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  • added initial version of Tab History panel;
  • some minor optimizations.

February turned out pretty busy for me, hopefully I'll have some more free time this month. :-)

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 7, next month.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Spell Checker
@DaveH, that sounds like issue specific to Windows XP. :-/

@Borut, these are known limitations.
I was experimenting on bringing suggestions menu together with @Frenzie but it's not an easy task and requires fragile hacks.
  • added initial version of toolbar widget for viewing downloads from current session;
  • added some new keyboard shortcuts;
  • some minor fixes.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 6, next month.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: kerberos
@evkogan, that file doesn't contain such details.
And this specific feature needs to be implemented upstream, I think that this is the proper ticket:
I'm not sure about state of that feature in QtWebEngine backend, it might be available there (at the cost of other features).
@ovas, sounds like issue that was fixed after release.
Note that Home page setting is unrelated to new tab.
@jim0214, it will require some more testing.
Was that a big session (how many tabs)?
It would be a good idea to determine which page is responsible for that, since most likely it's some sort of JS issue, then we could determine if it is some known issue of WebKit, perhaps there is some fix available.
@DaveH, there is no setting since there is no such feature. :-P
That sounds like some weird coincidence, perhaps it would be possible to debug it but I'm not sure if t would be feasible, most likely it would require using SDK and debugger on your side (unless it would be possible to reproduce it using virtual machine).
@ElJot, yeah, it seems that there is indeed issue with drag and drop under Windows (or even all platforms, but X11 handles remote URLs better), it needs to be fixed in QtWebKit, so we will ave to wait for a fix.
I'm still not sure about that other request, is it missing or not (I'm a bit busy today and it's is a bit hard to focus on single topic)? :-D
@larry, hopefully not Intel CPU (it was disclosed that even their decade old CPUs have security issues, fixing it causes performance penalty, very high in some workloads... desktop applications are less affected). ;-)
@ElJot, any image or every image? Please elaborate some more.
Dragging images to file manager works fine under Linux, maybe QtWebKit needs some extra work to satisfy Windows.
@smaragdus, current roadmap calls for March.

@jim0214, but which package was that? In case of Windows there are four different variants (QtWebKit 32 bit, 64 bit, one optimized for XP and one with QtWebEngine backend). :-P
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Passwords again
@cantanima, yeah, that would be weird, AFAIR both use exactly the same libraries (AppImage) and settings shouldn't affect it (except of style).
Plus nothing really changed in Preferences dialog except of aligning widgets on some pages.
@jim0214, which build?
Usually QtWebEngine is the one that eats everything it can.
  • added new default style for Start Page by Kamil Nęcek;
  • added interface allowing to manage list of hosts using customized website overrides;
  • several bug fixes and some optimizations.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 5, next month (1.0 was pushed back).
@whiteneko21, the main reason why that codecs wasn't fixed is lack of man power to finally nail down proper configuration for GStreamer plugins (ffmpeg / libavcodec) that is both capable of playing all required formats using OpenH264 while remaining small (that DLL is huge right now...).
Once we will figure out that part it will be easier. ;-)

Quick check on xpforums using Linux didn't yield any issues, do you have access to some other machine maybe?
@Freeman, which build? Default or custom User Agent?

@larry, 32 bit Linux is getting deprecated nowadays, with current available manpower we cannot provide such builds, but if you are using Ubuntu or compatible system then you can use PPA, BUT it has one big drawback, legacy QtWebKit...
  • added Page Information panel;
  • added support for external icons for User Scripts;
  • some minor fixes and optimizations.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 4, later this month.
@dim, under 64 bit Windows 7?
Could you please find that link and retry?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Passwords again
@cantanima, which style is that?
I can't reproduce it using AppImage and Fusion style (they get completely hidden).
Also no issues with that action here, perhaps you are using some older keyboard profile and you may need to add this shortcut manually.
@Oller, any extra details under Advanced?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Passwords again
@cantanima, you need to use "Log in" action (Ctrl + Enter by default).
@Oller, could you please copy the exact error message?
@Frenzie, the only safe way is to use that library, this is how Firefox gained support for that codec under Windows,
@Toltek, download this and unpack newer versions on top of it:
The proper solution is to recompile GStreamer against OpenH264 but so far  haven't found time to test it...
@rhubarbpieguy, yeah, I guess that extra will be required...

Sadly they depend on OpenSSL and do it in crappy way, it should be implemented sanely as loadable plugin, like it's done with other stuff...
Current situation forces creation of two binaries to support both...