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Surely you are aware that Brexit is going to cause the current Union of 4 nations to break apart, Mr. Howie?

Little England will finally happen, the Scottish Nationalists will get their wish, and the IRA will be and no doubt is ( @SmileyFaze ) most pleased that Ireland will again be united as One?

All this because your Tories and uber-left Labour voted for that most remarkable gun to your current nation's collective head. Now THAT, is head-shaking.
I was particularly pleased with the results from Georgia. :D
As was I. Most of my coworkers are most upset, and I won $1500 in bets on the outcome of the election. :D
Also it's quite odd how common curfews seem to be in America (pre-covid). I consider curfews a symbol of the nazi occupation, a breach of our proud constitutions.
Well as you may have noticed, the Right had attempted and continues to try to attempt a coup and install Herr Trumpenfuhrer as President for life. Thankfully sanity has prevailed thus far.

As such, the Right has lost all credibility when they cotton about "freedom and liberty.

As a matter of fact, this was seen at their recent "Million MAGA March" (12,000 showed up).

(Can't post the pic as apparently it's too large.) Anyway, the nazi swatika was present.

I am currently considering changing from a local bank that has recently become much more corporate (bought out by a corporation) to the local credit union. Interest rates on a HYSA are 1.8%, much better than my current 0.25%.
Billions spent in space is a terrible waste of money and in hard fact does little to look forward to. Visit a planet and slowly stumble about in a heavy spacesuit be limited what you can do and so on?
Sounds a bit like your description of Glasgow currently, to be honest. :right:
My employer has several gov't contracts so I was deemed essential the one time we locked down.

I have about 10 books I've bought this year that I've been unable to read. Also never have caught up on sleep what with having logged 875 Overtime hours this year. I wouldn't mind two weeks of lockdown. Our citizens have mostly given up on precautions, ergo the dramatic rise in cases in MS.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
@Colonel Rebel Looks like an awesome governor and a fantastic state. Once the pandemic is over, I may give it a visit on my way to Louisiana, which I heard is a never-before-seen swamp and dump.
Let me know if you are traveling through Oxford and I'll buy you a beer/coffee. :cheers:

New Orleans is nice, Baton Rouge is ok, both for Louisiana. Oxford is quite nice, as are a few places in this state.

The ppl of both are just bound and determined that whom ever slaps ppl upside the head with the Bible enough must be right, and Reeves posts about it or speaks about it with every breath, so...
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Hey, Colonel, hasn't Missisippi seceded due to Biden win? Did you take the Panhandle along?

"Succeed" was the term the nazi in question used. Lol

Then, you have the Governor doing his best impression of Hitler:
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
I hope Trump holds on to the bitter end. There's no reason to assume formalities change what we already know... And I'd love to see Trump get harshly evicted from the White House.
He'd finally get the highest rated show of all time that he has dreamed of all of his life.
Well as it happens I am against the Kirk moving towards queer ministers and indeed a crawl for marriages for that corner. Progress in a general mind is fine and Paul an outstanding man as I said once in a sermon but we have moved on regarding his time. I had to wear a black gown twice a month but not on spiritual matters!
No doubt you had Red Socks on? :left:
Red, Blue or Black label. Or are you not that fussy.  :P
Red from you please. Blue from Howie. :devil: :cheers:
I think President Macron is doing a wonderful job standing firm against the Islamic fundamentalists.
He's supporting civil unions. Not recognizing gay marriage. Not sure why you are fretting over that.

Given that your Kirk allows women as Reverends, seems a bit hypocritical on your part Mr. Howie. The Bible and Paul are very clear on a woman's place in the church after all.
What little respect I had for Evangelical Christians was washed away the past 4 years with the way they have elevated Trump to the level of, or just below, YHWH.

There is currently a trending post on Facebook from that bunch saying "It took Jesus 3 days to perform a miracle too 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸  "

Seems very sacrilegious to me. But then again, these same ppl are voting for Trump regardless of the fact he paid for his mistresses to have abortions (that topic is #1 in Mississippi) the 3-5 rape allegations, emoluments clause violations, etc, etc.
Trump will have completed his final term in 2028. Will be interesting to see how the Russopublicans will move past Trumpism or if they will not and instead nominate Don Jr or Ivanka?
Muslims do not like it, but the fact of the matter is, their religion was founded by an illiterate pedophile. That such an entity is revered by billions of ppl is, to quote Howie, "head-shaking".

It's almost as strange as Scientology.

Not to mention Christianity with it's fascinating tales of a deity sacrificing itself ("Father") to itself ("Son") to forgive the mere humans it created for "sinning" against itself (Trinitarian Theory makes no sense.).

But in closing, I fully support America's oldest Ally when they print cartoons of the notorious pedophile. If they don't want to see it, no one is making them look at Charlie Hebdo. They can damn well bugger off with their attempted imposition of blasphemy laws in Europe and the rest of Western Europe.
Jeez I find myself agreeing with rj.  :o
It's 2020, the end is nigh. :right:
Not 51st because I noted Puerto Rico voted in favor of statehood today.
They've done so before.
True, but the political landscape is very different today. 2 additional Senators, likely Democrats, would be a boon for President-elect Biden.
Howie I've got terrible news for you. Much like we states under the federal gov't, in the coming 5-10 years, the UK will become subservient to the US federal govt. This was self-inflicted by Brexit. It could have been avoided.

Have no fear, we will still allow our 52nd, 53rd, 54th, and 55th (assuming N. Ireland doesn't reunite with the RoI) states maintain a mirage of independence. Not 51st because I noted Puerto Rico voted in favor of statehood today.

Other than Defense, International relations, and the NHS (😢) you all will be able to do as you please. CANZUK will not save you, they do as we suggest.

As Churchill once said, " Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." You all allowed the Tories to lead you to ruin, and the bill is coming due.

All the best Mr. Howie. I hate to see such a proud nation have to come to us with bowler hat in hand on bended knee asking for us to save you, but it is what it is. 😞
Just wanted to let @Luxor and @rjhowie know, I'll accept Johnny Walker and Irn Bru (or Diet Irn Bru)  bribes in order to move you lot to the front of the queue with Joe in terms of priorities. Fairly certain @Macallan wouldn't turn down those bribes either.
Oakdale hits on a point in his post; thanks to Republicans removing the Fairness Doctrine a couple of decades ago, yes, there is bias in reporting except BBC World News.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
LOCK HIM UP on January 21, 2021!
Some of us are working 12 hour days.