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H. Camphausen
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Hessen, Germany
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2019-01-31, 17:32:35
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2019-05-01, 22:29:46
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2021-07-31, 18:07:04

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> Well sure, all you need to do is to visit some random sample, right?Apparently :-)Thank you!Well, Otto /does/ seem to handl... Otter Browser Forum Re: Bookmarks - Perl ... 2019-05-01, 22:17:13
Hi all,using Otter v1.0.81 weekly 272 (WebKit-Backend 602.1), I successfully  imported 5.000+ bookmarks/600+ folders  from Op... Otter Browser Forum Bookmarks - Perl scri... 2019-05-01, 09:04:35
Hi Quetzal,any problems with "putting the style sheets in the knowledge"?Ok, it is a bit frightening that "The style sheet al... Otter Browser Forum Re: Styling the Otter-UI 2019-02-02, 18:45:42
Hi all,as the look & feel of an UI is impotant to me, I did some styling of "my" Otter-browser.Looks really outdated now ...1... Otter Browser Forum Styling the Otter-UI 2019-02-01, 21:25:23

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Bookmarks - Perl scri... Otter Browser Forum 2019-05-01, 09:04:35
Styling the Otter-UI Otter Browser Forum 2019-02-01, 21:25:23

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