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2013-11-19, 21:10:15
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Quote from: ersi on 2018-10-18, 10:31:22Edge is astonishingly high in the table. [whisper]I admit using it on Android  I know... Browsers & Technology Re: Keeping an eye on... 2018-10-19, 14:30:18
Probably a bug. Is there a simple test page around? Otter Browser Forum Re: visited link 2018-10-17, 12:18:45
Huh, interesting. They could remove it in an update, of course. DnD Central Re: Apple vs. the FBI 2018-10-15, 20:43:41
QuoteMany users may be unaware their CPU is now running at full tilt, mining cryptocurrency for someone else.I'm pretty sure ... Browsers & Technology Re: Adobe Flash on it... 2018-10-12, 15:42:47
Maybe it's on the other shoulder. (Yeah... who am I kidding. ) DnD Central Re: Gun Control - Sho... 2018-10-10, 16:06:57
You don't need a strategy to kill people? Hmmm... DnD Central Re: Everything Trump… 2018-10-07, 09:28:59
On that topic, here's a list of Dutch digital language resources: DnD Central Re: Best language res... 2018-10-06, 06:34:51
There's a bunch of comments there about Vivaldi being a Chrome clone with a few added bits and pieces.Which isn't completely ... Browsers & Technology Re: Keeping an eye on... 2018-09-29, 08:13:03
I hope for their sake that they use Firefox or SeaMonkey then. Browsers & Technology Re: Keeping an eye on... 2018-09-28, 22:23:11
That sounds like a somewhat depressing extension. DnD Central Re: DnD entropy 2018-09-28, 22:08:41