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The Lounge / Re: Random horse
Horse named Clancey. Turtle named Booger.
Necroposting makes me sad sometimes.

Half a year ago is over 5yrs after the late mjm's post.
Going on a podcast I listen to and some half read follow up I did...

Online audio sources compress the audio (seemingly most do). To achieve higher sampling rates (quality) in less space by digitally approximating the sound (or somesuch :P). Apparently some information can get lost and the ranges can be tampered with in the process. It seems complicated.
:right:( Audio Fundamentals, Compression Techniques & Standards )

For my part, a CD just sounds better. And I don't see any real quality difference between digital audio and other formats. Vinyl Has its own distortions and downloaded music is just lacking something in the ranges (or overcompensating). Having the ranges peek differently for different speaker setups, e.g. portable speakers or headphones, makes sense, but there's often distortions I have to tweak out with the equalizer for my setup. Same song from a CD requires less manipulation on my part. Feels to me like the edge of the ranges lose something too. Songs I've ripped from CD stay at way more balanced and consistent levels. Without tweaking low & mid ranges. But then what sounds right to me and someone else can vary. The psycoacustical part of it explains 'the loundness war'. Louder is better to a point. And sometimes I might push up the middle switches on the equalizer where you'd of left them alone. So you probably are right in that it doesn't much matter. Hi-res is just a throwaway term for a different sample rate and less or no compression. At any rate the loss isn't critical to enjoying some music. :)

I wish Youtube would standardize loudness for all its content. At least under 80dB @ half volume. You'll barely be able to hear one thing, then the next vid in que is like :yikes: 

but I'd definitely like to have one that could play my 78 rpm records.
Idk if I've ever gave real attention to the difference between 78s and like LPs. I assume higher sample rates with less on the disc? Prolly not much difference swapping digital glitches for mechanical noise.  :sherlock:    
DnD Central / Re: God Save the Governor!
:headbang: That is metal as f...
The Lounge / Re: Random horse
Anyway, they are fine animals, very American style.  :)
Thank you. Although if memory serves they're a Scottish breed.

They are glorified pets. I started with three, a male and two females. It's gotten out of hand in the last decade or so. Up to 14 at last count.

What to do with them has always been the question. Suggestions are things like: teach them to pull a cart, do pony rides, teach them special tricks and/or sell them. We taught one to bow for an apple and you have no idea how many times people have asked if I rent them for rides at parties. I'm not quite redneck enough to own a cart and tack for it - but that is one of the more adorable options. They all get lead broke; learn to follow on a lead and stand where you tie them for brushing/trimming hair and hooves . I don't actively try to saddle break them but some have picked it up better than others. Learning can be rough, they don't want to cooperate and learn stuff but they have to. So at times I have to wear them down a bit so they don't just fight me and thus figure out that what I need from them ain't so bad. The fastest way to get to them tired is a mock rodeo. Let them haul me up and down the corral rodeo-style a few times and suddenly listening to me isn't the worst thing. Chauncey is the only one so far to hack my method. As soon as I put a halter on him, he ragdolls. Not even gracefully - just suddenly he pretends he has no bones, lol. Equal measures cute and aggravating.

So basically - I have no idea what I'm doing with them. Sustainability is eventually going to be a problem. The field can only support so many, but that number is still pretty far off.

I've had plenty of other saddle and quarter horses over the years. None of which have been a problem for me to sell. Something about raising them from a baby makes it hard to let go.
I believe that just means it is CD quality. Cloud services like to cut some range to save space. Arguably out of earbuds or some headphones you wouldn't need it anyway.

Old songs a 'friend' :left: scalped off YouTube have never sounded right.
The Lounge / Re: Random horse

So catching up...
After Bosley there's Daisy:

And Dixie (sleeping?):

Next there's Jax, the OP's namesake ( @jax ):

And a year later Chauncey:

Jax and Chauncey together... :zip: 

And more recently Daisy had her first, Patches. (Let my niece name it -  :lol: - sounds like a cat's name.:right:)

And about a month ago; Graci:

She is sleeping...

And lastly, a cheeky group shot.  :P

Dixie's front and center.
The Lounge / Re: Random horse
Is he a super hero?

Reminds me, I've got some catching up to do here... See if I can remember my imgur login.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
I've got some experience with vetting tenants for leases and such. While I've never required the login, there's a lot that can be learned from what people make public information. (For argument's sake)
DnD Central / Re: God Save the Governor!
Mongolia doesn't take shit from anybody.
Western fast food brands are an outrageously expensive choice compared to e.g. forest produce which comes only at the expense of picking

Well to be fair, urbanites have always been more dependent on how their money works. I grew up in a small town. Gardens, hunting and foraging were just a thing. 
my "get my hair cut as little as I think I can get away with" approach has nothing to do with money.
Right. And winter is coming so more hats. :whistle:

Yet I'm cheaper and healthier off by doing neither...
Yeah, there's no argument that you can cook it yourself and eat better cheaper. Maybe prep time and number of people are a factor too. I can cook lasagna, spaghetti, stew or whatever and eat for days. The kids aren't so big on leftovers, and the youngest is picky the way only the youngest child can be, doesn't make any sense he just doesn't eat 'new' things. Will turn down great food for junk basically. I'm the only one that can cook a burger he'll eat. I've cooked them every way possible so how it's cooked isn't a factor. As long as I cooked it he'll gobble it up. I'm not the world's greatest burger chef or anything. So with kids especially I don't see where it matters. I don't always want to police the "you need to try new things" philosophy. I don't eat much fast food myself, passed mozzarella sticks and a banana milkshake or the likes, but if I just want everybody fed and done I'll get him whatever passes for chicken from a burger joint. Economy be damned.

I'm sure I'm marginal on some things but if I've learned anything from this tangent It's how little the economy is involved in my decision making. Even when money is tight a few dollars here or there isn't enough to deviate from what works and not needing to save a dollar has never stopped me from not spending it. Results may very of course.     
So I was wondering why just men's underwear? I'm not even sure I was actually there for the purchase of my current batch in circulation. Pretty sure I'd have to get down to like three pair before laundry day wouldn't keep up and I'd notice. Nevertheless the answer to my question seems a bit sexist. At least the articles I Googled up are aware of it, then proceed to overstate women's vanity. Mine were purchased by a woman. Not sure what that proves, but I'm pretty sure the answer to that is nothing. Or at least nothing meaningful to the economy. 

Critics of this theory suggest that it may be inaccurate for several reasons, including the frequency with which women purchase underwear for men, and an assumed tendency for men not to purchase underwear until it is threadbare regardless of the performance of the economy.


Some other Unconventional Economic Indicators that have been promoted include:

1. Hemlines: First suggested in 1925 by George Taylor of the Wharton School of Business, the Hemline Index proposes that skirt hemlines are higher when the economy is performing better. For instance, short skirts were in vogue in the 1990s when the tech bubble was increasing.
2. Haircuts: Paul Mitchell founder John Paul Dejoria suggests that during good economic times, customers will visit salons for haircuts every six weeks, while in bad times, haircut frequencies drop to every eight weeks.
3. Dry-cleaning: Another favorite Greenspan theory, this indicator suggests that dry cleaning drops during bad economic times, as people only take clothes to the cleaners when they absolutely need to when budgets are tight.
4. Fast food: Many analysts believe that during financial downturns, consumers are far more likely to purchase cheaper fast food options, while when the economy heads into an upswing, patrons are more likely to focus more on buying healthier food and eating in nicer restaurants.

I just spent 20mins googling people's underwear buying habits. This kind of stuff is why I keep coming back. :)
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post

In honor of spooky month. :yikes:
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
Incidentally (and off subject); Why isn't there an "I just found your phone" option in with the emergency call/contact feature?
Shoots you an email, drops the phone's coordinates in... Textbox for the finder to enter contact info if applicable.

Just a thought. Carry on. :)
Keep meaning to give this a watch. Might be more suited for the 'would like to but probably won't' thread, though.
I suppose that's as shallow as I'd expect. While we're ankle deep in thought; Wow, she's still alive!?
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
We need a Bureau of Presidential Tweets, or somesuch.
I've got caught up watching these early 20th century compilations recently.

this is a rather long one but the channel has all kinds. the "life on the streets of _____" have been the most interesting to me.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
I don't watch enough actual TV to be a good judge. But even so most of the time I watch what's on the DVR via my PC. I've never noticed a problem with capturing the program. Xfinity's website can be bothersome. I find the clunkiness of a TV remote interface to be far more bothersome, tho. I guess YouTube has spoiled me in one way at least.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
If I watch a video about some old Atari console, all my suggestions are for Atari stuff. Which, sure, I might watch more about I guess, but you have literally years of my viewing habits at your disposal and yet you suggest stuff I literally watched last week and videos that are practically carbon copies of the one I just finished... I think YouTube should be able to do better.
Yep, that's how they get ya.

If you ever sub one you'll get all the stuff THEY watch too.  :no:

The missus likes funny animal vids and sometimes I watch clips from movies or TV, to see if I'm interested. I've learned clicking dislike, regardless of how I felt about it, helps the algorithm understand not to littler my suggested with such... sorta.

The role was comparable to kings elsewhere, so surely they would have been aware how critical it is.
Well yes and no. The position didn't exist under the first constitution ( The Articles of Confederation ). A lot of the "Republic" ideas from that carried over. The power was meant to be retained by a legislative body. Washington is credited with setting precedence but moreover he didn't push any boundaries. He wanted to be, or at least was, the Anti-King. Adams and Jefferson had different opinions. Adams being more of a realist and Jefferson was always too idealistic. If memory serves both resented the office which was there for little more than a mediator. Veto power was looked at much like the electoral college, as insurance. Madison found out how valuable the title "Commander and Chief" was. A commander of nothing and chief of congress' will[ingness to do nothing].  
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
A five-hour blackout in Manhattan left Jennifer Lopez "devastated and heartbroken"
She still has concerts and people go to them?! Fascinating.
About a decade ago I thought satellite might become obsolete thanks to the Internet, but the situation has become much worse since with all those geoblocks. It seems that satellite is still quite relevant for that reason.
Now every network is just starting their own streaming service for $15/mo. so the dream of cheaper content on demand has died as well. No matter what the same few corporations have to own it all.

Some Youtube celebs have recently taken to promote Curiositystream, which is a storage of science and nature docus. For a while I considered subscribing to it, but more likely I won't.
Yeah, sounds like a way for the algorithm to trash your feed with every idiotic thing remotely similar.

Personally I'd just watch something like this program about squirrels if I wanted landscapes and stuff.
There's three in my yard right now that needs shooting. Little fuckers developed a taste for the wires in my truck. :irked:
The role of the president is very different from expected
Indeed, the role wasn't as critical upon its written conception as it became in practice, being directly influenced by the founding fathers sitting in the position. Several were irked by the pointlessness of it all. Without running too far into and IIRC; it wan't until Madison watched the White House burn that the office really started to shape up to be more recognizable for what it is today. 

In another thread I mentioned the Dems focusing on legislative seats, mostly the Senate. For my purpose that's to reel in some powers that have only been scratched at since Bush II. Trump is the perfect one to help that too.
The Dems would do well to focus on legislative seats. But the Parties have an all or nothing policy. Cut off the nose to spite the face type mentality.

28 songs making for 11 1/2 hour of television
Seems like there'd be a lot of repetition with that. :P