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Nano supports syntax highlighting too, but possibly not with color schemes. Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-21, 13:21:48
Interesting. It's true that Nano's keyboard shortcuts seem a bit odd. Perhaps they have something to do with use in screen/tm... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-21, 10:40:35
Umm...  Quoteleaving it up to member states to decide on their time zone DST needs to DIAF ASAP. The Lounge Re: What Time Is It? 2019-04-19, 10:32:45
It's also a handful of centuries more recent. But yes, I'd also expected it to be slightly larger. DnD Central Re: Today's Bad News 2019-04-16, 08:03:31
I saw, that's pretty terrible. I visited it in... 2002 I believe. DnD Central Re: Today's Bad News 2019-04-15, 20:01:09
Vim isn't too hard, at least in the basics,[1] and you've got a lot of nice controls under colon.[2] But mainly I just find i... Browsers & Technology Re: What's the best k... 2019-04-15, 20:00:10
But -- strictly speaking -- a black hole is more of a dark star than a hole, isn't it? DnD Central Re: "Scientists Say" ... 2019-04-11, 17:19:58 Browsers & Technology Re: E-readers 2019-04-10, 09:39:38
The word container is used in Otter Browser Forum Re: Containers, please? 2019-04-04, 10:18:04
Yes, but that's inconvenient. VLC doesn't require anything like that. I suppose that's why stuff like http://bakamplayer.u8sa... Browsers & Technology Re: Software of Poten... 2019-04-02, 09:42:35