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Your right, This is not ready! I tried to fill in a form to the BBB in San Diego Ca. Otter failed badly. Couldn't copy, cut a... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spreading the wor... 2018-03-28, 07:15:14
Everyone has made very good valid points. Brainstorming is 60% of how I make a living. It was asked, what is there in Otter t... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spreading the wor... 2018-03-22, 06:54:58
Probably simplest it is to show such coders the list of issues and to co... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spreading the wor... 2018-03-20, 03:54:41
Quote from: ersi on 2018-03-18, 08:43:55A good way for those who'd like to support Otter but don't know how is to have Otter'... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spreading the wor... 2018-03-19, 00:59:16
RC-6 has been doing just fine. It's been very stable for me. I've been posting comments and reviews on websites about our lit... Otter Browser Forum Spreading the word ac... 2018-03-18, 07:27:24
Quote from: Emdek on 2018-01-11, 07:03:52@jim0214, it will require some more testing.Was that a big session (how many tabs)?I... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 4 releas... 2018-01-14, 04:40:17
Emdek Sorry about that. It was for windows 7 or better win64-0.9.93-weekly204-setup. Hope that helps! Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 4 releas... 2018-01-05, 04:00:52
Emdak It was RC 4 from 1-1-18. Deleted RC 3 including in registry before doing install of RC 4. Wanted to get a good clean in... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 4 releas... 2018-01-04, 00:29:03
Couldn't keep RC 3 release from crashing as soon as it was opened on Windows 7 Pro 64. Downloaded RC 4 release (01-01-2018) l... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 4 releas... 2018-01-03, 06:54:41
I've been a Opera user since 3.1. Remember the free ad base Opera? Hanging on to Opera 12.18 like wing man, thinking we would... Otter Browser Forum Thank you! I'm as hap... 2017-08-12, 09:56:20

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Spreading the word ac... Otter Browser Forum 2018-03-18, 07:27:24
Thank you! I'm as hap... Otter Browser Forum 2017-08-12, 09:56:20

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