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@ersi, OK, then concept of Links Window seems bizarre to me. ;-)
Although it could make some sense in conjunction with lock feature...

About terminology, "window" is used internally (it makes most sense due to MDI etc.) while user visible strings use term "tab", to be less confusing.

And will there be detachability?

It's already available in context menu, full support (drag and drop to detach and attach) will be done as part of this ticket:
There is ticket for that. ;-)
Logo is not ready yet but should be done (at least in almost final form) before beta.
Hopefully some kind of preview version could be shown earlier.
Maybe just an aesthetic preference in the end. In my view, ideal bookmark folders should work like labels in email.

So tags it is. :-)
You mentioned that startup dialogue (crash management) is planned. It's not listed among the discussions at Github?

Not all of them have own tickets, we would have hundreds of them then, it would be nightmare. :-)
Links panel is listed For every panel, Opera also had a Window mode.

Please clarify "Window" mode first, in Otter (and Opera) window means single tab.
Page tiling and cascading seems also unmentioned at Github.

It's mentioned in TODO, as exposing MDI features.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests
@string, yeah... So far we have only tab cloning, but that won't help much. ;-)
Virtual folders... tags aren't enough? :-)

Keyboard shortcuts, those that are there, are not listed and configurable in some obvious place (Opera had a dialogue for that).

Preferences / Advanced / Keyboard.
Not all are exposed yet.
Not much under right-click. In Opera, right-clicking pretty much anywhere brought up context-specific menus. Right-clicking on any button allowed to move or remove the button.

That will be done as part of #31.
Menus in Opera could be rewritten in full detail.

Issue #65.
Toolbars: Ability to add and remove toolbars, and to add or rearrange buttons and elements on any toolbar as desired

That's also #31.
Rearranging actions (icons / buttons) by drag and drop may came later.
In Opera, commands could be freely assigned and reassigned between buttons, menu items, and keyboard shortcuts. A menu item could be made into a button, a button into a keyboard shortcut, etc.

The same applies here, actions could be triggered by menu entries, toolbar buttons, shortcuts and mouse gestures (hopefully soon).
In Opera, under any button, menu item, keyboard shortcut, or mouse gesture, the commands could be serialised, so that one element could do many things in a row. For example, I had a menu item that I named "Edit link" which worked on webpages above links. It extracted the URL, opened the address toolbar (the thingie accessible by F2 by default) and pasted the URL there. Unfortunately the behaviour of the command series broke in Opera v.12

This is partially available as macros,missing part is support for scripting.
Fast forward and Rewind functions missing in Otter

These are available but currently limited only to history entries.
In Openbox, when Otter is closed maximised, it opens up with the same size, but slightly off centre.

I've posted possible solution here, if that won't help then it should be reported upstream.
@ersi, try this patch for that position issues:
It uses different way to store and restore it, the downside is that it's kind of binary data...
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests
@string, I would go for multiple bookmarks toolbars, each one displaying single folder (or tag).
@donjoe, Pepper (PPAPI) should be available for QtWebEngine (Blink), other engines do not support it yet.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests
@ersi, only custom profiles will appear there, you have to clone existing one in Preferences first.
Note that lots of actions are not exposed there yet.
@donjoe, it all depends how these ads work, as long as requests go through instance of *NetworkAccessManager* then they could be blocked.
Possibly these extensions use other methods, like JavaScript.
Will it be like in Opera? (right-click / Block content)

Should be doable.
Opera gathered the blocked addresses to a text file. Will it be the same?

That's not decided yet.
@donjoe, QtWebKit uses QNetworkAccessManager for network requests,  so it's possible to block any request, we just need efficient mechanism to store matching rules and match URLs of these requests.
@donjoe, content blocking will be built-in and should come much sooner than extensions (hopefully in time for first beta).
1064 crash is now fixed, thanks for report.
@ersi, email client for sure won't be ready in time for first beta, so suite won't be correct term yet. ;-)
I'm still evaluating best solution for email client, some were listed here:
@ersi, it would be best to wait for first beta, when more features will be ready.
@jasonliul, someone already did that, AFAIR already in January, but probably marked it as Linux only.
Not today for sure. But what's the path to the strings?

It's here:
In QtCreator it is available in Forms tree, just remember to set tab bar back to "General". ;-)
@Frenzie, currently there are 573 strings, but not all of them are unique.
And yes, "audit" for source strings is needed. ;-)
I would go for more neutral phrasing, feel free to create pull request, one bigger commit containing all mentioned fixes (probably all values for DNT need to be fixed).

@ersi, well, in our case it will be a bit harder, there will be editable source files (XML based, example) and binary files. Source files had to be compiled using lrelease from Qt SDK.
For sure Opera like plain text files with identifiers are simpler for quick edit but this is the only advantage of such system...
@jasonliul, not yet. :-D

Yes, speed dial like start page is must have for first beta.
@Frenzie, nope, it's not noted on page but I believe that this snippet is to be used with solutions like node.js, not in browsers, with HTML. ;-)
@kardon, this could be considered, for now it should be enough to use option to print to PDF file, but I'm not sure if it is available for all platforms.
@Frenzie, first beta is planned for 01.04.2014, it should give enough time for translators while giving enough time to introduce bigger changes in strings that can be translated.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests
@ersi, nope, we will use formats used by Qt Linguist.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests
@Cqoicebordel, yeah, that should be started soon, probably around 16.03.2014.