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Otter Browser Forum / Re: sessions
you're not wrong Emdek, as ever... and i've finally found it (after month of true desepair.. as ever it was under the hand, at three or four click far away... in the deep forest of options of the browser ;)

but, but... for the moment i havent found specific icon... or the way to add icon of that kind to these element of the adress bar, or other menu (as it's possible to do for searchengine, to search & add icon)

and this "button" letter is still in the adressbar, where a new left panel, should be just "under the hand" to deal with many "session"

thank a lot for your reading
Otter Browser Forum / sessions
hi all,hope you're well

i do use more and more "sessions"
i would be happy, to not to pass by the submenu of the submenu of the menu

i looked in appdata and C://program file(x86)/otter... but no référence to this little panel (gestion of session)

a shortcut maybe,
and, if possible, and addon to lock into the mini-bar of the right-panel...
- to have a quick view of the available sessions, and their contenu...

an idea to do this ?

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly 400
yep, i went back to to try to download the #400, because it become to be more en more difficult to pass capchas all over the net

and i seen that this #400 was for XP user only...

then i will wait, wait and wait... godo may comes soon, hope not with santa claus, it'll be a few late

good surf DaveH ;)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly 400
yep, i've seen that too... but it's only files, for windows.exe lover that i am ?

some could explain me how to update my #380 with the new #400 ??

instead of this little difficulties... hope you're well...
finaly, i've suppress the AHK shortcut, because i used "0" for open a newtab,
- and because it's not possible to target a window more precisely,
- everytime i use OtterBro and i write somthing wich contains the "0" number... i got a newtab that open... not fun  :cry:

a way frenzie, to change this options by some other way ?
haaaa ! finaly i found the way, to had a keyboard shortcut to mute a tab
Code: [Select]
 "action": "MuteTabMedia",
 "shortcuts": [
this code to add to the shortcuts

but, whatever i used AHK to open a newTab with this muted media shortcut... no way to have a Newtab Muted (immediatly) it takes 3 secondes to it to muted (then the little jingles that i was wishibg to eradicate, ever sound "before" the tab goes muted... :hat:
hell, damnation, inferno, diabolicum, diabolicare...

then i'll wait that there a global option to open all tabs in muted mode... it's soon christmas no ? ;)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: content blocking
heyheyhey, finally i went dowload the 1.0.02 that can replace #300... and i don't have to "reboot" to modifiy the content blocking
- but still, #380 (that i use) who got a "more complete" content blocking device do not record anything here.
- then, passing by 1.0.02 do the work... and no reboot to do it... it's byzance ;)... just enough for my use...

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / Re: content blocking
it's because it's like this since the new content blocking tool/device
usally, i deal with user files when something goes wrong... but here no user files... then

but as you say, annoying :(
Otter Browser Forum / content blocking
hi all,
then its my config or its normal, but i can't record any change of content bloking,
- i must reboot(my pc)  and reinstall #300 (we're on #380) to be abble to check new value in the new "content blocking" device.
- in fact this is the same(here) since the new "content blonking" since #320 or #340
- many new nice options, but the button save do not record anything, or remove everything...

then its my config, or it could have a unespected bug somewhere...
(and yes i'm angry... sorry...
- but this the third time this week that i have to do it (rebbot, reinstall, change, reinstall#380) because #300 get wrong now  for browsing

then its me or ...
win10 pro, intel i5
yeees frenzie, i havn't get what you were meaning by "Muted" but its true, tabs can be "muted"

but, but, impossible to find the keybord shortcut anywhere ?? but i think that you know it...

thanks a lot
thanks frenzie... just what it needs.. i havn't got the used to go there ;)
@ Quetzal: one of the sites I want to create a search field for the browser is

sorry, but its as difficult for me than for you, they load their result via ajax... not easy to find this trick

well, Frenzie. Where did you found these info about this website ??
@prestolover give the adress of your website... that we can have a look about this "searchengine"
but it's true, some website do not like it at all, that we ain't pass by google... as W3school that got no searchengine inside their website
yep, it could interest me, whatever my computing level is not so high... but if i can help...

how to contact, or how to do it ?
i do associate myself to Ersi...


another question, Ersi, telle me... how many person do participate usualy to maintain OtterBro ??
well, i'm not sure to be abble to do that :/ 
i understand "http headers".. but i've got no use to play with, or to trick them (for the moment)...

 but thanks, i'm gonna have a look about it ;)

well, i've got an heavy JS page, that i load instead of the start-page with the mozaik...
- i builted my own mozaik-page to be abble to have on this "strategic" page something like a js.widget (calendar/alert) and some other stuff in preparation... i load it from a little php.server on my localhost..

it's generaly quite enought speed to built the whole page from JS... everytime i open a new "start-page" (it redirect to my mozaik)
- but sometime it's a few slow to load... then, to load the page in cache when nothing have changed would be i do hope, quicker... nothing to calcul or built... just read and display

i've seen the adress "in cache" are just the same that the one i load... nothing particuliar...
 but i would like to know how to load it with something as "about:cache:http://localhost/xxx/xxx.html

do you know how to do this ?
Otter Browser Forum / load page in cache ?
hi, all
an other problem, another question... how to load with javascript a webpage, cached in the cache of otterBro

or , what kind of adress to write in the adress bar to load a page from the cache ?

about:cache gives acces to all the cached page... but how load it from there with an URL ??

thank a lot

PS: #380 works fine there
- the new contentblocking added with #320 now works as it should
- the passwords deletion do works as it should...

- still some difficulties with HTML5 video/content...
yep no aware... but... do you think that it may become possible...

or it's just me that must die every time i open some website with an automatic video that agress me in my beautifull silence...
hi all,

a question, wich is not fancy at all with all the sub stuff embeded in many website...
- there is an option noscript... an option noimages ... but an option novideo and nosound on the addblocker of a website, possible or not?

thnaks a lot
hi all,
do somebody knows if there a way for make a shorcut for this "little" function... or better reload all "addon" in one shot...

it would be nice, coz, well, i'm suffering a few with the "little menu, next to the panel"

and as ever, thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / and HTML5 video ?
hi all, how are you ?
a little question, about compatibility of Otterbro and HTML5
is it there on the run, or just a dream of me ?

PS: a good Covid-19 is a dead Covid-19... ;)
and hapy new year all

i havn't pass there since few days, and i see that there is a new feature.. two in 15days...

excellent, but the net has really change in one year... many site are not accessible anymore with Otter (deezer, and some others)
but nothing compare the navigation with Otter, and chrome-forks are just web viewers than true web browsers...

i've got, instead of the web modification, two difficulties...
- every time i tried to install on win10pro a new feature, i need to reboot, caus the otter process do not really close... then the widget of installation ask me to closed otter, but it's not suffisant (may be some tweak of my machine are the problem...)

- and since #333 the "new content bloking" the do not remember any change... ??? then i must reinstall #300 do make it working again after any new update...

but instead of this... luckily otter is here...

thanks a lot

and happy new year

Otter Browser Forum / christmas realease ?
hi all,
is there a new realease on the run for chistmas ?
i been a nice websurfer all the year :promissed:
 my shoes next the chimney wait for it  :psmurf:
but what is ruffle ?
good question
here under the solution

a way for otter to deal with flash media without flash

thanks a lot