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you're not wrong Emdek, as ever... and i've finally found it (after month of true desepair.. as ever it was under the hand, a... Otter Browser Forum Re: sessions 2021-10-19, 16:19:40
hi all,hope you're welli do use more and more "sessions" i would be happy, to not to pass by the submenu of the submenu of th... Otter Browser Forum sessions 2021-10-16, 05:18:35
yep, i went back to to try to download the #400, because it become to be more en more difficult to pass capchas all... Otter Browser Forum Re: Weekly 400 2021-09-17, 11:55:41
yep, i've seen that too... but it's only files, for windows.exe lover that i am ?some could explain me how to update my #380 ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Weekly 400 2021-09-15, 14:08:05
finaly, i've suppress the AHK shortcut, because i used "0" for open a newtab, - and because it's not possible to target a win... Otter Browser Forum Re: no sound, no vido... 2021-07-18, 09:02:29
haaaa ! finaly i found the way, to had a keyboard shortcut to mute a tabCode: [Select] { "action": "MuteTabMedia", "shortcuts... Otter Browser Forum Re: no sound, no vido... 2021-07-15, 18:12:34
heyheyhey, finally i went dowload the 1.0.02 that can replace #300... and i don't have to "reboot" to modifiy the content blo... Otter Browser Forum Re: content blocking 2021-07-13, 13:30:49
it's because it's like this since the new content blocking tool/deviceusally, i deal with user files when something goes wron... Otter Browser Forum Re: content blocking 2021-07-13, 04:27:30
hi all,then its my config or its normal, but i can't record any change of content bloking, - i must reboot(my pc)  and reinst... Otter Browser Forum content blocking 2021-07-12, 15:14:29
yeees frenzie, i havn't get what you were meaning by "Muted" but its true, tabs can be "muted"but, but, impossible to find th... Otter Browser Forum Re: no sound, no vido... 2021-07-02, 13:21:39

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