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I'm running an updated version of Sylvia, built a week ago.I tried otter-browser_1.0.01-1~disco~ppa1_amd64.deb, but it compla... Otter Browser Forum Re: DEB file for Otter 2019-02-19, 17:17:53
Oops, I spoke too soon. Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libhunspell-1.6-0 Linux Mint is unable to find libhunspell. Otter Browser Forum Re: DEB file for Otter 2019-02-18, 16:47:48
@Frnze Thanks for the reply. I should have tried that. Yes, there's a DEB file there, just what I wanted. Otter Browser Forum Re: DEB file for Otter 2019-02-18, 16:33:19
Is there any chance of having a DEB file created instead of using PPA to install Otter? I realize the Otter PPA is relatively... Otter Browser Forum DEB file for Otter 2019-02-15, 23:17:39
On the Privacy tab of Preferences, if I check the box for "Clear history when application closes" and click on Okay, the next... Otter Browser Forum "Clear history when a... 2018-01-23, 15:53:07
Three locations -- tab title text, the search text field in a new tab, and the URL -- use a tiny font compared to the one use... Otter Browser Forum Bug report: tiny font... 2018-01-23, 01:30:46

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