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I was checking for updates today, and notice the Full Builds version number is higher then the current beta build I am using.  Did it go to full release now?
Good suggestion, Smooth. Ill be interested to see what you come up with regarding the three questions. Try and give the forum members a fair shot.
Answer: Penguins could be called black and white, though if you wish for the colours black and white then you have gray, technecally.  

Q: What would the answer be, if I were to ask what was a question>?
Forum Administration / Spring cleanup
Anybody know the production figures for the spring edition model I know they were not limited but wondering if many are out there or if they will have some rarity?
if anyone is interested..

Its in the "History" file combined with browsing history. It looks like its in Sqllite format.

C:Users<username>AppDataLocalGoog... DataDefaultHistory

C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataLocal SettingsGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultHistory

Chrome never forgets..
Have you tried Maxthon browser, If I remember right its based on the IE engine but you can disable tabs in the options.

may be the best solution ?
Forum Administration / Addressing users
I have 2 friends that have been sitting in "users awaiting moderation" queue since thursday. How often is this handled?
You have uploaded a profile picture but not updated your avatar, I think.

In your user CP go to Settings and options on the left  > edit avatar - not profile picture.

There are size limits - you will find out fast enough...

Good  luck.
Why dont you just take it to the Samsung store for help...?
I am champing at the bit for a 3d shoot. Anything in the Houston area this weekend??

I'm currently in the process of putting together an interview with the developer of BEEP and thought I would give you, the community the opportunity to offer up any questions you might have. Il be seeking questions for the next 24-48 hours so feel free to ask away. The questions can be on anything regarding the development process to the final product.

Otter Browser Forum / Logjam Attack
I dont think he has the attack values set yet?
Do any updates recently?

Try visiting another forum and see if the attachments work there.
Forum Administration / The forum Language
Stupid question but is it the under 18s doing the bad language?