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  too cool Beastiehere the adressadress :{searchTerms}query : q=... Otter Browser Forum Re: how activate auto... 2018-12-07, 14:15:19
well, VBR if you pass here...could it be possible from you to put in the forum the google auto-completion server adress, pres... Otter Browser Forum Re: how activate auto... 2018-12-06, 09:24:13
yep, you're right, my Otterbro was in french... (help/Switch application language)in englishtools/preferences/search/enable s... Otter Browser Forum Re: how activate auto... 2018-12-05, 11:39:36
hi all, today, the otterbro question is:how to activate autocompletion of websearch engine... i went have a llok in "preferen... Otter Browser Forum how activate auto-com... 2018-12-04, 12:16:58
hi, allis there a way, to allow Otterbro to record automaticaly any couple login/password ?? because some website, do reload ... Otter Browser Forum password record problem 2018-12-03, 13:07:56
hi Ersi, it's so obvious when you know itin fact i never did it in opera or in any other browser... then, i was a few loosyth... Otter Browser Forum Re: extension exemple ?? 2018-12-01, 20:04:37
well, it's waht i seen... but pragmaticaly speaking, how to used them... it's a javscript file, but when i try to used, or mo... Otter Browser Forum Re: extension exemple ?? 2018-12-01, 15:53:21
not really complexe, in fact... 1) do a numbered list in your bookmark start page... - edit every one and lit it as 01, 02, 0... Otter Browser Forum Re: start-page icon o... 2018-11-27, 14:14:16
hi, allwell, i've try many way to do it, - by moving the thumbail an other place... it work, until i re-open otterbro- by hav... Otter Browser Forum start-page icon order ? 2018-11-26, 15:24:20
hi all, hope your well... 1 month more in happyness with dragon-fly otterbut, i try stuff, and get a look to otter's extensio... Otter Browser Forum extension exemple ?? 2018-11-23, 19:35:28

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