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More markdown fun: mdp does slideshows based on text written in markdown.Install mdp, download the file and run it ... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-22, 08:34:50
Well, a colour scheme is how the editor looks. Syntax highlight is how the opened text looks, i.e. the specific language in t... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-21, 18:06:59
Quote from: ersi on 2019-04-21, 13:00:34For example right now, typing a bit longer lines, I see that micro does not autowrap ... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-21, 13:14:26
Yes, text editors are interesting. I have configured micro to be the text editor in my terminal browsers and I am trying it o... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-21, 13:00:34
The latest Manjaro iteration of bspwm promotes the 'micro' editor which basically works like 'nano' but with keybinds more in... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-21, 10:08:03
A nice article of general value on Vivaldi blog, about paywalled (and unpublished or incompetently published given the digita... Browsers & Technology Re: What's going on w... 2019-04-21, 09:45:50
Two Linux-related letdowns today. First. There is a regression in systemd that prevents me from getting to the internet. I ca... Browsers & Technology Re: General Unix/Linu... 2019-04-20, 17:19:50
At best it means they will decide whether you can decide. You cannot decide unless they have decided. And after they've decid... The Lounge Re: What Time Is It? 2019-04-19, 14:33:16
Quote from: Frenzie on 2019-03-31, 18:43:39The Dutch government said they'll decide about this DST business by 2021 at the ea... The Lounge Re: What Time Is It? 2019-04-19, 06:18:00
A Russian dude made a decent docu-vlog about Japan cinematography and mostly ... DnD Central Yet another guy with ... 2019-04-18, 01:35:01