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You're not being in the slightest bit amusing rj. Foolish perhaps, but definitely not amusing.

Pack it in.
head shaking nonsense

Again it's not good for you, stop doing it, you'll hurt yourself.

As to the rest of your post, you've been told what to do with your repetitive crap.

Accept that we will never agree when it comes to Scotland, trust me it will be better for you in the long run.

rj, I'll ignore the majority of your post because you've already been told about repeating the same old guff over and over.

breaking away would not have enough money to cover things.

Ah Scotland, the first country in the world that couldn't afford to be independent. The most ridiculous statement that any unionist can ever come out with.

And for Sturgeon to keep being on tv every day is head shaking.
All that head shaking you appear to do is probably causing you an injury. It would most likely account for why you keep repeating the same old stuff over and over at least. I would stop doing it if I was you.
I live in California's Central Valley and I can tell you that following the "rules" of a lockdown is no guarantee

I don't think there was any guarantee that if the rules were followed then everything would be fine, definitely not here anyway. Impossible to do when your relying on people to do the right thing. People who even with the best intentions easily forget the rules, especially in the home.

Have other localities given up on reporting flu cases and deaths?

Bit early, just the start of flu season here and there's been a big push for people to get the flu vaccine this year.

In the UK, people usually get seasonal flu between December and March
your wee female fuhrer is just as damning up here.

As usual you are in the ever shrinking minority of people who have that opinion of her.

When we got the first one lasting ages I got extremely bored as heck and my two sisters and brother live a distance away and I found boredom became a rapid groan as I also live myself.

Well boohoo for you.  :cry:

Get back to me when you've been practically in isolation for 8 months then I might feel some pity for you.

GB government INCREASED money to Scotland

It's the UK treasury, it's our money they gave us nothing we're not entitled to. We pay taxes if you hadn't noticed.
I wouldn't mind two weeks of lockdown.

It get's boring very quickly Colonel. I envy you being classed as essential. Hope you get to read your books eventually
I fall into the vulnerable group and I've barely seen a soul since March, it's no fun and not something I would recommend. Yet some people who will moan for moaning sake, are bleating because they can't go out for a coffee.  :furious:

Our citizens have mostly given up on precautions, ergo the dramatic rise in cases in MS.

It's fatigue, we're all fed up with it, it's not natural as we are sociable creatures. I can understand why folk are just giving up taking precautions.  But as we see, that has consequences and the case numbers go up.
She's just doing it to annoy you rj.  :rolleyes:

Would you rather Scotland was like the rest of the UK where England, Wales and NI have been in lockdown for weeks. She has tried to keep things open as normal as possible, but that's never good enough for some folk. If folk would stick to the bloody rules then areas wouldn't be back in lockdown.

this damnable shutting everything down then acting like a dictator.

Like your pal Boris the bufoon at Westminster has done with the full lockdown in England. Aye he's a dictator right enough.
Wait: Are nannies exempted from this law?

It's been the law in Scotland for over a year. Any breakdown in society yet?

It passed through parliament a year ago but only came into effect on the 7th November this year.
Is it the aim, to treat parents as children and children as adults? Is that what government is for?

Governments job should be to protect all of it's citizens and that includes children.
Smacking children was not some massive big wide fiasco

It's assault no matter how widespread it was.
I would be arrested and charged with assault if I gave you a smack, a child deserves the very same protection.
I have never thought it a big issue

It's not about you though, it's about assaulting children. Now they have the same protection from assault as adults do.
Red, Blue or Black label. Or are you not that fussy.  :P
I heard that Sean Connery died, aged 90. Wasn't he from your neck of the woods?

He was from Edinburgh.
An obvious scam that you can report.

Company taking advantage of a change which is fair enough if they are in that business. Use of a government logo isn't though and I believe they have been contacted about it. That could prove costly if it's pursued by the advertising watchdog.
Or just ignore.
Yep! straight in the bin with it, (the recycling one of course).
It wasn't from the Scottish government. it was from a private company who used the Scottish Governments logo without permission to do so. As I understand it you only need to comply if it is a new build or if you are selling your home. Housing associations have to comply though. I certainly won't be paying to do it in my house. It's been put off anyway due to the Covid crisis.

What kind of new power safety?

It's new regulations being brought in about smoke alarms due to The Grenfell Tower fire 3 years ago.
Jeez I find myself agreeing with rj.  :o
The proposed bill will never be passed in it's current state as there's far too much opposition to it.
Does not mean it will automatically happen

I'm not a gambling man but I would bet money on it that it will never happen.
I have had doubts about remaining here because it is really a waste of time in being such a small programme.

Nobody is holding you here against your will rj. The choice is yours and yours alone.

Either way, this ends here.
I'm ignoring guff that isn't even worth giving a thought to. If your not happy with that then go and rant somewhere else about it, as I'm not interested in anymore of your petty ranting.
You're obsessed rj, it's not good for your health. Take up a simpler pastime.