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Unfortunately there is no Otter latest version 1.0.02 for XP
Otter Browser Forum / Re: youtube?
Hello. I report a bug.

Then I started otter weekly 272 xp, it loaded youtube to the last tab. And it loaded  youtube to the second tab in same time without my clicking.
Also the second tab was loaded completely, but it couldn't display when I clicked. It means the second tab didn't display of its worked though the tab was enable in tab bar.

Thanks to read.
I got w192 and checked the buttons that didn't turn to english.
Thanks for debug.
Thanks for reply.

I didn't read known issues, sorry.
Buttons of I putting are "Enable Javascript" and "Website Preferences", and language is japanese.

I checked again the trouble, after wrote to here.
I clicked buttons, then they turned to english, and turned to japanese again when I clicked other places in browser window.
How do you do?

I installed weekly191 and used in little time, and I will report some bugs.

The buttons on tool bar what located by me, are displayed by the language I chose.
But once click them, and they turn to english.

1 more, the mouse gesture seems disable.
I often use locker gestures, and I used it to w191 but gesture had no responce.
Should I set them in config menu?

I don't know that the troubles will happen between w174 to w190.

Thanks to read.