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Hi everyone! :) This is my first post here, but I'm an old time reader of this forum. I would like to report that is not working anymore when using the latest Otter Browser (I've tested it using: Weekly report #400 (2021-08-30), Web Backend: WebKit 602.1, under Windows XP). This website was working perfectly fine until a few days ago, but due to recent changes on a JavaScript file (shared-v3.js), rendered this website useless (some elements are broken). I've contacted the website owner, but it seems he is not willing to use backwards compatible code. I've asked him to do a 'graceful degradation' to maintain compatibility, but had no response from him (I guess he won't fix it). Why this website is very important for me? Because I have an old PC, and this online video converter does the job for me (remotely), instead of using my slow CPU (and it even saves me bandwidth, reducing the file size of videos, before downloading them). That's why this is an essential website for me. Well, I hope someone of you can review the recent of changes of the file 'shared-v3.js', the old working version is stored here, and the new file is here (perhaps it's easy to make this website work on Otter Browser). I could provide more details if needed. I don't know if it's good to report this here, or if is better to open a new 'Issue' on GitHub. Any comments will be appreciated...