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2014-02-21, 14:39:07
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Nadszedł już czas, najwyższy czas, nienawiść zniszczyć w sobie.
The time has come, the high time, to destroy hatred in oneself.

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@mad_king, ah, QtWebEngine, then it could be some lockup caused by calls that require synchronous replies but they are asynch... Otter Browser Forum Re: Web page freeze a... 2018-05-11, 18:49:15
@smaragdus, nope, I guess that it's doable but I don't think that it makes sense as part of the core. Otter Browser Forum Re: Get involved in O... 2018-05-10, 16:02:48
@mad_king, 0.9.94? First try updating to 0.9.98.It's QtWebKit backend? Which QtWebKit version (hopefully not the one bundled ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Web page freeze a... 2018-05-10, 16:00:59
@smallhagrid, @Frenzie, that package is quite old, so if files weren't mixed or were mixed incorrectly (for example about dia... Otter Browser Forum Re: A bit of guidance... 2018-05-10, 08:21:17
@Quetzal, could you please provide one of these links for testing purposes?Issues with resuming downloads in some cases are k... Otter Browser Forum Re: few problems down... 2018-05-10, 08:10:16
@Pref, it might be codecs issue, you might want to try xp build, this one has different set included or experimental QtWebEng... Otter Browser Forum Re: Bug report: Twitt... 2018-05-10, 08:07:20
several enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):initial work on global history support;added support for... Otter Browser Forum (Pre) RC 8 release (0... 2018-05-01, 19:32:57
@Pref, uhm, what do you mean exactly by progress bar? Could you please provide some screenshot or doodle? Otter Browser Forum Re: Feedback 2018-05-01, 18:52:44
@Pref, could you please show some screenshot illustrating that issue? Otter Browser Forum Re: Bug report: tiny ... 2018-05-01, 15:38:55
@browse op, I guess that we can reuse first post, later we can consider use of some wiki page or something like that.Importan... Otter Browser Forum Re: Feedback 2018-04-29, 16:49:23