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@DaveH, maybe...
It would be nice if we could find a programmer that still deals with XP everyday, someone who has better understanding of that legacy platform.
I believe that at least some of these issues might have pretty easy solutions.
@fatal, should be fixed for next weekly.
@fatal, indeed, perhaps it' some JS issue but nothing shows up in console, odd.
@Alex31, damn, apparently upload was interrupted. :-/
@fatal, I can consider that, for now you can use OpenLinkInCurrentTab in custom webWidget menu.
@DaveH, defaults changed after introduction of Firefox style widget to track downloads (yeah, it still needs some more work), you can enable old behavior using Browser/TransferStartingAction.
@fatal, huh, missing tab handle? That looks like some visual glitch.
@DaveH, what is your amount of RAM on that machine? Perhaps it's too much, that page is kind of heavy.
  • added initial version of Links panel;
  • some minor optimizations.

Next stop, RC 8 in May.
@jasonliul, updated.
@ersi, available values are: clipboard, frameUrl, imageUrl, linkUrl, mediaUrl, pageUrl, selection (of course all require {}).
@ersi, it's unused value that could be used to iterate values in enumeration.

To open active link in external application you can use OpenUrlAction with application parameter to select command and urlPlaceholder set to {linkUrl} (or {pageUrl}, there are more values too).
@wrani, just like @beastie said, simply change that option.
You need QtWebEngine 5.9 or newer, by default all available backends are built.
@fullessness, thanks for testing.
We will have to wait for upstream fix then, until it arrives you can try QtWebEngine backend.
@Frenzie, then it would make sense, if that issue would suddenly start affecting older builds too...

@fullessness, any difference after disabling JS?
@pccobbler, in current workflow you need to configure details using Settings... button before saving.
I guess that we could provide some defaults even when user won't do that.
@fullessness, odd, that one is almost one year old, while description suggests more recent change...
Perhaps there was some system update that could cause issues? Earlier this year there were updates to mitigate issues with buggy Intel CPUs (which might impact performance in noticeable way), but I'm not sure if MS issued these for older systems too.
Any idea which was the last version without such issue?
Any difference with latest version (it contains both new Qt and QtWebKit versions)?
@fatal, I've made a change that should improve that behavior (MinimizeTabAction), it will be available in upcoming weekly.
@pccobbler, you probably ended up with too small toolbar height, some screenshot could help to determine exact issue.
About home shortcut, by default it follows rule for reusing current tab, it is possible to change it without toggling that option but it requires editing of keyboard profile file by hand (we really need some article on that topic...).
@B.X, there is no point in duplicating every feature, plus you can achieve similar effect using existing customization features.
@B.X, we never had button exactly like that one, but you can get similar effect by adding bookmarks folder to toolbar using customization context menu.
@MisakanoMikoto, the only real alternative to would be custom solution, for example something based on Amazon services, but these aren't free...
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Spell Checker
@DaveH, might be a hunspell issue, no idea, debugging XP issues is not trivial nowadays.