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DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
I don't watch enough actual TV to be a good judge. But even so most of the time I watch what's on the DVR via my PC. I've never noticed a problem with capturing the program. Xfinity's website can be bothersome. I find the clunkiness of a TV remote interface to be far more bothersome, tho. I guess YouTube has spoiled me in one way at least.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
If I watch a video about some old Atari console, all my suggestions are for Atari stuff. Which, sure, I might watch more about I guess, but you have literally years of my viewing habits at your disposal and yet you suggest stuff I literally watched last week and videos that are practically carbon copies of the one I just finished... I think YouTube should be able to do better.
Yep, that's how they get ya.

If you ever sub one you'll get all the stuff THEY watch too.  :no:

The missus likes funny animal vids and sometimes I watch clips from movies or TV, to see if I'm interested. I've learned clicking dislike, regardless of how I felt about it, helps the algorithm understand not to littler my suggested with such... sorta.

The role was comparable to kings elsewhere, so surely they would have been aware how critical it is.
Well yes and no. The position didn't exist under the first constitution ( The Articles of Confederation ). A lot of the "Republic" ideas from that carried over. The power was meant to be retained by a legislative body. Washington is credited with setting precedence but moreover he didn't push any boundaries. He wanted to be, or at least was, the Anti-King. Adams and Jefferson had different opinions. Adams being more of a realist and Jefferson was always too idealistic. If memory serves both resented the office which was there for little more than a mediator. Veto power was looked at much like the electoral college, as insurance. Madison found out how valuable the title "Commander and Chief" was. A commander of nothing and chief of congress' will[ingness to do nothing].  
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
A five-hour blackout in Manhattan left Jennifer Lopez "devastated and heartbroken"
She still has concerts and people go to them?! Fascinating.
About a decade ago I thought satellite might become obsolete thanks to the Internet, but the situation has become much worse since with all those geoblocks. It seems that satellite is still quite relevant for that reason.
Now every network is just starting their own streaming service for $15/mo. so the dream of cheaper content on demand has died as well. No matter what the same few corporations have to own it all.

Some Youtube celebs have recently taken to promote Curiositystream, which is a storage of science and nature docus. For a while I considered subscribing to it, but more likely I won't.
Yeah, sounds like a way for the algorithm to trash your feed with every idiotic thing remotely similar.

Personally I'd just watch something like this program about squirrels if I wanted landscapes and stuff.
There's three in my yard right now that needs shooting. Little fuckers developed a taste for the wires in my truck. :irked:
The role of the president is very different from expected
Indeed, the role wasn't as critical upon its written conception as it became in practice, being directly influenced by the founding fathers sitting in the position. Several were irked by the pointlessness of it all. Without running too far into and IIRC; it wan't until Madison watched the White House burn that the office really started to shape up to be more recognizable for what it is today. 

In another thread I mentioned the Dems focusing on legislative seats, mostly the Senate. For my purpose that's to reel in some powers that have only been scratched at since Bush II. Trump is the perfect one to help that too.
The Dems would do well to focus on legislative seats. But the Parties have an all or nothing policy. Cut off the nose to spite the face type mentality.

28 songs making for 11 1/2 hour of television
Seems like there'd be a lot of repetition with that. :P
The electors as a safety valve
Its common use for that today is a retcon. That it's meant to muddle up some sort of totalitarian power grab seems counter-intuitive. Laws requiring electors to follow popular votes are meant to ease peoples minds about that being used for the exact opposite result. Tho, the stipulation still predated the necessary analytics that make manipulation of voting districts so rampant nowadays.

In its purest form it's meant to keep the election process from breaking down. When hijacking a wagon carrying the vote or , more likely, an Indian raid could inadvertently prevent a tally in D.C. the electors could still act on behalf of, and in accordance with, their understanding of their regions likely outcome. So they'd not even have a vote to reference in cases where constitutional necessity was applied. Other than that following the popular vote was the expected and an understood responsibility.

Add 200yrs of band-aids to the understanding of it and look at the mess we have now. Removing it never seemed the be a solution tho. (smh)           
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
I'd definitively like that to be more reasonable here.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Takes a lot to get me to fly vs drive.
That dated idea needs replaced.
21 y.o. with an unless, at that.

I suppose that's the 'unless you're a completely unlucky dumbass' clause. Then you're probably better off.
I hid myself from them at my home and did not vote.
Good advice for me next year.
DnD Central / Re: DnD entropy
I think I may have created my My Opera account in May or June of 2001

Let's see, I had a Symbian flip phone that I first put Opera Mini on. And I still have the first touchscreen phone, also Symbian, that I remember posting significantly on the forums with. Prolly puts me around 2006 or '07. Every phone since has been Android. 
DnD Central / Re: DnD entropy
Sadly the younger ones of us have gotten lives.
Damn, knew I was supposed to be doing something...😬
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You wanna build a snowman.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
False. It is supposed to but I doubt it amounts to much.

You just realized Monday is a holiday.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

Your favorite tv show comes on tonight.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
True. How'd you know it was raining? lol

You've found something you forgot you had recently.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You didn't sleep very good last night.
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Ha. Don't tell me. I don't wanna catch it.

Apparently I got homesick on our last excursion up north. We visited her old stomping grounds and stopped in Chicago for a few days on the way back. I got Rocky Top stuck in my head the last day or so and the whole way home. No one was amused.

The Lounge / Re: True or false?
No... who said I did?

You like to drink coffee in the morning?
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Damn, those are pretty good odds you'll be close to home. :(
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Call me crazy but I think you'd rather be there than a Memphis hospital during an evaluation.

Just an ugly boring city. Gorgeous lake tho. I might deep down just be jealous I'm not out on that lake.  
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Where it's gonna be at is my interest. I'm hoping for a mini road trip to East Tennessee. :)