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Oh, this is a pity... that is also one of the various reasons why I hate Chrome. I didn't know we would have to suffer it in ... Otter Browser Forum Re: qtwebengine versi... 2016-03-13, 15:32:43
Quote from: Frenzie on 2015-10-24, 14:12:24In Preferences > Content it's limited as low as 250%. I agree that this should be ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Zoom Page and Fix... 2016-03-10, 10:30:09
I'm already using Otter for like 20-30% of my browsing. The progress in the last months has been amazing!It will become my pr... Otter Browser Forum Re: What I need. 2015-08-27, 14:45:20
Why is there even such a policy? The point of open source is to share code and not reinvent the wheel (as long as licenses ar... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 6 release (0... 2015-06-02, 08:33:33
Quote from: beastie on 2015-03-22, 16:21:57And I guess all toolbars, including custom ones, will have to be integrated into t... Otter Browser Forum Re: "ability to add c... 2015-03-31, 09:41:32
You can already place the tab bar at the bottom, just drag it and drop it there!It can also be placed on the left or right, b... Otter Browser Forum Re: Feature Requests 2015-03-22, 11:36:02
Quote from: ayespy on 2015-03-09, 22:12:35OK - so I put tabs on the right.  They are oriented vertically so that one can't re... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter advantages ... 2015-03-10, 10:35:18
Quote from: ayespyI'll just make a last reply here, and then leave you folks to your tea and biscuits.  It's pretty clear a s... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter advantages ... 2015-03-07, 12:32:32
Quote from: Frenzie on 2015-02-14, 20:46:10 I guess that text should really be changed to "download beta". Seconded, at least... Otter Browser Forum Re: One-click install... 2015-02-16, 15:18:54
Quote from: ersi on 2015-01-28, 18:27:07I am able to use Otter with the address bar it has by now, even though it's admittedl... Otter Browser Forum Re: "Should I stay or... 2015-01-28, 18:47:59

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