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Otter Browser Forum / Re: Vivaldi
not exactly... vivaldi is nice, but just for the keybord shotcuts they"re dependant of chrome limitations..
and personaly i've change for ungoogled chromium one month ago... wich enough for all website and videos that do not work with otter...
Otter stay more "usable" than any chrome version for my daily surf... and stay closer to Opera in this functionnalities (the essential)

but it's true that the web seems to be more locked by the chromium world and google beside... otter allow to see this movement of this appropriation of the web by google... via its own web browser
hi all, how are you ? well i hope with these hopeless coronavirus wich kill the party on the run

i've seen something that looks like à problem (for me, mays its a natural behaviour of e-lutra lutra)

- the process of Otterbro is ever in memory after been "quit" ? it prevent any modification in Otter without data dammage

i'm ever on win10

the installation of a new version of Otter needs to kill this process whatever Otter is closed...

then if you got some time, i do think that you should have a look onto...

see you all

thank a lot
well, since youtube do not tolerate nomore #300 i've went back on #333

and nothing happened newabout contentbloking... if you change something, impossible to re-activate it... may because i've got personnal adress activated... why not

the solution, when publicities suddenly comeback from the darknet they were enjail for eternity, and tooks you're beautifull little otter for their new "playground"

then, close Otterbro, re-install #300... (simply with no particulair precaution)
- go on contentbloking, put the magic keys in the locker of the helldoor (save/close/reopen otter)
and reinstall #333 ... all is back except your last new friends wich been miserabily replace in limbo
- muhahahhahaha !! i'm a great hacker !!

hopes you'll find a solution for this little web Adam's familly

thank a lot, all
well, i was using it every day, then when i passed to #333, there was a black background instead of this background
i went in github to find the svzg... but nothing disponible
there =>

then i did a screen copy in fullscreen to get it, and i put it here for those who used to used it...

better in this way dear Frenzie ??
Otter Browser Forum / Re: HTML5 video test
yep, DaveH, precisely... if you got adobe flash player... it certinaly work...

but ido not use Flash player... then it do not work here...

this is the reason why i do warn about it... soon, ADobe will abandon this technology... then... no video no more...
nice of fully bugged since its born ??

because, suddently after a modification all the publicities in a web page do have reappears as a linving dead lava flow

i do ask, is that normal, it was working, really nicely... is that do comes only for me on Win10-pro...

then i do warn,
- if you try to modify you're blocking parameters may you have the same problem...  :drunk:

and i must stay on #300 because... living dead and me... well, no fun..
Otter Browser Forum / mylittleotter.png
hi all, a little difficiulty with #333
the disparition of the "usual background of Otterbro" (that i do love)
and nothing nomore in the annexe of github.

and here the solution for the nostalgics as I

Otter Browser Forum / HTML5 video test

hi, all... well, do not work at all be there
and, some new from adobe flash player... they gonna stop it soon, around end 2020... and coucil to uninstall it right now.

but, without it, many web site will shift on HTML5 tech...
and then Otter ???
hi DAveH

i was having the same problem
creat a file with .css somewhere in your pc
and had :

paper-dialog { display:none !important }
div#old-browser-alert { display:none !important }

try a ClicRightOnyouTube/preferences/user style sheet/
and had the file for youtube website
well, i don't know for javascript, with #333
but, the disparition of the background svg of the start page appaers for me really surprising... and it's not foundable on the annexe on github... the file is not present... then it need to reinstall #300 and make a copy-screen of the svg to got this little blue background (i've got my use)

in another way, the content bloking panel, in full screen is insterresting, but the way to add personnal "adresses" to block is really less "intuitiv" than the one in #300

i will aggry with those who clame for an javascript update, there more and more website, that force me to leave otter for the chrome-world (but do it is only a javascript probleme ???)

thanks... give a chance to the old back ground and the little cute otter

thanks a lot..

i went back on #300 for the moment...
waouh, guys... i would never thought about that kind of options...

in another way, i went into the file otter,conf
i found there somes options about the startpage... i tried to had something as Startpage=HomePage (which got an adress upper(in the same file)
but nothing really pertinent has happened

i'm gonna try to make this shortcut

and promise Ersi, i really been suprised to not find this behavior... i was relying onto
and more strange, in Otter, if you desactive the startpage, there only an oddy "blank_page" that appears... nothing else... ???
it may be what i was doing since Opera become "free in use (version8.5)" (desactivation of speed-dial) then the homepage was triggered as default...
well, it's a possibility beastie, but, the homepage button do not open a new tab, and vice-versa, the new tab do not gives acces to the home page
and it's not exactly what i have in mind (that could please me ;) )
well, well, i went back to opera 12.17 to see its behavior

and really suprisingly, the opera behavior is the same than otterbro...

but i do remember that before to "accept" the idea that speed-dial could have some utility... i was using the homepage for any tabs (i was not using the speed dial(simply))

then may they've finish to change this behavior and not allowed to use the homepage for anytabs...

it's why i was sure to be abble to use it know... (i was having no use of speed-dial for many years)

well, it's possible in Otterbro to desactive (about;config) the start page... but it gives only a blank page for a new tab... not the homepage

see ya
hello alls,

i would like to use "ever" à specific page instead of the speed-dial ... i went to "prefernces" and i choised start with "homepage"

then it works well a first sight, when openning otter... but if i open a new tab, the speed dial do come back in place of the home page...

i went into about:config, to see if there was an option about it, but nothing

a solution... ??? an omition from the team ??

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / Re: and linux ??
ll right, it's quite what have read here and there on the web...

i'm gonna try this install...  :sherlock:
Otter Browser Forum / and linux ??
hi, all and all
my little today problem ... no Otterbro package for Linux...  :doh:
and because i'm a three day user of a distro linux mint... the way to install Otter browser is a few "fancy"

then what to install, where to find it... and if you're nice "how"  :D

thanks a lot  ;)

do i have, warn for a wolf à few quickly... may be

then, after to have cleaned all my search engine, there were many old one wich where there for nothing or in double

everything seems to works, and i found the way to do a new search engine, with the good "web adress" in the Otter appda
whatever, Otter do not do "by itself new search engines" (which is close to be deep inferno)

then everything works, and i found the little option that allow to had "little custom icon" to these home-made search engines

thanks a lot...

there's a heap of files.txt there that contains the data of the websearchEngines...

i've got 52 files, then 52 search engines
but only 42 in the configuration panel in preferences/search

i never count before...
but i've got somes with qwant[1] qwant[2] in the files with some specifics websearch
-for website that havn't got inner search fields
well, impossible to rename a file, without to make it disapear into Otter...
the problem upper may be come from this...
whatever i'd never tried to rename a file before...

may be during the precedant update ??
well, i was lloking for something unusual, but i was knowing that i did a search engine...
 but nothing happenned with the keyword in the adress bar

i went in my "Otter backup" if i could find it... and i found it... i decide to copy past it to the usuel seraengine folder

and surprise... the files was yet there... but inactive

i was having some supsicion about it... but nothing clear... now its clear

seeing that, it appears that the identity file "name" of these search engine is not "really obvious to read"
[mode santa klaus on] if it could have the same name than in Otter... could be very nice [/mode santa klaus off]

thanks a lot
well, finally, i've changed the useragent for this website only... i'm a new happy googlechrome 63 user

yep vbr, i was sure of it... only this website, and its "update" has changed the way to acceed to the webmailer

if i look well, when i use an alert javascript, it seems that there is a twice call to the page that killed my "alert();"
it do work, but before the page is "fully loaded" then no way for me for the moment to have the possibility to catch anything in this html'page

for what i see in the Otter dragon'fly is that the iframe do not load the "<head> datas and the <body> data"
i've catch it in another browser(chromium'cloned)... but no way to inject'n'replace the whole innerHTML of the <Iframe>

but thanks a lot for the anwser ;)
hi all,

boring problem, with the update of my usual webmail (french)

i can read my mail, but i can't write or answer message
this part of the code is not loaded (an <iframe>) certainly because its an ajax upload
i've try stuff with javascript... but it can't get the document.getElementsbyTagName("iframe") its length give 0

it works with vivaldi, but no more with Otterbro...
it's not a problem with adblocker or personnal rules
if some got some ideas... as ever
thanks a lot
hello alls,

my little problem of the day... i try to override (replace) the javascript msgBox alert by something a few more nice(<div></div>)

well, i found code allover the net, that basicaly use window.alert = function(){ //your code here for the new window }

it works well... on any page... except on one page where i would need it - for sure -

i'm trying to do a little warning for personnal important even (ex:do not forget the food for the cat) that would have the nice behaviuour to use the javascript "alert" overrrided

but at the opening of the browser... at "start-page"... it do works with a simple Js.alert();

but, if i try with the overriding code... nothing happened anymore...
in the same story, no way to open the console with the otter (start-page)

why the start-page ? because it's my defaut page, the open for any new Tab... then i'm that with this i will not forget the food for the cat... (this time :)) )

then my problems comes with otter, and not with Javascript...

somes ideas ???

may the code would please you... if finaly it works
yep it was in about:config adressbar

simple, instead of [inline] pas to [popup]

just nothing... too, too happy, there few month that it was ennoying me ;)

thanks a lot frenzie