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Looking forward to more mess-ups, headaches and frustration with the next update.
that's the objective, nothing is to be ever well-done. The final objective is to perpetuate lousy working. clients will always keep on paying  (and testing)- so they think.
I am into rail sims and building something really big
being attacked by outlaws while transporting gold to Santa Fé?
What I don't understand is the Pope's position allowing churches to be closed. Churches can't never be closed since churches are the last spiritual refuge for those facing death. It always has been like that.
Life is not only about statistics and prophylactic measures. It's very strange the Vatican to be the first to deny the possibility and hope for a miracle.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
There had to be, absolutely had to be a common policy and solidarity about how to meet Syrian refugees and now how to deal with the pandemic, to help the countries where the threat is most immediate. Total fail. EU is nothing when it comes to things that matter.
The only thing that solves your problem would be the United States of Europe, with a central government and local governors to ensure the same policies are applied equally all over Europe. But then you'll need a central army also, isn't it?
Never. The last thing we need is some Nordic Trump.
Federalism is intolerable. The EU most be limited to economic/monetarist issues.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
but again the power lies with the EU members, not the EU itself.
The power lies with some EU members. It is not a one-man (country)-one-vote organization. Smaller, peripheric countries need to be smarter than the central pachyderms.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Nobody is advertising
That's a major problem for the free press and a serious risk for democracies.

In fact, the press has already shown, during this virus situation, to be the biggest destabilizer factor for people's serenity and an open door to supporting the establishment of repression practices by governments. The less money they have the worst they'll be.
you should try this one Ecosia. they say they plant a tree for each search you do. C'mon I want a forest around my house.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
t Cuba is doing. We don't want to be worse than Cuba,
But you are worse then Cuba, Cuba has a long external experience while Ussr satellite in African countries regarding medical staff, teachers/propagandists and military troops and/or advisers near the pro soviet terrorist movements. Cubans were all over the place in Africa.

edit: sorry, than not then
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
given the culture in Southern Europe, they should always get more (and they think they deserve ten times more than they get, no matter how much is given).
oh! look, a new Southern European's specialist was born, God be praised. :angel:
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
our existing standards in welfare and health care coverage.
the financial help I mentioned is not for hospitals is for the economic ruin that will come out of the corona crisis.
Covid-19 world data well presented.
By Johns Hopkins Univerity.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Trump this, Trump that, but the fact is that he made available a financial help to the US that is the TRIPLE* of what the EU did.

* listen to that on tv, while not paying attention, so don't ask me for the source I need to verify it. Doesn't surprise me at all.

It is dangerous when the State takes liberty from the people. Always allegedly for our own good and always for never give it back.
This is going to be like the eleven of September pretext, less and less freedom.

Like most of the dictatorial situations, it is supported by a large part of the population that even asks for more.

The actual situation is not about health concerns anymore, it clearly turned into sanitary proto-fascism spreading all over the world.
Nobody ever thought that the future would be this shit.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
eh eh you're absolutely right ensbb3, it isn't American English and probably none of the other "something English".
I just wrote a literal translation from Portuguese way of speaking but using English words. The program didn't complain.

This moment, the programs indicates me to remove "absolutely" and to add "the" before Portuguese. I want the program to f****.

Anyway, I'm aware that many times I just translate Portuguese to English words without caring if the result is the correct way of speaking in English or not. The reason I don't care is because any other nationality speaks English even worst, the exception being for Frenzie and Ersi.  :cheers:
Relating hats and similars two things that irritates me the most:
- People wearing hats inside the home, that's a lack of education.
- Those hoods that rappers and idiotic youth uses all the time.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
I discovered a nice thing, Grammarly (free version).
It's already working integrated in D&D. Now on I cheat and write like Shakespeare.  :)

Are you reading this rjhowie?  :irked:

I just have a doubt, do you want me to write in American English, British English, Canadian English or Australian English?   :lol:

Of course, it will record people's conversation, another police system controlling us. I'll uninstall it soon.
They change from Office to 365 because they want to dominate not only the so called productive areas of people's life but people's entire life as well. All the days of the year, always, forever and ever.
They don't even try to hide it anymore.

Even so, I distrust Microsoft a little bit less than I distrust Google.
I hate most things [...]
You could just stop there, all been said.  :lol:

I went to look to what that Markdown thing is, interesting  but I couldn't see nothing with the Notepad editor. So I downloaded a top level editor, Brackets.

What a confusion. I only have the patience for these things because I'm prisoner at home just like most of Europeans.

Another thing, for the first time I'm using Window 10 ( I had the 7). Surprisingly, I like it.
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
took its influence more obviously from Europe
There was a time when Europe was the reference to the world... today it needs help from the rest of the world.

Quantity has a quality of its own.  :P
ensbb3 - the philosopher, better than Confucius.
Some Europeans thinks that the best way of being anti-American is by being pro-Russia.
I think that the best way for Europeans to be should be to be Patriots first and pro-Europe second. Enough things to be.
A vida é um hospital
Life is a hospital
Onde quase tudo falta.
Where almost everything is missing.
Por isso ninguém se cura
That's why no one heals
E morrer é que é ter alta.
And to die is just to be discharged.

(by Fernando Pessoa, very badly translated by myself)

The modernist/hedonist society, when facing something that afraid them, is just pathetic. Cockroaches.

Can Qwant refer to other search engines?

Yes, it has a feature they call Qwick search:
Qwick allows you to get a direct research to many specific websites. By adding the symbol '&' or '!' followed by the name of your favorite website (e.g. Amazon), you immediately have access to the result.

For Google: &g
For Estonian Wikipedia: &
Typical modern rubbish
Rjhowie my friend those guys in the photo are ZZTop, a well known rock'n roll band.
If you call them "modern" I'm afraid we must consider you still at pré-historic ages.

There's nothing modern about those two, go listen to LaGrange and shake your head rjhowie.
Let the good times roll. :hat:
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
Given greater contact with Dutch and then English (both American and British) seems odd many German loanwords would show up much.
Quantity is not quality.