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yes, that's a known Problem. See the discussion in the release notes for RC 12.The fix was merged into master after RC 12. So... Otter Browser Forum Re: password record p... 2018-12-15, 23:52:40
I totally agree. I looks quite nice, your simple mail client!I'll try to find some time to test it. Maybe next week....And of... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter-Mail 2018-11-26, 12:06:16
I have one more feature request:It would be great to switch the browser engine while running Otter browser! So that you could... Otter Browser Forum Re: Feature Requests 2018-09-28, 10:11:55
I see the commit from aurhat in the master branch:* 9d727d5 2018-09-10 | Prevent duplicate entries, fixes #1536 [aurhat]Thank... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 12 relea... 2018-09-19, 07:16:33
Importing Mails from M2 (the Opera Mail client), should be easy as these are just textfiles containing the whole message (hea... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter-Mail 2018-09-17, 07:49:49
Hi,as I am one of those guys who really, really like to have an email client in otter-browser, I may start a new thread discu... Otter Browser Forum Otter-Mail 2018-09-14, 13:59:56
Hi!Thanks a lot for this next Version!I see a bug report: the gith... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 12 relea... 2018-09-14, 07:05:42
Where has the "AppImage for Linux" gone?No update since week 233...Aren't they supported annymore? Can anyone build the curre... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 11 relea... 2018-08-06, 11:00:57
Hi!Great work! Otter-Browser is really, really cool!  I am also one of those guys who is waiting for the email client. The e... Otter Browser Forum Re: Get involved in O... 2018-07-05, 14:37:55
@Emdek: Thanks a lot for the PPA Info. You're right, it's an old computer... so i just ordered a new machine! Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 3 releas... 2018-01-04, 13:48:19

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Otter-Mail Otter Browser Forum 2018-09-14, 13:59:56

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