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I don't like the "new" icon set that much, but other people like that kind of look. IMO it's not the end of the world. After all it's just what it is: an icon set. A browser is much more than that.

It is not the end of the world, I agree, it is just the end of my interest in Otter if the first stable release will not be shipped with an option to easily switch icons. The ugly icon set is a fly in the ointment which is ruining my browsing experience. It will be a pity if the developers let such a nuisance repel potential users (many former Firefox users are searching for alternatives).
Once I tested Otter version 0.9.12 beta 12 so yesterday I found time to have a look at Otter version 0.9.99 RC9. What I saw shocked me- Oxygen icon set may not be very nice but it is tolerable, but the icon set which replaced it is monstrously ugly and absolutely unbearable. I cannot stand such abominable icons no matter what features Otter may have or will have in the future, the current icon set is disgusting and nauseating. Please consider adding an option to change tool-bar icons from preferences, I am sure I will not be the only one who is repelled by this horrible icon set, shame on the developer who created it but obviously he is shameless. So I urge Otter developers- please have mercy on your browser and on your potential users, when the first stable version of Otter is released at least restore old Oxygen icon set or add an option to load it. Opera, the real one, the Presto one, has never been ugly so if Otter still insists on being its spiritual successor, it should not be ugly either. Also the start page images are childish but at least these can easily be disabled so I am not complaining but the new tool-bar icons set is something which prevents me from using and even testing Otter. Once I was very enthusiastic about Otter and I added it to The Portable Freeware database but with version 0.9.99 RC9 my enthusiasm waned, please don't sacrifice Otter to modern ugliness, don't copycat abominations like Chrome and Edge, I cannot believe that there are no free icon sets better than the current one, even Oxygen will be fine if it can be used with new releases.
Perhaps this is not the proper thread to ask but yet I would like to know- have you thought of implementing something like Opera Unite (a kind of simple web server)?
To all Otter users and to all Otter developers- Happy New Year!

When will version 1.0 be released- rough deadline?
Thank you very much, I highly appreciate all your efforts to create a flexible, powerful and trustworthy browser.
I couldn't find some builds- installers plus win32 archives. Are they published or I am missing something? I sought here.
Is it true that there is a single developer behind Otter project? If so this is a mammoth task.
By the way I am at bay with browsers. Before I used mainly Firefox and Opera (before the advent of abominable Australis and ChromeOpera. Since I cannot stand Australis and the removal of customization in Firefox I am still using an outdated version of Firefox. I thought of migrating to Pale Moon but I was unable to integrate it with Free Download Manager. I tested SeaMonkey but not all Firefox add-ons (the main reason I still stick to Firefox) are compatible with SeaMnkey. I also tested several Chrome clones (SRWare Iron, Slimjet, Maxthon) but I liked none of them. Then I reverted to resurrected K-Meleon but it lacks many features I need. Since I consider Vivaldi to be spyware it is no longer an option for me. I had a look at Midori but I wasn't impressed. I then tested Otter and besides the several crashes I experienced it still lacks manu features too. I suppose that one day all old (real) Opera features will be re-created but the problem is the engine- for me Presto was the best engine and it cannot be re-created. It would be great if Presto was open-sourced but unfortunately this will never happen. With few exceptions (SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, K-Meleon, Otter) all browsers have been dumbed town beyond usability. I dream of a browser that doesn't suck.
The quotation is from Vivaldi's changelog in Softpedia:
See- New in version Snapshot (May 5th, 2015)
Has anybody read this?
New in version Snapshot (May 5th, 2015) (Vivaldi)
To be able to serve you, our users and friends, in the best possible way, we need to know a little about you. We need to know how many you are, what HW/OS you have and where in the world and which language you use. This helps us make the right priorities on our resources. Starting with this build, Vivaldi will connect with our servers for this purpose only once per day. We do not collect any usage data. So, on first run Vivaldi generates a unique ID for your installation.

I had great expectations for Vivaldi but since I read the above quoted text I simply stopped using Vivaldi- for me it has turned spyware.

I am new to this forum and I would like to ask (please excuse me of my question has been already answered)- can otter be run in portable mode and shall we expect a portable version which will write all its data and settings inside its own folder? Thanks in advance.