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hi all, how are you ? a little question, about compatibility of Otterbro and HTML5 is it there on the run, or just a dream of... Otter Browser Forum and HTML5 video ? 2021-03-15, 13:40:36
and hapy new year all i havn't pass there since few days, and i see that there is a new feature.. two in 15days... excellent,... Otter Browser Forum Re: 1.0.02 (2020.12.21) 2021-01-01, 17:51:45
hi all, is there a new realease on the run for chistmas ?i been a nice websurfer all the year :promissed: my shoes next the c... Otter Browser Forum christmas realease ? 2020-12-07, 06:12:36
but what is ruffle ?good questionhere under the solution way for otter to deal with flash m... Otter Browser Forum flash disparition vid... 2020-11-20, 17:07:25
not exactly... vivaldi is nice, but just for the keybord shotcuts they"re dependant of chrome limitations..and personaly i've... Otter Browser Forum Re: Vivaldi 2020-11-15, 22:52:11
hi all, how are you ? well i hope with these hopeless coronavirus wich kill the party on the runi've seen something that look... Otter Browser Forum killing Otter process... 2020-11-02, 18:19:02
well, since youtube do not tolerate nomore #300 i've went back on #333and nothing happened newabout contentbloking... if you ... Otter Browser Forum Re: new Content Block... 2020-08-27, 13:59:51
well, i was using it every day, then when i passed to #333, there was a black background instead of this backgroundi went in ... Otter Browser Forum Re: mylittleotter.png 2020-07-01, 10:37:18
yep, DaveH, precisely... if you got adobe flash player... it certinaly work...but ido not use Flash player... then it do not ... Otter Browser Forum Re: HTML5 video test 2020-07-01, 05:05:40
nice of fully bugged since its born ??because, suddently after a modification all the publicities in a web page do have reapp... Otter Browser Forum new Content Blocking ... 2020-06-22, 11:04:39

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