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2013-11-19, 21:10:15
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False. Your laptop battery is low. The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-11-23, 20:48:32
...well of course, although I'd be more inclined to call it a fossil word. Vreu(g)de is Germanic while fraude comes from Lati... DnD Central Re: Does spelling mat... 2017-11-23, 20:41:02
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Quote from: jax on 2017-11-22, 14:24:25Freud means "joy". Fraud means "deception". I think that's freude and fraude. DnD Central Re: Does spelling mat... 2017-11-22, 19:18:29
I admit to not knowing much of anything about the topic, but would it be correct to assume that it works in other application... Otter Browser Forum Re: on Screen Keyboard 2017-11-22, 11:47:06
Indeed, triangulation is always available. Its typical precision is a 50 m radius, but I have on occasion seen my phone accur... Browsers & Technology Re: Firefox to become... 2017-11-22, 11:28:25
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False. You don't have a 3DS. The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-11-21, 09:50:12
Perhaps not a major hub, but I did have several layovers in Vienna Airport before ever visiting the city itself. DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2017-11-20, 14:31:37