   - Icons-Organizer below
   - Otter through
       about: config -> Interface / IconThemePath
     to Know the Icons in the Knowledge
  - the drilling gray style sheet contains the icon pfade (in the file note)
    The whole block is commenting on, otters
    Use standard widget icons.
3. Toolbar / Menü Configate:
   About the Toolbar / Menü Config files:
   - secure those related .json files:
   % Username% \ AppData \ Local \ Otter \ otter \ toolBar.json
   % Username% \ AppData \ Local \ Otter \ otter \ menu \ webWidget.json
   - save the approved .son files below
     search the appropriate Pfaden
   - Otter start.
   menu / webWidget.json contains the web site context menu,
   Add a single "Open with".
   That way one can add the current page. one major link
   open another browser.
   These mice were used to fix the hassle-free application.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: google error
yep franzie, on the windows build

but with 1.0 google accept the first panel, but say that cookies are not "connected" or "opened" to refuse the connection to the second pan
hi, after download otter32b for under win10 all goes right, no fail...

thanks a lot
arf, just great... but no installer for the windows10 noob ??

it's not that the xp(and other) do affraid me...
but when i look to RC12 folder and the new list of files...
they do not correspond exactly...

and i used otter everyday... then no experimental binaries here ;)

Otter Browser Forum / Re: google error
hi Frenzie, i's not about a particuliar adress...
but with general identification on google login... it do not pass with Otter

that do not work
Otter Browser Forum / Re: google error
and happynew year alls !!! may otter-bro do conquer the web !!