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2016-02-07, 23:13:53
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2020-11-15, 21:23:24
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I think it's time to accept that the Otter project, in spite of noble intentions, has missed its mark.People, use Vivaldi bro... Otter Browser Forum Vivaldi 2020-11-15, 21:17:15
Good news. I tried option 3 (WebM, as it looked like the easiest place to start and it worked... Otter Browser Forum Re: Confused about HTML5 2017-10-19, 00:01:02
Hello Emdek, I am using otter-browser-win64-0.9.91-weekly195-setup.exe for Windows 7 x64.Before that I used 0.9.91 weekly 182... Otter Browser Forum Re: Confused about HTML5 2017-10-18, 10:54:10
OK so I don't know the story with HTML5 video.I can't see youtube videos. I just get a spinning circle.I can't figure out if ... Otter Browser Forum Confused about HTML5 2017-10-16, 21:46:43
Very good. Thank you. Otter Browser Forum Re: Question about Ot... 2017-08-03, 22:56:29
I recently upgraded to 0.9.91 w 182. Was on 0.9.11Now when I start Otter, my tabs do not update and I get a generic "globe" i... Otter Browser Forum Question about Otter ... 2017-08-03, 09:11:06
I'm back!I should have said this a lot earlier, but thank you to those who responded to my query.I followed up on your sugges... Otter Browser Forum Re: Thank you and a q... 2016-04-25, 21:50:58
First up, thank you a great deal to the people behind Otter. I am a long time user of Opera, from version 3 or 4 I think, and... Otter Browser Forum Thank you and a question 2016-02-07, 23:26:07

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