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Cantor programming language developer
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St. Petersburg, Russia
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2015-02-03, 01:21:43
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2017-07-17, 20:02:45
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Разработчик языка программирования Кантор, ведущий группы Otter ВКонтакте

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Quote from: exley on 2017-07-17, 11:03:295. most HTML-5 codecs are missing (check No video on Facebook and VK.  Otter Browser Forum Re: 184 bugs and nags 2017-07-17, 20:02:51
@Emdek, popup menu translation broken in build 172, most items remain English. This is in regular build, with revived WebKit. Otter Browser Forum Re: [Weekly 172] Obse... 2017-04-26, 00:35:54
QtNetwork ошибка #301: Protocol "" is unknown[blocked] The page at about:blank was not allowed to display insecure content fr... Otter Browser Forum Re: [weekly171] Faceb... 2017-04-25, 17:00:28
@Emdek, "Unknown protocol or URI type" error at least, common mechanism for external handlers in the future. Otter Browser Forum Re: Error 301 2017-04-25, 16:50:51
@Emdek, encountered it again. Lesser than in build 171, but still exists. Otter Browser Forum Re: [weekly171] Faceb... 2017-04-23, 12:22:38
@Emdek, when I try to open a non-standard link, I get 301 error. Build 172.Code: [Select]sourcetree://checkoutref?ref=default... Otter Browser Forum Re: Error 301 2017-04-22, 15:20:27
@Emdek, seems problem was fixed. Otter Browser Forum Re: [weekly171] Faceb... 2017-04-21, 08:09:28
@Emdek, with build 172 Twitch started to work. Maybe earlier, but I'm watching Twitch just now. Otter Browser Forum Re: Why Otter does ha... 2017-04-21, 08:03:21
@Emdek, tried test-qtwebkit a little. Looks like same performance (slow) as in Otter. Otter Browser Forum Re: Build 165 has per... 2017-04-20, 11:48:41
@Emdek, with test-qtwebkit all okay with Facebook feed. Otter Browser Forum Re: [weekly171] Faceb... 2017-04-20, 11:41:30