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+29°C - by Yandex... The Lounge Re: What is your weat... 2014-05-20, 10:20:01
Was I being wrong?Should that have been "THE doubles"? DnD Central Smilical Muttering 2014-05-20, 10:13:31
Quote from: jax on 2014-05-08, 15:42:08Currently the Americas, Europe, and Africa have one billion each...Wrong.Can't you rea... DnD Central Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ? 2014-05-20, 10:08:48
Quote from: Frenzie on 2014-05-20, 08:18:34I wrote some experimental code a while ago, but I've certainly got no time to wrap... DnD Central The smilies board 2014-05-20, 08:38:25
Quote from: rjhowie on 2014-05-13, 21:52:19ifeQuote from: WiktionaryItalianNounife f   1. plural form of ifaCategory:    * It... DnD Central Re: Today's Good News 2014-05-20, 08:02:53
Basic skills are the same in any art and craftsmanship area - for a pro and amateur. Whether it's music, radiodevices' constr... Forum Administration Re: Hobbies and Whatever 2014-05-20, 06:38:09
Quote from: Macallan on 2014-05-20, 00:11:54Frantic speed-typing usually seems to do the trick in movies  So RJ must be one o... Browsers & Technology Re: What is your OS? ... 2014-05-20, 05:42:36
Дубна.ру thermometer is showing 33C. It's madness...That one is definitely wrong:'s is showing only 22. The Lounge Re: What is your weat... 2014-05-20, 05:02:02
I don't know their name, today walking out, I saw a not so vast mat nicely dotted with those blueish-violet bell-like shortgr... The Lounge Re: What's your spri... 2014-05-07, 16:23:01
Quote from: Jоsh on 2014-05-03, 11:07:06Frans, is it REALLY HARD to add a comma and a, say, excl.mark, huh? Yes, like "Hello,... Forum Administration Re: Forum requirement... 2014-05-07, 15:15:38

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