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I'm also eagerly looking forward to the first stable release and finally have good old (and improved!) Opera v12 back. It see... Otter Browser Forum Re: We haven't had a ... 2018-10-01, 14:51:07
Thanks. I'm just hoping supports for skins comes before the other features listed in the "Later" section Otter Browser Forum Re: [wish] support fo... 2017-02-11, 11:24:38
from Upcoming features: "... Later: ... support for Opera skins (through custom QStyle) ..."please make this a priority, befo... Otter Browser Forum [wish] support for skins 2017-02-10, 17:26:31
Quote from: Frenzie on 2016-08-08, 12:31:05The audio fingerprint depends on newer additions like AudioContextAh thanks, I tho... Otter Browser Forum Re: Fingerprinting 2016-08-08, 13:09:46
Quote from: Frenzie on 2016-08-07, 10:04:11and Otter's 2013-era QtWebKit (its biggest weakness )I still don't understand why... Otter Browser Forum Re: Fingerprinting 2016-08-08, 11:13:02
Thanks, Frenzie. Fifth is an interesting project, I'll give it a try... if it ever finishes compiling webkitfltk - it's takin... Otter Browser Forum Re: Fingerprinting 2016-08-06, 15:55:29
Hi - First of all, I'd like to thank Emdek for bringing back what was good in Opera 12. I hope to ditch Firefox completely so... Otter Browser Forum Fingerprinting 2016-08-06, 10:58:49

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[wish] support for skins Otter Browser Forum 2017-02-10, 17:26:31
Fingerprinting Otter Browser Forum 2016-08-06, 10:58:49

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