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To ignore SSL error for QtWebengine, its require to override 'certificateError' method within 'QtWebEnginePage.cpp'.'HandleSs... Otter Browser Forum Re: SSL/TLS Certifica... 2018-07-18, 05:27:41
It does not appear to have any effect of QsslError for webengine backend.Managing Certificates Qt WebEngine uses its own netw... Otter Browser Forum Re: SSL/TLS Certifica... 2018-07-13, 12:58:44
Quote from: pantoframe on 2018-07-11, 22:48:18I had to google the acronym IMO: "IMO has one popular meaning. It only means in... Otter Browser Forum Re: SSL/TLS Certifica... 2018-07-13, 11:53:28
Basically my intention is just ignore SSL/TLS security. In google chrome, we can ignore SSL errors. I am expecting similar be... Otter Browser Forum Re: SSL/TLS Certifica... 2018-07-11, 13:34:07
Anybody sorted out this? Otter Browser Forum Re: SSL/TLS Certifica... 2018-07-11, 04:27:00
IMO your score is totally dependent on which backend you are using.e.g. For Webkit backend you might end up with low score bu... Otter Browser Forum Re: 2018-06-06, 14:45:19
We are facing SSL/TLS certificate issue. I found this solution ( bu... Otter Browser Forum SSL/TLS Certificate I... 2018-06-06, 06:45:33
Backend is QtWebengine (not QtWebkit).Issue observed for any page.As mentioned earliar, We tested with Qt demo browser (with ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Web page freeze a... 2018-05-11, 04:44:42
We are using Yocto build (morty)  (Embedded Linux iMX6 Solo) with Otter version 0.9.94 and Qt version 5.7.1. We are facing pr... Otter Browser Forum Web page freeze after... 2018-05-10, 09:59:11
Quote from: mad_king on 2017-06-29, 07:35:47I have build otter 0.9.11 for iMX6 soloX linuxBelow are some random errors observ... Otter Browser Forum Re: otter v 0.9.11 so... 2017-09-24, 06:30:11

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