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as I was saying when you how to do it it's really more simple than it seem (comparatively from chrome manifest)then the way:c... Otter Browser Forum Re: extension exemple ?? 2019-02-06, 21:43:42
hi, thanks for sharing... but the "read me" inside is in german/dotsch (if i read well)here a traduction with return charriot... Otter Browser Forum Re: Styling the Otter-UI 2019-02-02, 13:57:49
yep franzie, on the windows buildbut with 1.0 google accept the first panel, but say that cookies are not "connected" or "ope... Otter Browser Forum Re: google error 2019-02-01, 20:38:32
hi, after download otter32b for under win10 all goes right, no fail... thanks a lot Otter Browser Forum Re: 1.0.01 (2019.01.01) 2019-01-30, 21:21:52
arf, just great... but no installer for the windows10 noob ?? it's not that the xp(and other) do affraid me... but when i loo... Otter Browser Forum Re: 1.0.01 (2019.01.01) 2019-01-04, 18:24:48
hi Frenzie, i's not about a particuliar adress... but with general identification on google login... it do not pass with Otte... Otter Browser Forum Re: google error 2019-01-03, 16:34:38
and happynew year alls !!! may otter-bro do conquer the web !! Otter Browser Forum Re: google error 2019-01-01, 16:30:36
do ggogle only tolerate chromium-like to acced to it's forum ??here the login-error (in french)is there a solution, or do i h... Otter Browser Forum google error 2019-01-01, 16:30:07
hi all, meery christmas, here my little fan'art thumbnail for Otter'bro startpagenot realy complex to do, but the Otter is so... Otter Browser Forum thumbnail Otter-Forum 2018-12-25, 11:47:13
ha, i see, some here got vip privilege ;o)i must re-logg every time i come, but i closed the page, then...but it happened on ... Otter Browser Forum Re: password record p... 2018-12-15, 19:23:37

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