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hi all,about the "view-source" pagesome view-source page, are (because of some website) just humanly there is a... Otter Browser Forum and about the [view-s... 2019-11-10, 08:48:27
hi, to solve the difficulties of this second address barhere, the code to add to the keyboard files, to activate the "First" ... Otter Browser Forum Re: feature missing ??? 2019-11-09, 13:33:48
this is the one i'm using and that i call with alt+[ ; ] (i did a spécific shortcutto activate the adress bar, and this adres... Otter Browser Forum Re: feature missing ??? 2019-11-07, 20:55:26
hello, Ersi... sorry, i do not see what you mean by "secondary adress field"the only one i found is in "menu/toolbars/adressb... Otter Browser Forum Re: feature missing ??? 2019-11-07, 10:08:19
reaading again what i wrote, i've explained it badlyit's about files recorded in windows explorator...if the title of an HTML... Otter Browser Forum Re: little bug ? 2019-11-04, 22:09:24
and there's a hope to have it on OtterBro ?? or it's really a tricky feature Otter Browser Forum Re: feature missing ??? 2019-11-04, 22:02:09
hi all, about to websurf in fullscreen... just really nice... i use a shortcut alt-gr(alt+ctrl)+[ ; ] to pass in fullscreenan... Otter Browser Forum feature missing ??? 2019-11-03, 13:33:40
hi all, there's a Ctrl+shift+a to open extension [tab]but, daily, it's the reload extension wich is the most useful, because ... Otter Browser Forum extension keyboard sh... 2019-10-30, 13:02:14
well, in the beginning i used to send the crach'report ever... now ... not any more...  are they usefull for the team it's ... Otter Browser Forum utility of the crash'... 2019-10-13, 03:35:25
hello alla little difficulty with the #300... some .html files the accentuation in the files adress are coded as é => é and ... Otter Browser Forum little bug ? 2019-10-09, 04:16:18

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