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@Frenzie, good catch, now I can reproduce it. ;-)
One important note, WebKit is primary (and so far only) rendering engine module for now, in future default module will use Blink (through QtWebEngine, which was released as technology preview recently) which is descendant of WebKit used by Chrome / Chromium.
Currently it is also possible to have limited (only basic browsing, full integration impossible) Gecko module, using this library.
@Frenzie, could you please run it in debug mode (button under standard Run in QtCreator)?
Then it should show some output in bottom pane when crash occurs.
I haven't yet figured "civilized" way to copy that output, so screenshot seems to be only option (please resize columns with paths etc. first).
Weird, for me it only shows that popup:
Your browser does not allow data to be written. Please make sure you use default browser settings.

Is there any backtrace?
Good, AFAIR it was fixed just after second alpha.
It's kind of boring release (mostly various bug fixes), I've planned more user visible changes, but life had other plans. ;-)
@ersi, which version it was?
Some specific tag or recent master?
That issue was fixed some time ago, don't tell me it's back. ;-)
@ersi,  there is no need to use packages specific to distribution, SDK (linked in INSTALL file) should work in most cases. ;-)
It should be possible to create package that would bundle all libraries required for Linux, just like one for win32 (where it is required).
Adoption of Qt5 would be faster if KDE5 would be already available, that would force mainstream distributions to package it properly...

The default for the dialogue should be to show itself when the user attempts to launch the app again after crash - just like Opera Presto does.

Sure, that's planned too. ;-)

- Why dependent on Qt5? This dependency makes it difficult to install. 

Qt5 allows to easily create multi platform applications, without it it could be even more difficult to built it from sources. ;-)
And surely it would take much more time to develop.

- Any plans to implement the startup dialog (options 'continue from last', 'home page', etc.)? Old Opera had excellent crash management.

Yes, it is planned, but probably defaulting to continue from last session, as it is now.

- What are the plans with otter.conf? I would like a human-readable configuration file where absolutely everything is there. An otter:config page would be nice as a perfect mirror of otter.conf, but the conf file is more important.

It will stay as central configuration file, with to level structure   sections and keys.
Stuff like site specific preferences etc. will use own files, probably SQLite based storage, for better efficiency (fast URL matching is very important).