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During Biden's inauguration, "Lopez said part of the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish during her performance." This will surel... DnD Central what's going on in th... 2021-01-20, 18:30:20
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No, I did not see that. By the way, I find all "eye protection" marketing with regard to screens dishonest. All reading is st... Browsers & Technology Re: E-readers 2021-01-20, 10:31:24
Dasung plans to roll out a bigger eink monitor: 25.3 inches, 3200 by 1800 pixels. This amounts to about 145 dpi https://dasun... Browsers & Technology Re: E-readers 2021-01-19, 09:37:40
Quote from: ersi on 2021-01-15, 10:12:01Quote from: DnD Central Re: ...plan to kill it 2021-01-18, 21:03:53
Quote from:, Australia... DnD Central ...plan to kill it 2021-01-15, 10:12:01
Quote from: Colonel Rebel on 2021-01-10, 19:22:01"E Pluribus Unum" ("Out of Many, One"), the original motto of the US. It fit... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-01-10, 20:15:46
The surest way is probably by getting yourself elected to the legislature. Or maybe better the governor.Quote from: Colonel R... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-01-10, 18:54:51
Schwarzenegger (currently a US Republican politician, if you did not know) compares the Capitol looting to Kristallnacht and ... DnD Central Re: Everything Trump… 2021-01-10, 15:29:18
Quote from: Frenzie on 2021-01-09, 13:16:31@ersi Did you see the Brussels one from 1-2 months ago?No. Did something happen in... DnD Central Re: Visually Discuss ... 2021-01-09, 13:30:12