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ha, i see, some here got vip privilege ;o)

i must re-logg every time i come, but i closed the page, then...

but it happened on any website i've record a first couple of loggin/password..

i'm on rc12 and win10.64 pro
oki Frenzie, i'll do it without

i've got an other problem with the password manager...

here, for exemple on Otter forum, everytime i login, Otter add another couple (login/password) in the manager ? normal or not

thank for the reading
yep, that true, sometimes Otter's works better with one or oneother "user agent" depending of the website...
it could be nice to record it in the website pref'

hi all,
do you think that the option "Open pop-ups in a Tab"
could be add to Otter/tool/prefernces/content ???

thanks a lot
 :D too cool Beastie

here the adress

adress :{searchTerms}
query : q={searchTerms}
well, VBR if you pass here...

could it be possible from you to put in the forum
 the google auto-completion server adress, present in the query field of the google search engine,

because after many search... impossible to catch these specific adress...

thank a lot
yep, you're right, my Otterbro was in french... (help/Switch application language)
in english
tools/preferences/search/enable search suggestion

i tried with google search but, it do not work...

next i tried to do another google search engine by clicking Right on the input search and in creat new search in the contestual menul...
otter openned a window with all options for this search engine...
- Result Query is full of adress and data
- Suggestion Query is empty....
      Or this this one i'm looking for... and it's the same for all my other search engines, nothing in these input field ...

a solution ?? 
hi all,
today, the otterbro question is:

how to activate autocompletion of websearch engine...

i went have a llok in "preferences" "activate autocompletion... but i do not work
then i went into google-engine option... it's possible... but the adress of the autocompletion server is not "catch" with "create a new engine"

then i went in opera and chrome... but here too, noway to obtain these adresses

some got a solution, idea, or some magic-trick to solve this ?

thank a lot

hi, all
is there a way, to allow Otterbro to record automaticaly any couple login/password ??

because some website, do reload the page just after login/password are validated and the button record password do disapear in the same time... to quickly for me (my principal mailer in fact)

possible, not possible ??

thanks a lot
hi Ersi, it's so obvious when you know it

in fact i never did it in opera or in any other browser... then, i was a few loosy

thanks a lot for the anwser...

i'm gonna have a look
well, it's waht i seen... but pragmaticaly speaking, how to used them...

it's a javscript file, but when i try to used, or modified an html document, nothing happend

i surely miss something important, but what ???
not really complexe, in fact...

1) do a numbered list in your bookmark start page...
 - edit every one and lit it as 01, 02, 03, 04
- close an reopened otter, the list is automticaly ordoned

but the icon in the speed dial are not ordonned

2) create à new one... select and valid.. it update the speed dial as it done in bookmarks

and to add a pic to the speeddial item...
find the png you like, resize it at 220x130px paste it in the otter's folder "thumbail" and rename  your pic with the number of the speed dial item... suppress the old one.
hi, all

well, i've try many way to do it,
- by moving the thumbail an other place... it work, until i re-open otterbro
- by have a look in the file "thumbail" and tring changing order... noway, just the thumbail mov not the link
- by givin a number order in the bookmark's startpage list... not better, it change the title under the thumbail, but nothing else

i put it here for memory...

but a little memory list as for the password may(would be) welcome

see ya ;o)
Otter Browser Forum / extension exemple ??
hi all, hope your well...

1 month more in happyness with dragon-fly otter

but, i try stuff, and get a look to otter's extension... no exemple, nothing to download... then

i do suppose it's kind of chrome extension... but i do find anything...

same way than chrome extension, or there's somewhere an exemple'file that i do not have found yet...

thanks a lot

hi, frenzie

on Opera 12.18, clic right, context menu => open in another browser, with the list of browser present on the computer.

open with one another browser was one of my favorite opera12 feature...

two month of utilisation, i have to admit that i need it... i surprised myself to look for it with a left click for some or other reason (essentially javascript test to get the JS debugger of iridium(chrome)...

is there a chance to see it implemented ?

another little thing about leftclic panel... the first link is "open" and under "open in another tab" ... do the "open" really necessary, on Vivaldi it was not any more... and really it's not fancy or a caprice, it's really dailly usefull...

thank a lot (for reading and for your high interrest in Otters preservation in the wild wild web)

i don't have find the trick about the way to leave full screen, but i found the way to Enter full screen  :knight: (not easy)

then the problem is about leave full screen... the [document.webkitExitFullscreen] is on Iridium browser [document.webkitCancelFullScreen]

but, if first an d second return true, then exist on Otter and Iridium... only iridium do react positively to this imperius command.

then the last problem of it is just there... (be there) may it work with other Otter package...

win10pro x64, Otter32b weekly230; webkit 602.1
 well, ever some problem with the inner donwloader of Otter
i've made, with my own two hands, this little of coding bravoury wich permit to test some Javascript stuff...
just need to copy/paste in a new file, and rename it in .html and clic onto
=> in Otter browser
=> in chromium-like (i use Iridium browser)

and you'll see if you try, both work with webkitURL...
but not "exactly" in the same way...
both of them can donwload the textarea result but, but, but...

Code: [Select]
<meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
//#========== JSeror =================
function JSeror(){document.getElementById('AAA').style.background = 'lightgrey'; }
function myDL(){
var data = document.getElementById('txta').value;
var blo = new Blob([data], {type:'text/plain'});

if (window.webkitURL != null)
{ document.getElementById('ank').href = window.webkitURL.createObjectURL(blo);
document.getElementById('AAA').style.border = "solid 3px red";
document.getElementById('show').innerHTML = "webkit";}

else { document.getElementById('ank').href = window.URL.createObjectURL(blo);
document.getElementById('AAA').style.border = "solid 3px blue";
document.getElementById('show').innerHTML = "all other";}
document.getElementById('ank').click(); }

function TESTJS(){ myDL(); }

<body onload="JSeror();">

<div id="AAA" style="float:left; width:400px; border:solid 1px black; background:red;">
<input type="button" onclick="TESTJS();" value="TESTJS" style="float:left; width:100px;"></input>
<a href="" id="ank" download="kinit.txt" style="display:block;">donwload me if you can !</a>
<div id="show" style="float:left; background:white; border-top:solid 1px black; min-width:400px; min-height:100px"></div>

<textarea id="txta" value="write something be there" style="display:block; background:lightgrey; margin-top:150px; width:400px; height:300px; border:solid 1px red; "></textarea>


have a nice day ;)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: youtube ??
yep, not wrong... there is just two way to change the user_agent on Otter... one by the menu_bar "show" (in english ??)

and one by "preferences/web"

and to change it only by the first way do not work... and exact, i was under chrome63... i passed under firefox, opera 12 do not give now ever good result...

thanks a lot for your answer
Otter Browser Forum / youtube ??
youtube seem to not allow my Otter to acced its website datas ???
(i've get off all Otter addblocks)
solutions ? known problem ?

Otter0.9.99 weekly233
well, well, well...

here, the javascript code to pass any webrowser in fullscreen (and getout fullscreen)(fullf11 is just a fx name)

Code: [Select]
function fullf11(){ elem = document.body;
    if (    (document.fullscreenElement !== undefined && document.fullscreenElement === null)
         || (document.msFullscreenElement !== undefined && document.msFullscreenElement === null)
         || (document.mozFullScreen != undefined && !document.mozFullScreen )
         || (document.webkitIsFullScreen !== undefined && !document.webkitIsFullScreen))
        { if    (elem.requestFullscreen)       { elem.requestFullscreen();   }
        else if (elem.mozRequestFullScreen)    { elem.mozRequestFullScreen();}
        else if (elem.webkitRequestFullScreen) { elem.webkitRequestFullScreen(Element.ALLOW_KEYBOARD_INPUT);}
        else if (elem.msRequestFullscreen)     { elem.msRequestFullscreen(); }         }  }

function exitf11(){ if (document.fullscreenElement !== undefined && document.fullscreenElement === null) { fullf11();}
        else {
if (document.exitFullscreen) {document.exitFullscreen(); }
else if (document.webkitExitFullscreen) { document.webkitExitFullscreen(); }
else if (document.mozCancelFullScreen) { document.mozCancelFullScreen(); }
else if (document.msExitFullscreen) { document.msExitFullscreen(); }       }  }

if somes got the equivalent for Otter... (cause F11 do works, and it's possible to make a keyboard shortcut for it... then somebody certainly know the name of this link ;) )
hi all, some javascript code under...
it allow to donwload the "value" of an textarea as a file
but, the anchor.donwload = "mydata.txt" do not works on Otter, with chromium-likes no problem...
the title of the file is a zvcgdfrtebvnfhgrtuz[...]gdfezzzbrter kind of name...
it's easy to change into the downloader form, but the width of the name file(too large) make this download just uggly...

somes may got a solution, or... an idea ?
(but it work
Code: [Select]
function filedownload(){
var text = document.getElementById("mytextarea").value;
var blob = new Blob([text], { type: "text/plain"});
var anchor = document.createElement("a"); = "mydata.txt";
anchor.href = window.URL.createObjectURL(blob); ="_blank"; = "none"; // just to be safe!
document.body.removeChild(anchor); }
Otter Browser Forum / Re:

what is your version of Otter (please ;) )
hi all !

a little difficulties, i made à little "slideshow" in javascript...
 i found the links in javascript to test the fullscreen'state of many browser (opera, mozilla, IE, chrome-like) but for Otter ??
and to open/close these browsers in fullscreenmode

but, for Otter, how to know if Otter is in fullscreen mode, and how to pass it in fullscreenmode (and out) with JS...

thanks a lot
little up about donwload manager...

then, it's really better to not put as default download place the desktop as i do...
because when i get off (remove, or move) the downloaded file, the download manager got fever and  bonesShakes

one it put all removed download in red, and do not reconize the as "successfull download" as the other where the file is just successfull, wich are in green...

then to try to suppress by à right click "remove all download" is sucessful with green but not with red files

at last, to have some "red files" give headackes to the manager, with can crash the browser and send a crash message to home(E.T tel home) when there's a try to donwload another files from anywhere

it's because of these crashes that i up this message... it should not happened.. ;)