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Quote from: Emdek on 2017-09-08, 17:02:57@mihau, this should apply to standard (MSVC) builds, they use WMF:https://msdn.micro... Otter Browser Forum Re: audio tag/format ... 2017-09-08, 17:29:33
is there a list of supported codecs by QtWebKit, depending on the OS?I noticed that a simple audio tag with audio/mpeg (mp3) ... Otter Browser Forum audio tag/format support 2017-09-08, 16:27:09
Quote from: DaveH on 2016-08-21, 23:20:06Weekly #137 doesn't work in XP.I'm getting "The procedure entry point SleepCondition... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter and Windows XP 2016-08-22, 12:57:06
first of all, many thanks to everyone - especially Emdek - for their ongoing hard work on Otternow, to my questions:if I try ... Otter Browser Forum about:cache crashes o... 2016-04-12, 20:34:20
EDIT@emdek nevermind my updater script is just stumbling over the -v2 suffix, sorry for having wasted your time Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2015-03-27, 17:40:39
@Emdek hmm despite -v2 in the archive name, the exe still says #63(unfortunately I don't know from which mirror it was downlo... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2015-03-26, 13:43:14
I didn't want to open an issue on github because this may not be an issue or bug at all, but can it be the version string was... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2015-03-25, 17:30:34
thanks guys, I wasn't aware this feature is in such an early stage of developement Otter Browser Forum Re: "ability to add c... 2015-03-25, 17:25:53
I couldn't find anything about this in the settings or about:configthanks Otter Browser Forum "ability to add custo... 2015-03-21, 23:18:19
please do not add this, or make it an option to disable by the userI just spent time searching the web on how to disable this... Otter Browser Forum Re: RSS Feeds Style 2015-02-28, 16:20:27

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