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DnD Central / Re: God Save the Governor!
Nice that the colonel is using grey cells and very appropriate from where he comes from.............
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
Rubbish Frenzie.
DnD Central / Re: My second attempt
 :bye: !
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Maybe we can add him to blame for Corbyn!  :lol:
DnD Central / Re: My second attempt
The hard truth is that after Opera shut their corner it was a progressive mind to have something for us to continue on so that was fine. But there has been a decrease in people and I am very pointedly of the view that the way I was done to by a supposed moderator exercising a mindset that was away from public knowledge.  I stated hard and truthful fact that is very public news in Scotland on the corner he was yakking refusing to accept that his nationalism been battered in every level of election system here and not answered Instead lowered himself to being bodyswerving and very nippy. So little point me being here folks and on going which I have in practical terms delayed will be done and will not be back to see further stuff!  ???
DnD Central / Re: My second attempt
I had prepared a departure and had stated without getting too heated up that Luxor a "moderator" had exercised a stance that was hardly being such at all. Don't know what happened to my attempt hence this second submission as the stance was contradictory to what he was meant to be! It was still a pity what  Opera did and this site was an appropriate alternative to zilch but it is much reduced. Crossing swords can be part of a forum but it was hardly the way that person acted just refusing to answer national issues in my country that are well known. Then going on to act as did?? We both had opposite places but for someone to be moderating in the background to be as he was is a long sigh.
DnD Central / Re: My second attempt
Yeah right - further sad decline........
DnD Central / My second attempt
I put up a forum intimation that I was intending to depart from here like a trickle from others. However also said would be here until Saturday but left that out anything further as I had been unwell. However why wasn't it put up? Will remain here for a couple of days at a second attempt. ???
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
I am not impressed with the way America is generally run or the millions who don't do well there or the world interference but I do equally know there are many over there who are basically decent but being misused. That the man got so many votes does betray the other side of large numbers of brained. Wish they had a better and wider system over there as Trump is no advantage to anyone outside of the controlling mindsets.  :(
Can I say to the rest of you that it is obvious the ignorant reaction I am getting stating actuals and getting slagged off for it!  Luxor does NOT want to answer the views of so many in Scotland because he is being narrow minded and I have stated factual truth news. Okay7 for him to ignore truth facts and dismiss opposition by dodging. Inability to answer things and instead showing calling a vicious name is instead is being very ignorant What I have state everyone is the general stance of the other main political parties in Scotland so does that make them all bigots?? Oh and I will "beat it" because you are getting away with a closed mind attitude and in your place here that is not right in getting away with that.
Bye, bye..............
Folks you will note that this clown like stuff from Luxor is dumbness. Can call me what he likes rather than use the grey cells because the points cannot be dealt with and the latest news on education shortage in local schools plus the mess the police force is in since his lot of Jacobite pals have messed up since amalgamating all in one national force is shocking. Short of money and officers on  the beat as well! The conclusive answer to capability is this..... :faint:
Have given you up to now the general benefit of doubt on using intelligence wisely but I am afraid you have proved daft.  Cannot answer the hard truths being given or the stats in the Council, Holyrood and UK results, loss of lists of councillors plus MSP's and UK MP's. It is one thing wanting to think oneself as being sophisticated and snooty but the body-swerving has proved something else.  Slagging me off against the hard facts of political life is daft.  What I stated about the EU situation is factual as well but your being supercilious shows damn all!  When it comes to bigotry your Nats pals are full of that stuff and Unionists treated abominably. Call me waht you like and leave it at that and I will too seeing I have been more detailed.  :hat:
Now being unable to answer very direct matters you now crawl into bigot stuff? Do try and state why you poor ineffectual.........
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
You are correct as they will be well beyond any routine style of deal. Head shaking situation still though. Pity you lost your monarchy the way it happened. Wonder where your crown jewels are??
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
Yes the situ in Estonia for Russians is sad.
And you cannot answer them at all poor man. Can slag me off but doesn't say much about your capability. Keep sending marchers to different places but won't get you a damn inch any closer to independence!
What propaganda mind swallowing is that comment about Putin. The US is world champion on interference.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Seen that news but heavens what a silly thing leaving such valuables so open.
Not always the same Luxor especially that historical thing about a leading SNP man (remember him actually) and his Nazi leanings.  For the wider readership it is important to emphasise the inability to acknowledge what I have told readers here about the massive decline in voting for your pals in the different types of elections (whoo!). Being an honest man from the centre of the universe (Glasgow of course) it is okay for me to passingly knock you for your inability to challenge anything and instead fall back on appearing modest, amusing and so on. Now dear readers here is another failing from Luxor's tartan waving corner.

While ago Viviane Reding then EU Commission Vice-President told Christine McKelvie, convenor of the Scots parliament European & External Relations lot that if a territory of a member State ceases to be part of that State that breakaway will no longer be a member of the EU! Shows SNP hypocrisy. Don't mind Luxor's satirical stuff to a short degree but the poor man has to fall back on that as everything I have reported is true.  Independence is not going to happen and that wee pest that runs the SNP constantly repeating herself and forced into a corner by the more intolerant nationalists knows she has a problem keeping them happy while losing votes and influence.

The more intelligent readers here will see that my direct statements cannot be refuted by poor Luxor  :-[ . Shame for the sad bloke stuffing his grey cells into something that will not happen and having to be funny (well he has been!).

Well heid the ba' you can be as smart alex as you like and have as much chance of independence as me kissing the Pope's ring! So these parades are a subtle way of keeping the modern Jacobites excited and encouraged. May I remind general readers of my informing how the Nationalists lost so many votes in Council, Edinburgh and UK General Election votes. Imagne them losing their previous Leader Salmond to the Tories they always rabbit on about as well as that corner doing well in each of thos election corners. So Luxor can be as smart as he wants but folks I can illustrate the hard facts of truth an the Labour Party making a modest increase and the Tories of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party being second in each of those votes by massive numbers.

The wee soul that leads the SNP is a laugh these days and when challenged on hard truths in the Scots parliament will come out with junk that they "are working on issues.2 Ten years and they are a disgrace. Even UK soldiers in Scotland earning over £26,000 are suffering increased taxation (ours system under the Scottish Nose Pickers also now have a higher general tax thing than anywhere else in GB. The uniting of all the police forces has created financial as well as other problems. Health service issues mucking up the British Transport Police north of the Border as well. So dear watchers Luxor can be as amusing as he wants but the hard facts are more of a truth and swiping at me is a rather immature way out!!  :D
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Got a point there. Will continue to have over 41 million on food stamps, over 2 million in prison, people on death row for over a decade! (how disgusting). Continue to point the finger at other countries but also continue to spy, disrupt or knock out countries they cannot control and so on. They point the finger elsewhere and dance around the fact they are at the same stuff themselves. Wouldn't like to live there as it is so damn two-faced and even decent Yanks are stuck with the farce.
DnD Central / Re: The world in 2030
Did say a wee while ago it was shame about Portugal's fire situation. Goodness nearly offered Belfrager a room here!  :D
I would remind jax in his pomposity that apart from what I said can I remind that Southern Ireland only started getting somewhere because it had to be in the EU to be like countries like Portugal and others for the begging bowl.  We DID help Dublin financially.  As for the sneaking dig at the Royals I would also remind smart alec jax that we in hard money facts get the profits from the Royal estates side of things and about time that reminder aired.

What I have also said was that the Irish Republic has improved internally on political and religious headaches they had for decades. They are NOT going on about a united Ireland and for all my compliments for some Irish changes there are still aspects of down south that a great many in Ulster would not be happy with.It was that Sinn Fein crowd of very leftist gits that bum on about a united Ireland and as democratic as a bunch of old Soviet mentalities! They won't even sit in the UK parliament because of the royal oath issue. Away back before the 2nd World War we had a couple of Commies in Westminster and they sat there after the oath. It was the same bunch of  creeps who bumped off the N. Ireland Assembly by misusing an issue. The SF IS the political wing of the murderous Provisional IRA scumbags and Blair should never have pursued what he did forcing a shared situation.

I figured the European nut lot would make Brexit as awkward as damn possible and put on a front of being wonderful and so on. I am glad we are getting out and back in control and it is a damn disgrace that Euro lot cannot even get their annual "books" sorted year in and year out.  They go on yakking about the wonder of it all yet cannot do a decent job when someone democratically wants to leave!
DnD Central / White Helmets nonsense
What a farce has went on regarding that lot who were dished out big sums. The rubbish about tem being there to help everyone no matter what is utter hogwash and routine guff. That lot also DID have links with terror groups as well. They were especially based in particular areas.  I would give them three out of three for great propaganda and yet for all the daft West praise when the leader of the White Helmets arrived a Dulles Airport in Washington DC the USA refused to allow him entry!

And Israel involved in supporting them? Head shaking stuff!