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2014-02-21, 14:39:07
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Nadszedł już czas, najwyższy czas, nienawiść zniszczyć w sobie.
The time has come, the high time, to destroy hatred in oneself.

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Long time no see. ;-)A (long time overdue) minor update for stable branch.Changes since 1.0.01:optimized handling of large im... Otter Browser Forum 1.0.02 (2020.12.21) 2020-12-21, 22:11:45
And we finally have it, first release marked as stable. :-)Not all planned features were finished in time, but hopefully at l... Otter Browser Forum 1.0.01 (2019.01.01) 2019-01-01, 21:17:55
@exley, our build machine needed updates, and after updating one component it turns out that another also needs an update. :-... Otter Browser Forum Re: Anyone know when ... 2019-01-01, 21:11:02
QtWebEngine backend no longer uses locks for fetching feeds, links or search engines;some other fixes.And the final round of ... Otter Browser Forum (Pre) RC 12 release (... 2018-09-01, 21:40:08
@ersi, yes, but that had limited options, now it's closer to what others do in such cases.We show link specific actions only ... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 10 relea... 2018-08-01, 20:24:38
reworked handling of custom icons for toolbar entries;some other fixes.Hopefully weather won't prevent me from finishing pack... Otter Browser Forum (Pre) RC 11 release (... 2018-08-01, 20:22:18
added importer for OPML files;added support for abp: protocol for adding new content filtering profiles;added ability to open... Otter Browser Forum (Pre) RC 10 release (... 2018-07-01, 20:44:52
@Quetzal, uhm, I'm not sure what do you mean, you have issues with proxies or ad blocking? Otter Browser Forum Re: adblocker my good... 2018-06-03, 19:13:32
@Quetzal. I've checked your User Agent (it's shown next to the post) and it suggested macOS. :-PAnyway, under Windows you hav... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 8 releas... 2018-06-03, 19:12:18
@beastie, yeah, 1.0 should finally happen soon, very soon, hopefully next month. ;-) Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 9 releas... 2018-06-03, 09:58:36