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Hi,GNOME software used to show star ratings as *popularity* next to the application using the fedora-tagger application.https... Otter Browser Forum Additions required to... 2015-11-28, 14:58:34
Quote from: Frenzie on 2014-12-10, 21:17:16Alright, rebased and should be good to go.@Frenzie,could you please push the file ... Otter Browser Forum Re: 2014-12-12, 17:30:26
Quote from: Emdek on 2014-12-09, 21:19:02@martinkg, so it can be moved to packaging/, right?yes of course, many thanks. Otter Browser Forum Re: 2014-12-10, 07:10:03
Quote from: Emdek on 2014-12-09, 09:45:52@martinkg, shouldn't it have own entry in spec file (then it should be fine to put i... Otter Browser Forum Re: 2014-12-09, 12:16:53
Quote from: Frenzie on 2014-12-08, 09:52:47Is it supposed to go in the root?yes, thanks Otter Browser Forum Re: 2014-12-08, 09:53:31
Quote from: Frenzie on 2014-12-08, 09:19:50The general course of action is you fork the Git repository, you make your changes... Otter Browser Forum Re: 2014-12-08, 09:37:08
Quote from: Frenzie on 2014-12-08, 08:51:35I imagine it's supposed to be the package maintainer? (That means you! )where can... Otter Browser Forum Re: 2014-12-08, 09:09:33
Hi,can someone help me to write a otter-browser.appdata.xml file for Gnome, because i want to create a rpm package for Fedora... Otter Browser Forum otter-browser.appdata... 2014-12-07, 21:15:50
Hi,could you please add the manpage file for otter-browser ?"otter-browser" "1" "05. Feb. 2014" "man page by Malcolm J Lewis"... Otter Browser Forum manpage for otter-bro... 2014-08-28, 13:06:03
Quote from: Emdek on 2014-06-27, 18:30:01@martinkg, currently we use only for binary downloads, source is available on... Otter Browser Forum Re: where to download... 2014-06-27, 19:11:27