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Currently Otter Browser supports only user scripts as extensions. Otter Browser Forum Re: extension exemple ?? 2018-12-01, 09:41:15
I only want to say that at me, after moving the thumbnails to other place, the order is kept after Otter Browser restart. Otter Browser Forum Re: start-page icon o... 2018-12-01, 09:38:16
Otter has 3 content blocking options:1. per tab ("Blocked Elements" button on the bottom right corner), which has higher prio... Otter Browser Forum Re: no save setting a... 2018-09-29, 08:53:31
If you exported Firefox bookmarks to HTML file, then select: menu File -> Import and Export -> Import HTML Bookmarks... Otter Browser Forum Re: Please, how to im... 2018-09-12, 19:12:12
otter_flickering.mkv - example of flickering. Interesting thing is, that when it happens, then later middle click opens a lin... Otter Browser Forum Re: a major crush 2018-09-08, 21:41:11
Linux Mint 18 64-bit, Otter RC 12, Webkit, Qt 5.10.0 - it happens very rarely and crash much rarer. Otter Browser Forum Re: a major crush 2018-09-08, 18:58:44
But do suggestions work on new profile? Edit: importing search.ini will work in next version Edit 2: what is speed of showing... Otter Browser Forum Re: Bookmarks :-) - a... 2018-09-08, 07:58:10
I confirm, that sometimes I have flickering on that page too and then Otter is frozen (for some time), and then it rarely cra... Otter Browser Forum Re: a major crush 2018-09-08, 06:51:28
Ad 2. What is the time of the delay and how many bookmarks do you have? I have 900 bookmarks and it seems to me, that I have ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Bookmarks :-) 2018-09-08, 06:45:48
New RC 12 is released, so below I publish a part of the code, which I have in toolBars.json in profile, for custom toolbar na... Otter Browser Forum Re: open in one anoth... 2018-09-02, 19:54:16

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