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First, I know this is an unpopular opinion +- but: Floyd's death was not a homicide; the drugs in his system and his pre-existing conditions account for the manner of his demi se... (One of his pec's was "being special while black*!) to

Now, since I'm on the road, using my phone, I'll just add: Justice is God's perview.
Though the mobs think burning down some some few blocks of already stressed real estate is the Real Deal... 😆
Thanks, Frenzie! (@ersi: later I'll have time to comment...:)
More than a few surprises there...
(He not only won't write punctuation in the accepted style; he won't read it, neither!) My English's punctuation is a conscious rebellion against the Smiley Revolution™ wherein nuances of expression are expressed by children's pictographs... At least -I think- the text emoticons created during the UseNet days was clever!
Think of me as a counter-insurgent...:)

Did anybody else's head shake? Even just clearing out the accumulated clutter?:) Will anyone discuss GFmania, and what it portends?
(Let's let his brother lie...:)
Tea is alright, for little old ladies. Or fussy fastidiously foppish Scots lowlanders... But seriously, the benefits of coffee and tea are not to be disputed by pop-medicine! :)
south of the great city of Glasgow is a memorial to John Howie a fighter for the faith!
Send us a pic... Oh, wait! You can't, for so many reasons...
Well, well: The hoary memory of our erstwhile contributor is longer than  his what-ever-it-is that he keeps stepping on!?
I'll accept both qualms...:) Seriously, Athens and the U.S. are hardly comparable. As for the Netherland democracy, more than a few learned greatly from it -- first hand! (Thanks, BTW...for both.:)
The Capital police have reportedly shelved plans to re-install barriers 'round the Capital... :) See? Just give the mobs what they want and everything's peachy-keen! (Wanna bet?:)
Silly me! I'd thought we were talking about Ukraine and Russia... (I brought up the moon because we've actually been there...)
But that's beside the point:
More dangerous at this time, Borrell [the European Union's foreign policy chief] said, was the massing of Russian troops, including military field hospitals, and "all kinds of warfare."

"It is the highest military deployment of the Russian army on the Ukrainian borders ever. It's clear that it's a matter of concern when you deploy a lot of troops," Borrell said. "Well, a spark can jump here or there."

Initially, Borrell told reporters that "there's more than 150,000 Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian borders and in Crimea," and doubled down on the figure later before his services had to correct it in the transcript, saying the real figure was over 100,000.

Nevertheless, Borrell said that "the risk of further escalation -- it's evident."

Borrell declined to say where he got the initial 150,000 Russian troop number from, but called it "my reference figure." It was higher than the 110,000 estimate provided by Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran on Wednesday.

More than 14,000 people have died in seven years of fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine that erupted after Russia's 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. The EU has steadfastly opposed the annexation but has been unable to do anything about it.
(AP story)
Looks to me like the EU sees more than the Howie does in an ongoing uncomfortable situation... (Putin-filia?:)
Interesting forecast, Colonel. Is that commonly expected within the UK? Ireland and Scotland rejoining the EU I can see; Scotland has "devolved" quite a bit.. Northern Ireland has enough political baggage to likely get away with it... But will England lump it?
Democracy ain't the easiest form of government, if stability is a primary goal. (Leastways, it hasn't been in the past: ersi keeps harping that I should read the Athenian Constitution!? How long -exactly- did Athenian democracy last?:)
There are some European exemplars but the United States of America is the record holder, hands down. (And the howling Howie's misegenational misinformation not withstanding!:)
I mean things like: Presuming only economic/power relations are explanatory...that everything else is, at best, self-serving rationalization. ¿Claro?

I suspect methodological considerations don't vary widely among those not afflicted with ideological blinders... :)
Except for some rare instances, what's history isn't hidden; not purposefully. (When that's not the case, technology and ingenuity soon defeat the intent of the hiders...: ) That is to say, we can "discover" almost anything that piques our interest!
Not -to be sure- with perfect fidelity. But as close as our budget allows.
Look at the work done by genealogists lately: Even sequenced DNA/RNA have come to play a role! And if our times are thrilling imagine how marvelous those of the next millenia will be...:)

Am I wrong in assuming that no one here accepts history based upon ideological strictures of interpretation?
I think back to my "blog" at MyOpera, where I combined my poetry with my photography... One reader -a pretty smart cookie- complained that one poem was too hard to read because its font too closely matched the background (the photo)! I suggested she simply highlight the text... Problem solved!
Not every " problem" requires a special "solution". Sometimes just remembering what the medium actually is is enough...:)
My computer is midst-snit, but I heard enough of the song's beginning and end to say I like it! Thanks. I'd not likely have found it on my own...

What I heard earlier todayon my car radio, as I sat outside of a birthday party already started without me...:)  (still echoes in that space between my ears, I'm told, should be put to good use... (I tell'em back, Waddya think I'm tryin' ta'do?:) Beethoven's Ghost Trio, rendered with authority and sensitivity. When I can, I'll give what YouTube has a listen; but first I want the sheets! (I picked up a violin this week, had it set up by a local professional, and -as is not unusual for me- I want to dive in head-first! :) But seriously: How hard can it be? It has strings and a fingerboard and I can read well enough...
So what, if I haven't touched a fiddle in almost 40 years?!
(I'm told it likely was incidental music for a production of Macbeth:)

What I'm listening to as I write this is: Three old clocks in my room ticking the seconds away, a soothing sound.
I wrote a paper nearly a decade ago stating that by 2050, I felt as though the USA would cease to exist. Domestic terrorism, hyperinflation, and overextending foreign entanglements bring the causes.

Yes, Lincoln did leave us an excellent situation and we've bungled what he left
Us?! I's say you and I have done our part, mostly admirably! As have the vast majority of our countrymen. The Reconstruction was done -however cruelly, crudely and ineptly; and the past is the past. The vexatious Marxist influence in our society is the root of our current peril...
You cited proximate causes. (I won't dispute them...) But it may be too late for half-measures and palliatives: Someone once said something about "a house divided" and that counsel remains valid, as cautionary considerations go.
(Let us pray -if we've a mind to- that Franklin's admonition ("...hang together or...") is not what is needed!)
Safer in Russia? Safer for whom?
Is it gibberish you want? :)

I'd think it safer to be on the moon,
where the breathing is hard and exhaling
a bane at best... No more caterwailing
'bout what must be called lunacy, and soon!

(Russia wants what it wants, and will have it...
There are no Great Powers now, no faction
'cept who would survive and by what action,
and of course inaction is likely... Shit,

man, canna see -so blinded jealousy
has made ya- what Putin intends for thee?)

But alas no one had the foresight to
bring even one teeny li'l' bomb along...
So for gaud and greed and guile he'd be wrong,
this Putin Russia Firster's aur-redux.

Well, Colonel! It seems that you are indeed smitten! (Again...:) Are you still enamored with the Lost Cause?) GB (can I call it "George Bernard?!) -merrie olde England, etc., is a beautiful country, and home to wonderful people; I agree, and I too think it worth saving -- again :)! (Throw in Wales and Scotland; Ireland will take care of itself. :)) Remind me if you'd like to read (portions...?) of my uncle's memoir, "Bad Night at the Occidental". He takes the family back to before the New World...

But we have important stuff to deal with in the here-and-now.
Have you contemplated the trajectory of our politics? I'd ask you to read David Cole's "The Curse of Aaron"? There are few serious thinkers who aren't afraid to write with clarity and cogency...

(If I remember correctly, it was you who chided me for reading Taki's Mag... "An actual fascist...!" I think you said. :) Are you still of the same opinion? -Taki's youth in Greece, what with WW II and everything, is not so very hard to understand.)
You have, I hope, finally realized what a boon Lincoln gave us: By refusing to hobble the south and treat its leaders as the laws of war required, he did an amazing thing: He preserved the union -- as best anyone could.
And then some fool of an actor shot him...
Reconstruction work out well for anyone, without Lincoln's steady hand and stout heart to guide our nation back?! (You know the answer; perhaps you've grown beyond fairy tales...) If only Frederic Douglas's advice had been followed...we might not have the makings of another real insurrection, with our black population presumed to be willing cannon fodder.)

Have I given you enough to chew on, Colonel? :)
I'll only add, you do have a regiment, don't you?:)! (Let's see Howie try to pry into this aspect of the topic...:)
You meam the EU should "devolve"?! Clever idea; can you teach my pig to fly? :)
You do know, Howie, that you as the bundle of emotional attachments and aversions you are have no say in anything, beyond how often you perform your ablutions and how long you're willing to keep your eyes open as you sit before your Telly? :)

Who in the "seats of power" gives a fig for your feelings?
A likely irony (my own father actually hated the RC Church, for the silliest of reasons...:) that will likewise be lost on the Howling Howie: His litany of lapses and lamentable shortcomings and policy failures applies equally well to his beloved Union! :)
I know, RJ: It's like trying to teach a certain Glass-house-ian to craft a simple declarative sentence...:) Trying to say (or answer...) everything at once is too demanding a task for the likes of me?!
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Isn't this pretty stable?

By the way, when prices go down, it's actually good news, because you can get more for less.

Don't forget: The demand for a free good is infinite; and price = market value, not real... :)
Bel got it right, again!? :)
(Why, one wonders, do so many get-rich-quick schemes leave so many poor in their wake? When it's Sink or Swim, paddle your surfboard around a while; look out for sharks...:)
At a loss for words, I see...: ) have you got a textbook that shews[1] how to dismiss with juvenile derision all that you don't understand? (: Your "sources" of course is your mantra: As if complaining "But look who and how many agree with me!?" brooks all argument. You've not even read enough Aristotle to appreciate fallacies in the wild; text-book example and Mrs Malaprop's unwitting seems all you need to feel smug: A bug in a rug! :)
It would profit you to read any of B>B> Shaw's introductions to any of his plays...
Nice to see your human side take precedence, RJ, over your carping; It gives a sense of conviviality to these 'plaints, no? Like a pub room, its regulars ensconced and going through the motions - for old times' sake.
We won't solve any of the world's problems... But by merely surviving in our "fine fettle" we show plainly that we are undefeated, come what may!
Carry on, good sir.