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Quote from: ersi on 2021-01-10, 18:54:51The surest way is probably by getting yourself elected to the legislature. Or maybe b... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-01-10, 19:22:01
Since for whatever reason we are discussing MS, the Legislature just finished the legalities of enshrining the new state flag... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-01-10, 17:05:15
Quote from: ersi on 2021-01-07, 19:31:527:20 "Something you learn well in Mississippi is that there isn't exactly much to do.... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-01-07, 23:17:15
Quote from: ersi on 2021-01-07, 16:37:22What's the 25th Amendment? Plead insanity?By the way, both Bill Kristol and Rachel Ma... DnD Central Re: Everything Trump… 2021-01-07, 21:53:24
Word is that the Cabinet and Pence may invoke the 25th Amendment in a couple of hours. DnD Central Re: Everything Trump… 2021-01-07, 15:31:26
Read in the Guardian this morning that deliveries from the UK to Ireland (RoI) went rather smoothly this morning. DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2021-01-01, 16:51:41
Quote from: Luxor on 2020-12-20, 20:27:36Quote from: ersi on 2020-12-20, 20:49:46new virus strain in UKXmas is cancelled, ful... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2020-12-22, 12:04:47
President-elect Joe Biden gains 132 more votes from Milwaukee after Trump campaign pays $3 million for another recount. https... DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2020-11-28, 03:26:42
Surely you are aware that Brexit is going to cause the current Union of 4 nations to break apart, Mr. Howie? Little England w... DnD Central Re: Another groaning ... 2020-11-22, 02:16:00 DnD Central Re: Another groaning ... 2020-11-21, 16:09:41

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