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well, after, been lock at home during 12hour    beside privoxy cause of difficulties to remove it properly and get back "defa... Otter Browser Forum adblocker my good old... 2018-05-25, 08:42:13
i'm genius, i've been successfull... well, it was not appData/local/otter/otter that it have to be backup... but more simply ... Otter Browser Forum Re: myBeautifullBackUp 2018-05-24, 16:57:29
hi all,well, i'm doing some weird experimentation on my PC...and i tried to do a large back up of Otter as i was doing in Ope... Otter Browser Forum myBeautifullBackUp 2018-05-24, 16:12:50
[ADDENDUM]well, nothing's perfect... somes site will not tolerate [Edge AdGuard] do play anything whatever you disa... Otter Browser Forum Re: [solved] page.scr... 2018-05-23, 07:51:02
well, i never tried to change web'style'pages on opera... but surely i do not use the good way to do it on OtterBro @ersi = i... Otter Browser Forum Re: website stylesheet ? 2018-05-23, 07:35:04
well, well, well... i talked upper about [AdGuard] wich is an excellent adblocker... but, they promise me that they'll free f... Otter Browser Forum Re: [solved] page.scr... 2018-05-22, 13:29:50
hi all, i tried to modified a weppage with using the stylesheet, but reading back the forum, it seems that it needs to know Q... Otter Browser Forum website stylesheet ? 2018-05-21, 09:43:00
as ever [it soon christmas] then i ask, i beg, and pray, and vote for a way to code offline, and got an access to localhost o... Otter Browser Forum localhost in offline ... 2018-05-21, 08:16:52
well, i was so happy, to got a new update of Opera12 to Otter(goodchoice)1but, i was having little problems with my own codin... Otter Browser Forum [solved] weird displa... 2018-05-21, 08:08:37
i continue my little tour of Otter.. i was having some problem of "page printing"... the reason the inner adblocki've downloa... Otter Browser Forum [solved] page.scrollT... 2018-05-17, 15:00:49

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