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DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
Try these: :)
This one?
Gross black caramello with cinnamon, as usual, though it felt blacker this time of daynight. Etc... :left:
Wet-wiped some floor in my room.
The mood of the beholder.
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
Good terday to you too.
... No terday????
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
The title has no connection to the bullshit article.
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
No particular phrase for next year (neste år, příští rok) or the year after.
Because they've thought they were doomed.:lol:
Looks like Slavic words are similar. In Russian we have "вчера" and "завтра" for "yesterday" and "tomorrow". The former seems to derive from "вечер" ("evening/night"), the latter - from "утро" ("morning"); looks like the English "tomorrow" originated a similar way.
Coffee with a fried-egg double-deck double-egg sandwich.
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
There's an alternative to bicycles:
I've heard on the radio that the government has plans to create a separate 'anti-terrorist' agency - reckoning that the police should better be busy enough with other, more regular stuff.
The comma is used instead of the decimal dot in "Russian mathematics", so I reckon
1) RJ may be a Russian undercover in Britain,
2) it's eleven point zero deaths (huh?).
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
Bicycle and pedestrian path should be there as well, though not on a 30+ km project like this.
Why? An hour's trip.

Travelling through the endless forests of Canada, Scandinavia, and Russia is incredibly boring.
For you?
I reckon it's romantic. Let alone the popping time to time up of small semi-rural stations when babushki wait for you to jump out and buy a packet of hot potato and some other snack.:)
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
I suspect not piling everything up in one single super-booperbridge is not at all bad for security reasons. (However, nothing will help if Katsung visits the neighbourhood.)
I believe you could install it into Windows too.
Install what?
Into Windows? So the Windows would stay THE OS? What's the point?
DnD Central / Re: Photo Albums
What the fuck is with the poll?

Josh and rj teaching us all about America.
Me learning.:rolleyes:
DnD Central / Re: Jobs
RJ, the thread is about jobs. Precisely, for jobs.
You're gonna apply or tell us about some interviews having been paid for?;)

Each to his own stretch of wisdom JoshL......!
What's "wisdom JoshL"?
Allowances should be dependable on restrictions. Otherwise they'll soon run out of the middle working class to take from.
The successful should be backed up - no matter how many starving losers are begging nearby. That doesn't mean there mustn't be some basic starters for everyone. However, that does mean that somebody shouldn't get more help just because that person won't give up having more offspring -- creating the black hole. Same as that which ruined Hellada.