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well, impossible to rename a file, without to make it disapear into Otter... the problem upper may be come from this... whate... Otter Browser Forum Re: search engine dis... 2020-04-02, 17:02:42
well, i was lloking for something unusual, but i was knowing that i did a search engine... but nothing happenned with the key... Otter Browser Forum search engine dispari... 2020-04-02, 16:19:28
well, finally, i've changed the useragent for this website only... i'm a new happy googlechrome 63 user Otter Browser Forum Re: problem with a we... 2020-03-31, 15:35:47
yep vbr, i was sure of it... only this website, and its "update" has changed the way to acceed to the webmailerif i look well... Otter Browser Forum Re: problem with a we... 2020-03-31, 14:56:11
hi all,boring problem, with the update of my usual webmail (french)i can read my mail, but i can't write or answer messagethi... Otter Browser Forum problem with a webmail 2020-03-30, 08:41:45
hello alls,my little problem of the day... i try to override (replace) the javascript msgBox alert by something a few more ni... Otter Browser Forum overide javascript al... 2020-03-10, 15:50:29
yep it was in about:config adressbarsimple, instead of [inline] pas to [popup] just nothing... too, too happy, there few mont... Otter Browser Forum Re: suggestion in adr... 2020-03-06, 10:21:38
hi, frenzie, how ya ?tobe sure that we're talking about the same problemin the adress bar, i've copied something- this is the... Otter Browser Forum Re: suggestion in adr... 2020-03-06, 09:59:34
hi all, there's a couple of weeksi haven't complaint about somethingwell, this time it's about the adress bar...- there a lon... Otter Browser Forum suggestion in adress bar 2020-03-03, 18:11:15
well, i've forget something, my problem with video codecs comes because i've explusate flash player out from my PCthen the we... Otter Browser Forum Re: video codecs ?? 2019-12-29, 13:32:30

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