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Since a few weeks I experience a kind of "not responding time" while a certain page is being built. During this time (10 secs... Otter Browser Forum Not responding while ... 2018-02-07, 08:56:14
I do not see any files available for download under ... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 5 releas... 2018-02-02, 11:20:50
I have now tried this under Windows 7...In my profiles directory I created a subdirectory dictionaries and put - in my case -... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-01-18, 06:24:56
@FrenzieI have now tried without my profile (am using a portable mode). In that case I get the beginning of that page (but by... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 3 releas... 2017-12-03, 18:03:41
Yes, the Page Information Panel is really informative! Also, probably due to the new QT, some pages which previously presente... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 3 releas... 2017-12-03, 11:49:53
Yep - I also chose to install WebM yesterday evening. Everything went smoothly (I was only not able to start the Installer di... Otter Browser Forum Re: Confused about HTML5 2017-10-19, 04:56:14
Actually I also wanted to ask the same question as Otto did for quite some time now, but was afraid to do that  I am using t... Otter Browser Forum Re: Confused about HTML5 2017-10-18, 10:33:49
I am going to reformulate my findings about Copy action keyboard shortcuts, which I mentioned previously elsewhere (https://g... Otter Browser Forum Copy action keyboard ... 2017-10-01, 22:24:55
Quote from: Emdek on 2017-09-01, 16:56:07@Borut, and done, with current master you can set open hints for that action, you ne... Otter Browser Forum Re: Reusing tab only ... 2017-09-06, 12:20:46
Question 1:I have "Open new windows in tabs instead" checked and "Reuse current tab" NOT checked. This is good when some word... Otter Browser Forum Reusing tab only some... 2017-08-29, 21:40:44