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European Union against Killer Robots

Source Future of Life Institute

The European Parliament passed a resolution on September 12, 2018 calling for an international ban on lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS). The resolution was adopted with 82% of the members voting in favor of it.

Among other things, the resolution calls on its Member States and the European Council "to develop and adopt, as a matter of urgency ... a common position on lethal autonomous weapon systems that ensures meaningful human control over the critical functions of weapon systems, including during deployment."

The UN has not been able to take advances against such important matter because...
The countries that took the strongest stances against a LAWS ban at the recent UN meeting were the United States, Russia, South Korea, and Israel.

About Vivaldi, by many reasons it turned the browser I use in Ubuntu. And I've experienced many many things.
Not comparable with the cult Opera12.x but the best thing near to it. (Even at a long distance)
The times are a'changing.
Dramatic effect?
Didn't know you were a dramatist... Tcharam!!!

Turkey will sell it's support to Europe. And Europe will gladly pay for it.
Things are changing very fast in geopolitics with a new realign motivated by the American "holidays".

DnD Central / Re: "Scientists Say" blather
The weight variation with time due to cleaning and contact with the atmosphere, which was something of no importance times ago, is no more adequate for modern science. Therefore the physical  object had to be substituted by a nature's constant - The Plank Constant - measured with modern instruments and opening the possibility at a nearby future to quantum instruments.

Also the ampere, kelvin and mole were substituted.
What is that spoiler thing at ensbb3 post?

From the perspective of the European powers of the day, a Divided States of America would have been preferable.
Europeans powers of the day, yesterday as today and, probably, tomorrow, are not exactly the best for Europe.
We still live under American protection.

Merkel said it - we need an European army.
Things in Portugal are beyond your capacity of comprehension,
The southern states could have accepted Lincoln's amendment and sentence their slaves for some crime or another to slavery, to keep their state of affairs. All in compliance with law.
Course not. The difference is between persons and cultures, not what an idiot paragraph says.
Nobody cares...
Hillary is by now an emotional and physical wreck, ripe for retirement. She would survive another campaign only if she got the right drugs at the right time, a lot of them, even though I guess there is an overdose threshold for her too. She needs constant attention by handlers.
Enough for the the Land of Freedom.
Very strange things are happening in such Land but no ones speaks about it. Except here and a few places more.

Anyway, Europeans have to pay attention to USA, Russia and China. The three at the same time.
In the US Constitution , the 13th amendment that supposedly abolished slavery reads, "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist..."
This is incredible.
Would you mind sharing your cartoon collection?  :)
It's public.

Yep.. Photoshop probably, fake news. Trump is right.
Thankfully there are two Americas, North and South. Time to post about the Southern one, much more interesting than the Northern neighbors.

Bolsonaro won Brazilian presidential elections today.
It will affect the entire world.

Unlike the cultural-leftist area accuses him, he's not a fascist, not even close. He's simply an imbecile populist. The same kind of Philippine's Duterte.

In my opinion this is the first world wide consequence of big dimension against amoral capitalism. People in Brasil can't stand anymore more violence and corruption. They vote for those that promises and acts against it, no matter the cost.

Democracy is facing challenges that obviously their representatives can't match.

I'll post more about it.

Well, take the above numbers, multiply it by Belfrager's universal factor and there you have more or less 300.000 :)

How about an extra NATO tax imposed on each EU citizen to finance such upcoming war games?
Either that or each one would finance the real war instead the games.
Finance to be defeated is not a good option.
We can't rely that Americans will pay for us eternally.

'm sure that all Portuguese would be delighted for paying such an extra tax to make the Russians "nervous".
Our colonial war costed to all Portuguese 15% of GIP for 13 consecutive years against enemies financed by the USA, Europe, and Russia. We need no lessons from no one about paying war costs.
Putin is no stranger to dancing

And not to singing either
He even rides bears half naked, practices karate and plays piano.
That should make him an hero in Russia...
DnD Central / Re: The Pentagon Bio-weapons
US Diplomats
Russian Diplomats
Chinese Diplomats
German Diplomats
Diplomats are not what they used to be. If they ever where.
What's going on in Europe? Norway invited Nato to do the biggest military exercise these days in their mainland.
It seems Russians are nervous with just 300.000 vehicles and troops a few km of their borders.
Maybe we should have sent the double.
In terms of composition, design, elegance and harmony, the above post is a very bad taste one.
Not to speak about content, it's even worst.
Did you move to South America, Belfrager?
Nope, feeling fine at South Europe. Lived at Rio de Janeiro for a couple years back in the seventies.
es, I named that thread "What's Going on in the AmericaS" for that reason. That thread is US-heavy, but doesn't have to be.
Ok, I'll use that one.
Is there any thread about "What's going on in South America"?
We have "What's going on" threads about almost the entire world but couldn't find anything about South America
The search function is very rudimentary. It should have a way to search by thread's names so we don't create another one if not necessary.
There's a browser called Coc Coc??
Sorry to quote myself but I got curious about this Coc Coc browser at the ninth place of most used browsers.
Cốc Cốc browser is a product of Cốc Cốc - a technology company founded by Vietnamese engineers.
This browser is a whole new experience "tailored" specifically to the everyday needs of Vietnamese people.

... do Vietnamese Still Plant Rice?
... do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
... ?
I don't need answers to these questions.
Neither do I.
I think that Norwegian (and all Scandinavian) people do weird things.

But I like their Browser and it suits my ordinary internet routine, so I use it. It's not even comparable with Opera 12.* but such is life, specially modern life.
The source from the below table is Wikipedia. There's a browser called Coc Coc?? Fantastic.

Ana Vidovic plays Asturias by Isaac Albéniz
Emulsions don't last long...
slashdoters dissatisfied
In no way that was expressed at the article. Like someone would say, Fake News.
No patience.
DnD Central / Re: DnD entropy
Aren't them all?
Computers are depressing. By nature.