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@Mike, thanks for test link, unfortunately I was unable to reproduce it under both Windows and Linux.
@Oller, right, they have issues with parsing of plurals, at least when uploading source strings.
@rhubarbpieguy, that AppImage still can use OpenSSL 1.0 only, probably next one will contain extra variant of QtNetwork that is supposed to be compatible with 1.1.
@Borut, I've done some testing at it seems that all shortcuts (from default profile) are properly registered, but I still don't know what prevents them from firing when executed.
@ohno, can you reproduce that issue with about:blank?
You will have to disable Start Page first using about:config, by setting StartPage/EnableStartPage to "No".
Also please make screenshot showing sidebar of Inspector, showing computed background color.
@Mike, perhaps server sends invalid value for size of the file, hard to tell without some public test case.
Perhaps it's some change in QtNetwork, weekly 183 most likely uses older version.
@jasonliul, and it's only beginning of the final part of the journey to 1.0. ;-)
@ersi, sure, but it takes time with our limited resources. :-P
@ohno, that's unusual, which package are you using (win32 or win64)?
Does it happen with every page or just that one?
  • reworked toolbars:
    • added support for visibility toggle button (collapsing contents);
    • fixed unified toolbar and titlebar style under macOS;
    • toolbar visibility and location is now stored per main window;
  • improved sidebar(s):
    • added ability to add new sidebars;
    • allow to change their location by drag and drop;
  • vastly improved error pages:
    • special error pages are now used instead of SSL warning dialogs;
    • blocked content triggers dedicated error pages;
  • improved User Agents configuration;
  • added support for managing multiple proxy configurations and setting them per page or host;
  • reworked internal actions handling system allows to specify parameters for actions trigerred by keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures;
  • vastly decreased import time for large bookmark files;
  • added module for listing opened windows and tabs;
  • improved styling under Windows, Unity and macOS;
  • added new default icon theme by Kamil Nęcek;
  • item views can now allocate extra space to predefined column other than last one;
  • added action to set, reset or toggle an option;
  • global editing actions now apply to focused single and multi line text edit widgets too;
  • added ability to drop URLs onto bookmark bars;
  • spell checking is now available in other multi line text edit widgets;
  • added action to control multimedia playback rate;
  • keyboard shortcuts are now validated while editing;
  • added support for customizing F12 menu;
  • implemented "Validate Using" menu;
  • added support for configurable Fast Forward rules;
  • lots of various fixes.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some more stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, (Pre) RC 2, next month.
@Oller, try contacting their support. perhaps they broke something...
That was a complete error message? Not really useful.
@ovas, it has less features than plus they used to have such feature around ten years ago and then they simply closed it, all files were lost...
@ovas, has technical difficulties, again...
@K@, great, no problem. :-)
@K@, according to bajasoft you most likely enabled all regional lists too, and this specific issue is most likely caused by Arabian profile.
@K@, uhm... Defaults in Otter Browser means no content blocking, you need to setup lists in Tools -> Content Blocking... first or set them per tab using button in Status Bar.
@K@, which content blocking profiles are enabled? Are they up to date?
@K@, I've asked bajasoft to take a look into this, but it might take some time to assess this issue, so be patient. ;-)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Start Page Tiles
@DaveH, yes, it changed some time ago, it's a bug fix, previously they were using non proportional scaling and were deformed (they appeared to be stretched horizontally).
@mad_king, I see.
Well, we not use such prefixes here (like [solved]), that's more suitable for tickets system. ;-)
@mad_king, QtWebEngine might explain this, try AppImage for weekly 189 (newest one won't work there), and if it won't work then you are left with PPA packages.

But if you are using SDK then update to Qt 5.9.x and grab binaries here:
Just unpack it into matching folders in prefix used by 5.9 from SDK and rerun CMake.
@mad_king, uhm, what sort of package are you using there, which version of browser and QtWebKit?
@mihau, well, it's theory, but this is Windows. ;-)
But in fact only Windows 10 is fully usable, maybe 8 / 8.1 too.
OGG won't work, MS doesn't support formats that are competition to proprietary ones, perhaps it was part of the licensing deal. ;-)

Try build for XP, I would experiment with GStreamer support for MSVC but I don't have setup that allows to build QtWebKit with that compiler...
With proper combination of codecs we can have a fully legal setup that plays H264 too, using OpenH264, and patents for MP3 already expired.
@mihau, this should apply to standard (MSVC) builds, they use WMF:
XP build uses GStreamer and bundles codecs, AFAIR it doesn't support MP3 at the moment.
@mad_king, works fine under Windows 10.
You can also enable popups for that page without trigerring popup, just open Website Preferences (for example using F12 menu) and then change setting for Pop-ups in the first tab and Apply changes.