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Now that pack it in comment would be very appropriate for you Luxor

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DnD Central / Re: Invasions East and West
Exercising my natural modesty ersi.  :blush:
We will never agree and I will add this Luxor.

You get very quickly into being nippy and on some things like the UK subsidising Scotland gets ignored or rubbished. It is a bit more like those nationalists out on those demonstrations. Have ti folk one of whom worked beside me who were SNP people but they were not as I am afraid crude and dismissive as you have been towards me.

Would passingly say that unlike other political parties SNP ,members of MSP's are not permitted to be too obvious with disagreements and the way the party is going on at Edinburgh bothers me. The Deputy leader is doing what he can to stop investigations into the former leader's strong feelings on party control freaking. Such unfortunate arrogance at blocking things on such a head shaking thing with Salmond shows what can happen inside. It is obvious that I do not have much time for Sturgeon and stick with that as she is a control freak and that is going on inside the party. Control freak lot.

If a woman brightens my boring life with control being dished out and a nice lady offers me a private kiss I might secretly enjoy that. As long as not Sturgeon, yeuch! When I bought my house I did not realise I would get hemmed in and bored by the modern Jacobites!!  :no:  :faint: 
Yes you are right there Oakdale. For folk wanting a loan they can have that without ny further payment into their account just means less saving and their offers are better I would think. I was just a bit niggled when I suspected interest would be down again like December 2019 but did not expect it to be zilch this damn year! Have sent an email in saying a bit niggled at no interest and just as well I am cumfy!  :lol:
Well they are being being shared because my healthy contribution is giving me no damn income at all while they borrowers get a better situ than with a bank! For a while my large CU seen me increasing deposits as getting more than from my bank - or any bank!
Very often the guff you wax about Luxor is a rather head shaking nonsense of an answer because dear readers he totally ignores that annual Barnett Formula given to the Scottish Government and it also this time got an added sum. It also organised the highest tax system in Gt Britain. So on Jacobites lost the independence referendum Sturgeon did say publicly tat it WOULD BE A GENERATION THING ( was also stated some 10 times) things that Luxor will ignore and instead slag me or call names rather than face these truths. The latest ignorance from the Nationalists was to ignorantly lie about what the PM said to the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party meeting and that he was rubbishing having a Scottish Parliament etc. The truth was that he was not rubbishing the Scot parliament but the way the SNP runs the system. Now here is an additional concern about Luxor's lot.

The recent court case against the former SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond is not yet finished. He won the case and the Scots parliament committee looking into the matter has been trying to get two people in front of it but the SNP blocking it (SNP MSP on that body not happy with that). Seems that Sturgeon's husband knows something and high time more honesty as the legal challenge against the former SNP leader in Court cost the system over half a million!

Avoiding the things I raise by slagging me off calling me names is a sign of passing ignorance disrespect and avoiding the truth is a terribly poor way of avoiding the truth things known publicly.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
It is easy ersi to fool Americans and their wonky system illustrates that well.
What ridiculous nonsense from Luxor who is intelligent? Regarding tax he is being very strange.  Things are dearer up here and Scotland DOES get more than it pays in re taxation. This year the UK did give extra on top of the annual Barnett Formula and may I also inform readers that the Scottish Government with the power on taxing increased that so that area is higher than England, Wales, Ulster. So Luxor is not giving a proper picture at all and the enthusiasm on the EU would be due to Scotland going there with a begging bowl as it WOULD have a tax problem if independent. Scots who go bananas on independence   are carried away with emotional stuff and ignore the fact that breaking away would not have enough money to cover things.

And for Sturgeon to keep being on tv every day is head shaking. Don't mind her being there on occasions but at present it is just a pointless exercise to the pointless being seen every day! It will be tablets to control the virus that is sensible but stretcing out things all week, etc is a nonsense.
Only to a degree as you should know! If it was not for many people like me putting in reasonable regular sums then borrowers would not get what they want! Okay if they get a loan it is very good and they do not pay anything extra but without folk like me they would have a problem!  :)
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Maybe not changed for the positive since then Oakdale!
Years ago I opened an account with my city council credit union (was involved in my city structure at the time) because it gave an annual income non-taxed of course at 5% and more than my regular bank situations. History now along with the banks.
Heavens that coming from someone who lives in America of all places that are not factual or great!
Well in the passing move away I got my annual flue jab on Thursday early evening......
Billions spent in space is a terrible waste of money and in hard fact does little to look forward to. Visit a planet and slowly stumble about in a heavy spacesuit be limited what you can do and so on?
Of course I am being noted for to be locked down Luxor! As for the PM I would add that your wee female fuhrer is just as damning up here. When we got the first one lasting ages I got extremely bored as heck and my two sisters and brother live a distance away and I found boredom became a rapid groan as I also live myself. As for what Johnston said at that meeting it will be handy for your corner to go wonky but would remind that the GB government INCREASED money to Scotland on top of the usual annual money which you of course subtly ignored!  Had an MSP who had to be jailed for fraud and another who was parliamentary Treasurer stepping down after his attempt at a long association with a schoolboy. Throw in the mess merging all the police forces NHS issues jings you are doing a dance!  :D

Do please note what I said about people who are further down socially and miss everything getting shut for 3 damn weeks for goodness sake! When routine shops have to close yet again it is a threat to their eventual continuation and they themselves not a problem and did well as folk are not in shops for very long. Would also say that Sturgeon's dance when pressed by opposition leaders you carefully did a wee dance on too! Now an active man like me is to get bored too and what a hellish three weeks to be stuck with again.  :headbang:
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Visited the ex-colonies twice some years ago.
As I have said here I routinely had stopped watching the Scottish First Minister but when I realised an entrancement to be made on Tuesday decided frustratingly to listen to her stuff to the Scottish Parliament. So once again a damn shutdown until the 11th December except of course supermarkets. Traditionally I am not a fan of Scottish Labour but I do say that his answer to Sturgeon was a positive one.  I have places I pop into for  tea/coffee and occasionally chat to few others and find they are as annoyed as me and in addition the Scottish tv news interviewed folk in the street and some small shopkeepers (going to be struggling again). The thing I especially noticed was that when the BBC on Glasgow streets the impression I got was that working class people were not very keen on this new closing.

It is for many a negative importance being stuck at home with essentially nowhere to go but the supermarket. For me I will miss the enjoyable times going for a walk then popping into a popular shop or a cafe to sit, relax, read my paper and have a snack or whatever. This thing will of course lose more jobs and business places and as I have illustrated it is medication that will help reduce things not this damnable shutting everything down then acting like a dictator.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Does not make a lot of real difference who runs the White House because there are armies of Americans getting nowhere and being permanently a big number of sufferers.  :irked:
I would say that perhaps in real life you might not have much of an influence noted so a forum gives a wee chance of feeling important. Just a pity it is made as would maybe help you a bit!

For greater brain using folk I would state very directly and factually that interest rates on bank accounts, credit unions and such are at their lowest for years. Indeed many bank or credit unions are less than even 1%!  :o
Well there is a positive coming from across the pond! And jings i did not think that a possibility. With even bank accounts being so low almost negative I am all for woman kissing.
No nanny thing not my cup of tea Oakdale! The issue of a child getting a slap on the backside was not some massive and wild thing at all. In most kids where it happened and they were a minority when they cried it was more because they were caught out on something and  that was it. You would think it was a mass terror thing which was nonsense but the willy-nilly attitude pops up everywhere these day.The nanny state minds are a groan. Can I also let you know dear man that our local government started coming u with an authoritative situation that every child in Scotland would have someone to be responsible for not matter what your background was. However the population across the board were determined not to have such State authority. Talk about modern control freaking!  :-[ 
Will definitely do!  :D
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
An electoral college is not needed and ex-colonists unfortunately cannot have me in the White House.
Hi O. I would like better times as I am paying in a fair amount each moth. It is a large organisation but the benefits it has did not affect me I liked the non-taxed sum you got annually at Christmas. Having started in a large background - the City Council did well then started going down and in 2019 just above 1 percent so put more in and now getting no damn interest! Even banks and building societies as bad. Worse than a crazy woman wanting to kiss me!
For years I have been a member of the Glasgow Credit Union as had been a City Council employee. was not so interested in the benefits of loans (people who take a loan pay no extra and it comes out their monthly paying in). For a while it was a great 5% annual sum you got back and in due course started to decline but even routine bank situations had been worse! So last year i increased my annual monthly payment but now found out we are getting damn all back this December!