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nah, i just use what the oficial site provides via links experimental ones just give more trouble Otter Browser Forum Re: a major crush 2018-09-12, 09:48:05
Quote from: beastie on 2018-09-08, 13:22:37Adding your specs (OS, Otter version, WebKit vs WebEngine and Qt version) will be ... Otter Browser Forum Re: a major crush 2018-09-10, 22:28:17
and otter crashed upon close haha ok but it worked thanks Otter Browser Forum Re: a major crush 2018-09-06, 00:30:24
its 09.99 rc 12flickering yes, it indicates exactly that, but my tabs were choked hence the force killalso where do you set t... Otter Browser Forum Re: a major crush 2018-09-05, 00:43:20
now, i won't call this a Otter bug, but rather maybe how Otter handles JS/spoiler ahead, "illegal" site in questionso the fam... Otter Browser Forum a major crush 2018-09-03, 00:47:33
mmm dunno for other platforms, but on windows, Otter is quite glitchy, and freezes alot for minor reasonsuntil stability beco... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spreading the wor... 2018-03-18, 20:07:26
you constantly repeat "on updated OS"this just leads to constant tracking what MS and Apple fucked up on their sidewhich is n... Otter Browser Forum Re: Emdek, forget abo... 2017-08-14, 23:29:14
it downloads the file (any) completelybut it crashes on those 99.9 %path doesn't matternor architecturenor apparently NT vers... Otter Browser Forum Re: 184 bugs and nags 2017-07-29, 23:47:32
no it doesnt Otter Browser Forum Re: 184 bugs and nags 2017-07-22, 15:23:28
meh, how come 185 wasn't released ? Otter Browser Forum Re: 184 bugs and nags 2017-07-18, 10:20:51

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