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Aye but we are hardy folk here new southern man.
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Well, Detroit just got 10 inches of snow. Beat that.
DnD Central / What's Going on in Science?
Well, many things, of course. You might find this of interest.
Just as well we know that is meant to be a satirical touch Oakdale. You lot have been in war after war, invasions, de-stabilising and so on. Three out of three for the attempt.
We've had such good teachers...Europe and the grand colonizer....
DnD Central / Re: I am alt-right…
Crying Wolf! is actually dangerous -- because there really are twisted individuals out there!
Absolutely! We normal folks call them Trumpites.
Edit: And congrats for managing to open a third thread on Russia exactly with the same heading. The other two are here
Sorry, I couldn't find the earlier versions.
DnD Central / What's Going on in Russia?
Is it a democratic state or a floundering proto-Soviet empire wannabe? I'm sure there are many here who will be more than willing to enlighten me.

The idea for this thread came to me when I saw this photo in a journal that I subscribe to, Foreign Policy.

The photo appears to have been taken in a Russian store.
What happened to China?!?
"What's Going on in China?"

That's what's going on in China, not an Rj-Oakdale piffle.
Trump won to a large extent by appealing to the working men of the country.
The prospective Trump cabinet:

"Donald Trump campaigned as a champion of the "forgotten man" and won the White House on the strength of his support among the white working class.

So far, he's stacking his administration with masters of the universe.

Beyond Trump himself, who claims a net worth of more than $10 billion, the president-elect has tapped businesswoman Betsy DeVos, whose family is worth $5.1 billion, and is said to be considering oil mogul Harold Hamm ($15.3 billion), investor Wilbur Ross ($2.9 billion), private equity investor Mitt Romney ($250 million at last count), hedge fund magnate Steve Mnuchin (at least $46 million), and super-lawyer Rudy Giuliani (estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars) to round out his administration. And Trump's likely choice for deputy commerce secretary, Todd Ricketts, comes from the billionaire family that owns the Chicago Cubs.

Even retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who's up for the job of secretary of housing and urban development, has an estimated fortune of $26 million, while White House adviser Steve Bannon has likely earned millions off his stake in the show "Seinfeld" alone. Andrew Puzder, a possible labor secretary, is no slouch, either -- he made more than $4.4 million in 2012 as CEO of the holding company that owns restaurant chains Hardee's and Carl's Jr.

Put together, Trump's Cabinet and administration could be worth as much as $35 billion, a staggering agglomeration of wealth unprecedented in American history."
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
For those of us who are celebrating Thanksgiving, kill a turkey. :chef:
The election is over. Now we'll watch the aftermath or after math:
plus equals
I just recieved this from my Buddhist advisor. When I log off, I plan to stare at it and mutter my prayers.
At National Policy Institute conference Richard Spencer 'hails' Trump victory, appears to allude to Jewish power controlling national media
Interesting, of course, but in the real world it's meaningless, akin to somebody shouting Porky Pig for president. Neo-Nazism is active in Germany, but is it a significant part of daily life.
And those are his strong points.
As often happens, you post the most interesting links! Thanks.
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I've never seen a TED Talk that wasn't interesting.
Very simple..........To Protect the minority from the tyranny of a majority.
True. Without that, there might have been slavery or worse.
I dedicate a small portion of Sir Walter Scott's poem, Marmion, to Sir Donald Trump.

'In brief, my lord, we both descried
(For then I stood by Henry's side)
The Palmer mount, and outwards ride,
  Upon the Earl's own favourite steed:
All sheathed he was in armour bright,                      510
And much resembled that same knight,
Subdued by you in Cotswold fight:
  Lord Angus wish'd him speed.'-
The instant that Fitz-Eustace spoke,
A sudden light on Marmion broke;-                        515
'Ah! dastard fool, to reason lost!'
He mutter'd; 'Twas nor fay nor ghost
I met upon the moonlight wold,
But living man of earthly mould.-
  O dotage blind and gross!                                520
Had I but fought as wont, one thrust
Had laid De Wilton in the dust,
  My path no more to cross.-
How stand we now?-he told his tale
To Douglas; and with some avail;                          525
  'Twas therefore gloom'd his rugged brow.-
Will Surrey dare to entertain,
'Gainst Marmion, charge disproved and vain?
Small risk of that, I trow.
Yet Clare's sharp questions must I shun;                  330
Must separate Constance from the Nun-
O, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!

A Palmer too!-no wonder why
I felt rebuked beneath his eye:                            535
I might have known there was but one,
Whose look could quell Lord Marmion.'

"Speculation over North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's apparent weight gain has been a source of growing fascination in neighbouring China, where government censors have been blocking offending nicknames on social media.
The terms "Kim the Fat" - and variations, such as "Kim Fat III" or "Kim Fatty III" - have appeared on social media sites throughout the year, particularly on China's most popular platform, Sina Weibo.
But in response to unverified reports that North Korea had asked China to stamp out the abuse, Weibo users have been coming up with more creative names.
The latest to appear online - and it doesn't translate easily - is "Kim III half-moon". The "third" in the title refers to the fact that his late father and his revered grandfather were also called Kim."
In practice most states award all their electoral points to who wins the popular vote in their State.
Nebraska and Maine can split their electoral votes.
There is a solution.

Some communities are preventing Mac from building the arch "sign".

Frankly, I can't imagine why humans eat there because...
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
As a fellow lapsed Catholic, you should appreciate this, Jaybro!
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I like to think of myself as a successful escapee.
I did it for 30 years. Students wanted to be in my classes, and parents wanted their children in my classes. That was in the good old days.
It probably means, president of the United States.
:yes:  They aren't very united at the moment. Perhaps never. :yes:
DnD Central / Re: Do we really need…
You mean like the ones that were pissed for eight years with Obama.... :left:
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You mean Osama O'bama my Muslim-Irish president?