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*hugs you* honestly in my humble opinion, a 3 month release would be better... this 2 times per year is just over-stretching Otter Browser Forum Re: half year release ? 2020-05-25, 01:37:27
coz its complicated Otter Browser Forum Re: half year release ? 2020-05-06, 02:33:02
but nothing is compiled and offer to download... hence the question Otter Browser Forum Re: half year release ? 2020-05-02, 00:15:41
is this the future of otter ? Otter Browser Forum half year release ? 2020-04-30, 23:50:40
err i think it already does support, for a long time...also flash has nothing to do with html5such websites that ask for flas... Otter Browser Forum Re: [feature] HTML5 a... 2019-07-23, 23:58:07
i'll stay on it till ... either windows becomes again normal OSor till I find Linux distro that looks normal as they currentl... Otter Browser Forum Re: This forum is fee... 2019-05-21, 23:50:18
Quote from: beastie on 2019-02-01, 21:54:25It has. Click the "fullscreen" button on YouTube and press F11 to enter Otter's fu... Otter Browser Forum Re: 1.0.01 (2019.01.01) 2019-02-01, 23:46:05
hmm why doesn't youtube have fullscreen mode can the top bar be removed ? Otter Browser Forum Re: 1.0.01 (2019.01.01) 2019-01-31, 22:35:08
been temporary for more than 3 months thats not temporary anymore Otter Browser Forum Re: No more Win 64 bi... 2019-01-17, 23:36:08
i'm quite frustrated with extra slowness of compiling as well last x64 build was 3 and half months ago ... Otter Browser Forum Re: No more Win 64 bi... 2019-01-11, 23:34:24

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