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Congrats to Frenzie for the Dutch victory at Eurovision. Well, congrats to the performer too. Eurovision is a terrible circus... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2019-05-19, 08:52:16
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Quote from: wojtekp on 2019-05-17, 15:30:21Installed otter browser 1.0.01_2 under FreeBSD/amd64. Works OK.                   ... Otter Browser Forum Re: otter browser Fre... 2019-05-18, 16:19:45
Soon it will be 18 years since it entropied DnD Central Re: DnD entropy 2019-05-14, 16:01:36
Quote from: Frenzie on 2019-05-07, 10:28:42That sounds like a false dichotomy. You can also use "full" plain text in Markdown... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-05-08, 01:43:10
Sadly the younger ones of us have gotten lives. The older ones have probably died off. And there is no natural growth of the ... DnD Central Re: DnD entropy 2019-05-04, 06:20:54
Here's a tutorial how to run markdown to pdf with pandoc (tutorial for me rather ... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-05-03, 18:59:15
Maybe before this place becomes completely abandoned, we should have a members gettogether irl somewhere convenient, such as ... DnD Central Re: DnD entropy 2019-04-27, 07:01:18
More markdown fun: mdp does slideshows based on text written in markdown.Install mdp, download the file and run it ... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-22, 08:34:50
Well, a colour scheme is how the editor looks. Syntax highlight is how the opened text looks, i.e. the specific language in t... Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-04-21, 18:06:59