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ha, i see, some here got vip privilege ;o)i must re-logg every time i come, but i closed the page, then...but it happened on ... Otter Browser Forum Re: password record p... 2018-12-15, 19:23:37
oki Frenzie, i'll do it withouti've got an other problem with the password, for exemple on Otter forum, everyt... Otter Browser Forum Re: password record p... 2018-12-13, 18:39:49
yep, that true, sometimes Otter's works better with one or oneother "user agent" depending of the website... it could be nice... Otter Browser Forum Re: User Agent string... 2018-12-11, 23:12:30
hi all, do you think that the option "Open pop-ups in a Tab" could be add to Otter/tool/prefernces/content thanks a lot Otter Browser Forum [feature ask] open po... 2018-12-11, 10:48:46
  too cool Beastiehere the adressadress :{searchTerms}query : q=... Otter Browser Forum Re: how activate auto... 2018-12-07, 14:15:19
well, VBR if you pass here...could it be possible from you to put in the forum the google auto-completion server adress, pres... Otter Browser Forum Re: how activate auto... 2018-12-06, 09:24:13
yep, you're right, my Otterbro was in french... (help/Switch application language)in englishtools/preferences/search/enable s... Otter Browser Forum Re: how activate auto... 2018-12-05, 11:39:36
hi all, today, the otterbro question is:how to activate autocompletion of websearch engine... i went have a llok in "preferen... Otter Browser Forum how activate auto-com... 2018-12-04, 12:16:58
hi, allis there a way, to allow Otterbro to record automaticaly any couple login/password ?? because some website, do reload ... Otter Browser Forum password record problem 2018-12-03, 13:07:56
hi Ersi, it's so obvious when you know itin fact i never did it in opera or in any other browser... then, i was a few loosyth... Otter Browser Forum Re: extension exemple ?? 2018-12-01, 20:04:37

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