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Waiting x64 :up:
2 problem
When you close the bookmarks it leaves (Untitled) Blank Page, no must be Start Page.

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Is there a solution to this problem?
In earlier versions, this was not.
I use this scale.
In v199 and others such a problem was not.

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The default zoom is very large in RC 2 release and v200
Win 64 font 150% on PC
Returned on v199

Why not make the download straight from
What's Going on in the Americas?
The 16th Global RU-BOARDa 2017 in Kazan.
The time for the Global Assembly 2017: August 4-6
The question will be discussed:
Can be elected President of America Hillary Clinton.
Electing the President of America :D

Otter Browser v180xp errors of playing videos from youtube

I did not put this version. Problems with it with the launch.
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Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
How it works is normal, except for the problem of authorization on some sites.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
The error has disappeared, but it is not possible to make autorization on many sites. v170x64
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Error 301 exists in v170xXP
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I do not use the block
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
Scrin could do
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Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
I tested x32x64x XP, the result is the same.

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Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
The error is not solved in 0.9.91-weekly169  :cry:
Otter Browser Forum / Error 301
When authorizing on many sites, the error is 301.
otter-browser-win32-weekly168 Win64
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He did not give a congratulatory speech on the day of the Soviet Army
Putin refused the post of chief of the Soviet Army
This position offered him the last president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev
This is similar to how it was 100 years ago, the emperor Nicholas deposition 2
set 100%

It should be so, but it is 150%

when there is a 150% first pressing shows the image with a 100%

in otter-browser-beta12 the picture was the same scale

And further:
Do a clean install, just add a bookmark. He gives an error. ???
Submitting the old settings, it works ???
(W7x64 otter-browser-win32-0.9.91-weekly163-setup)
is 150% in the settings,
  It displays 100%
Problems with zoom in on a settings
You put 150% indicates 100%

Forum is dead, and it began.
But there is a link  Otter in Top-Best Web-Links on :cheers:
Otter Browser Forum / Re: bugs
Understood => RU AdList<=I blocked the display of images
Otter Browser Forum / Re: bugs
pictures are no longer displayed :monkey:
 Change the question:
How to import bookmarks C: \ Users \ Administrator \ AppData \ Local \ Otter on a flash drive ???