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Hey "Energizer" Howie, how about making a point -- using English? :)

Frenzie, that was awesome!
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Four or five Arab countries attacked Israel at once... And they lost.
Egypt was the first to recognize reality. And their leader was assassinated.

Scotland -in the mind of Howie- has always hated Jews. But now he has to deal with Muslims (...that Raj thingie didn't work out so well, did it?) But he's always hated Muslims too... What is a good Scotsman to do? :)

The bloodshed seems to be minimal. I hope that continues to be the case.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
A simple question: What city does Israel name as its capitol? :)

The bad news is, of course, the expected reaction of Muslim populations around the world... As Trump would say, "Sad!"
Excepting {i]RJ[/i], I've appreciated all of your comments.

The one that caught my attention -and that I'd like to pursue- was Belfrager's -- that Freudian psychology is now only an American thing... Is that true, that Freudian psychology is all-but gone from the Continent?
The problem, RJ, with your argument is that senility doesn't take hold as quickly as you'd like: We won't catch up with your lot any time soon...
But take heart! You'll be gone before your country is, and before mine has to decide if we should save yours again.
DnD Central / Re: Zimbabwe
RJ, you might want to consider your country's support for him...
No. I take that back: You never want to consider anything that contradicts your prejudices. You don't care and you aren't interested.
"America bad!" you'll say. And well you might! You're a puppet on a string.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
Indeed, the immune system of Europe has failed... There is a gulf between intellect and rationality that must be bridged: By what, all you wise and seasoned non-Americans? :)
If you can't find the answer, you'll lose your continent.
Quote from:
Every single thing we export goes into the EU - we don't export anywhere else...
Didn't somebody recently say something about the Commonwealth? :) )Eh, RJ?)

@Belfrager: Please start taking your meds again!
No one cares about it at this part of the globe.
They're still using it  to support communism...

How's life on the farm, BTW? :)
After more than a century mining the unconscious, psychoanalysis is really showing its age.

Only 15 percent of members in the American Psychoanalytic Association are under 50. And traditional Freudian analysis -- lying on a couch, talking about your childhood, day after day for years -- is widely seen as a musty relic, far too expensive and intensive to fit into modern life.

But analysts aren't ready to give up on Sigmund yet.
(source, and continuation)
I have two questions:
One: Is psychoanalysis science?
And, two: Is it any different from Scientology?

(Those few of you who can't get over it can rail against the result of the recent U.S. presidential election... I may respond.)

What thoughts have you? :)
Oh, have a heart, Smiley! He's taken boys for walks... That surely shows his good intentions!
What did he say about the Rotherham scandal? :(

"Gun control" is the wimp's excuse for womanly men behaving like what men call pussies...

RJ, Smiley makes a valid point: Why has increasingly restrictive regulation of guns led to more gun violence? Might it be that criminals prefer un-armed victims? :)
(I throw in  the "smiley"  at the end because you are still likely watching your telly: The BBC wants you to die; you yourself want to, except and unless your "enemies" --people you disagree with-- might demise before you. Then, you could behave like the un-gentleman you are.

What you really object to about the U.S. 2nd Amendment is simple: You're a wimp. You've always been a wimp and a slacker:
You do what you do on-line because that's all that's left to you...

I'm sorry that this seems personal. But your posts are always personal.
I'd invite Scots to engage my posts... :) (Our little forum is not a broad-band phenom... But I still like it; I like most of the folks who post -- including you, RJ.)

Your "expertise" on gun control" is -- what?

Can you explain what you meant, RJ? :)
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
Veterans' Day here in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Europe and the British Dominions...
Scotland has ALWAYS been a country.
It existed before the Garden of Eden! You tell them, RJ!
DnD Central / Re: Pity about 1917...
So, RJ, the French revolution was but an inconsequential farce -- to you? :) Your sense of history is as warped as your politics.
Yup, you do. And little changes... Go figure! :)
DnD Central / Re: Pity about 1917...
Wasn't 1789 (and the next 10 years) about the same?
So that attempt at independence went down the drain also. Iraqis seem to prefer ISIS.
Sad to say, that appears to be right.
Turkey and Iran -both supported by Russia, and European trade- fear an independent Kurdish nation. And America, despite the change in administration, won't do the honorable thing -- if it's too costly.
I shouldn't be disgusted. That's how governments do things. I shouldn't be. But I am...

(RJ, I'd reply to you -- if you made any kind of sense or had any kind of point to be argued. But if you only wish everyone else to know that you don't understand... Well, you could have save those few bytes! :) )
Imagine France being so inconsequential that even Howie no longer comments? :)
Brexit will harm most of the UK and the young especially.
:) Yes: They might have to learn what their culture is... To appreciate it, warts and all. And become citizens? Nah. The Crown wants, still, only subjects.
The citizens are the "corporates" Howie doesn't see.
I agree with you, Colonel: The young of GB shouldn't be "arsed" to face reality. The powers that be in Brussels have been doggedly teaching them that only their betters on the Continent have answers, and they're not to question...
Englishmen and Scots and Welsh and Irish should be minions, neh? :)

Do you still argue that the Confederacy was a noble cause? :)
And to people who can't be bothered to pay attention, the occasionally bemused replies... :) (Must be that Iberian "macho" thing: Never admit that you're wrong; you might have to learn something!)

What's going on in Europe now is the nullification of the Reconquista ... Will Portugal resist? Or submit...?
Your problem is not the guns is the education.
Hm. So: You'd be an NRA member? :)
failed to adapt to progress like other progressive countries
We are not yet committed to becoming a "progressive" country, RJ! (I expect your California friends live in the Bay Area... :) )
why didn't his domestic violence charge come up in the background check?
Also, why his Dishonorable Bad Conduct Discharge didn't.
Ask the FBI. They perform such background checks.
But the simple answer is that a bureaucrat screwed up... Nothing new.

A similar thing happened fairly recently:
FBI Director James Comey said the man accused of killing nine people in a Charleston, S.C., church should never have been allowed to purchase a weapon.

Comey said flaws in paperwork and communication between a federal background check worker and state law enforcement allowed Dylann Roof to buy a handgun in South Carolina on April 16 -- weeks before he allegedly attacked black churchgoers in a failed attempt to fuel a race war.

"We are all sick that this has happened," Comey told reporters Friday. "We wish we could turn back the clock. ... What we can do is make sure we learn from it, get better."
The motive there was reminiscent of good ole Charlie Manson..."in a failed attempt to fuel a race war": People keep trying. Their problem seems to be persistent: Neither whites nor blacks think a "race war" is a good idea.
The few that do are considered kooks by almost everyone... That's a good thing, isn't it?
Agreed: There's no better means of self-defense!