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hi, frenzieon Opera 12.18, clic right, context menu => open in another browser, with the list of browser present on the compu... Otter Browser Forum Re: open in one anoth... 2018-08-20, 12:18:30
open with one another browser was one of my favorite opera12 feature... two month of utilisation, i have to admit that i need... Otter Browser Forum open in one another b... 2018-08-17, 13:23:39
i don't have find the trick about the way to leave full screen, but i found the way to Enter full screen  (not easy)then the... Otter Browser Forum Re: javascript fullsc... 2018-07-21, 15:45:25
 well, ever some problem with the inner donwloader of Otteri've made, with my own two hands, this little of coding bravoury w... Otter Browser Forum donwloader !! go back... 2018-07-21, 12:03:59
yep, not wrong... there is just two way to change the user_agent on Otter... one by the menu_bar "show" (in english ??)and on... Otter Browser Forum Re: youtube ?? 2018-07-20, 21:55:22
youtube seem to not allow my Otter to acced its website datas (i've get off all Otter addblocks)solutions ? known problem ?Ot... Otter Browser Forum youtube ?? 2018-07-20, 07:57:20
well, well,, the javascript code to pass any webrowser in fullscreen (and getout fullscreen)(fullf11 is just a fx... Otter Browser Forum Re: javascript fullsc... 2018-07-17, 09:13:27
hi all, some javascript code allow to donwload the "value" of an textarea as a file but, the anchor.donwload = "my... Otter Browser Forum javascript textarea f... 2018-07-17, 09:00:54
@Pref what is your version of Otter (please ) Otter Browser Forum Re: 2018-07-09, 14:03:12
hi all !a little difficulties, i made à little "slideshow" in javascript... i found the links in javascript to test the fulls... Otter Browser Forum javascript fullscreen... 2018-07-07, 09:46:05

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