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I do corrige the shortcut,i have target my personnal shortcut then... it's not crtl+menu (^appskey) but the original shorcut ... Otter Browser Forum Re: ask for a newshor... 2019-11-25, 15:09:43
hi all, i tried something impossible to do... this shortcut "seems" to not existhow to activate the adress bar (easy) with cl... Otter Browser Forum ask for a newshortcut 2019-11-24, 18:34:43
finally, it do works... there were only a problem with adresse in the line "application". really thanks a lot Beastie Otter Browser Forum Re: and about right c... 2019-11-20, 11:28:30
for the moment i have addCode: [Select] { "type": "action", "identifier": "OpenUrlAction", "options": { "... Otter Browser Forum Re: and about right c... 2019-11-19, 22:07:01
then, it works, but this files is just an headack ... find where to do something is as "benji" (i do it, or not )well, then i... Otter Browser Forum Re: and about right c... 2019-11-19, 18:22:14
yeap, you're right... i went into this files, just after had this new bar... but without to have close/reopned otter... and n... Otter Browser Forum Re: Remove newToolBar 2019-11-18, 19:40:52
cool, thanks a lot Beastie... i'm goona try that soon Otter Browser Forum Re: and about right c... 2019-11-18, 19:35:07
well, i tried new stuff... view/toolbar/add sidebar/  ... it worksbut how to remove it ?? i try to see the file into appdata ... Otter Browser Forum Remove newToolBar 2019-11-17, 08:41:08
well... some old problem are solved (downloader, and passwords panel )but two new appears... = no way to create automaticaly ... Otter Browser Forum two difficulties 2019-11-17, 08:32:53
hi, hersi and frenzie...the view-source, is the way to display the code-source of the page... but the form (organisation/appa... Otter Browser Forum Re: and about the [vi... 2019-11-17, 08:11:15

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