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DnD Central / Indeterminate subject
In Portuguese, "they" has always been used as an indeterminate subject. It's OK to say "they stole my car" when I don't know who "they" are, or even how many "they" are. Actually, we use it all the time.
Though, because of verb declination, we don't really have to spell "they" - the verb does it implicitly ("Roubaram meu carro"), giving a better idea of an indeterminate subject.
DnD Central / The chosen one
Well, he is the chosen one (by your fellows). And there's nothing wrong at looking to the sky. I do it every day. It isn't raining right now.
Browsers & Technology / In God we trust
Because they don't trust anybody. That's why.
Browsers & Technology / Re: Minimal Apps
Markdown is an example of something that is far from perfect, but good enough to be successful.
DnD Central / Schedules?!
The UK is scheduled to leave the EU at 11pm local time on March 29 2019.
Oh no, this is not going according to schedule :(
Oh, no! They are becoming Brazilian!
DnD Central / No holes
Yes. Strictly speaking, a black hole is black but is not a hole.  :rolleyes:
DnD Central / Holes
Strictly speaking, by definition, no hole can be photographed; just the stuff around it can. :sherlock:
DnD Central / Java ME Facebook
There is a Java ME Facebook installed on my Nokia feature phone.

(I don't have a FB account... I just installed it by curiosity, to see how it would work with my wife's account. Very limited, indeed.)
DnD Central / Volvo!
We should replace our jails by Volvos.
DnD Central / Involuntary servitude
From now on, the criminals shall rest in peace.
DnD Central / The point of the article
They were American.
DnD Central / Bear arms
Bear arms? If you prefer so...

The jet fighter invaded the birds' air space, which has belong to them for millennia. They just fought back.

Brave birds! Never surrender.
DnD Central / Re: My second attempt
I saw his post, and it has really disappeared.
DnD Central / Hollywood Walk of Fame
No Hollywood?
No Walk?
No Fame?
DnD Central / Good news from Brazil
I don't think so.  :left:
Makes sense.
For your information, in the city of Rio, the Southern sector is located West.
Geography is amazing.
DnD Central / The return of Jaybro
Welcome back, Jaybro! No password losses this time!
The "cancel" button is the "close tab" button. :(
DnD Central / Gatestone Institute
That sentence describes Donald Trump just as well.
DnD Central / New Nova
Every thing called "New" (the meaning of "Nova") will become old sooner or later.

I wonder if there's a demand for new languages.

The company where I work has suffered for developing fantastic new products for which nobody was really interested.
DnD Central / Nuclear weapons
Who's got the nukes?
DnD Central / Happy valence
Hmmm... Perhaps "valence" evaluates how close a waveform matches Pharrell Williams' "Happy".

That's easy. :)
DnD Central / Uruguay rules!
"Next to it"? According to South American standards, yes. According to European standards... it's quite far away. :)

We need more than prosperity tricklings down here. :awww:

Edit: we are getting more tricklings down from Venezuela right now. :cry: