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Quote from: noalternative on 2016-10-26, 21:01:11Is there anyway to wild card site settings, so we don't lose cookie and scri... Otter Browser Forum Re: Custom website se... 2016-11-01, 15:44:51
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An addition to #317: Stop-button sometimes doesn't react at all. Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2016-04-08, 12:49:08
@Emdek1. Sorry, I didn't find any crashdump or something like that.2. I mentioned it because it worked fine when I tried last... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2016-04-07, 13:51:09
Concerning the bug last mentioned in reply #282 (Otter can't connect to the internet): solved.It seems to have been a collisi... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2016-03-22, 16:00:34
1. Otter crashes every time I try to load otter-browser_0.9.10-dev115-1~wily~ppa1_amd... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2016-03-21, 17:49:48
@EmdekSorry, but apart from adding the line I have no idea what to do. I will just wait for Otter to work maybe some day and ... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2015-11-18, 15:48:28

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