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Hi! Cześć!I'm glad Otter supports Desktop/jump-list actions in KDE.Alas, it was a very bad design decision by KDE to define t... Otter Browser Forum [wish] Desktop actions 2017-02-01, 09:43:06
The dropdown-lists of the back/forward buttons have stopped working for me some weeks ago (I'm now on weekly 127; Linux x64, ... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2016-07-03, 20:33:56
Wonderful, thank you very much for this release! Świetnie, bardzo dziękuję za nową wersję! :-) Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 10 release (... 2016-05-02, 08:06:08
Quote from: Emdek on 2016-04-06, 18:20:16@Kirilo, it is upstream bug: workaroun... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2016-04-07, 13:08:53
After the switch from build 109 to 116 the crash I had with the Breeze style in KDE is gone!But now I have Oxygen icons inste... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2016-03-23, 15:40:16
@EmdekThanks, changing the style from Breeze to Oxygen prevents the crashes. I'll test from time to time whether it remains w... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2015-12-20, 19:33:17
After the update of KDE to Plasma 5.5.1, Frameworks 5.17 and KDE 15.12 (but with Qt staying 5.5.1) I have now encountered a v... Otter Browser Forum Re: bugs 2015-12-18, 11:49:25
@EmdekI use the keywords only for about 25 bookmarked URLs, and they're unique (I think I could not give the same shortcut to... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 8 release (0... 2015-12-04, 10:53:36
Quote from: Emdek on 2015-12-03, 14:28:17@Kirilo, what exactly do you mean by "typing shortcuts"?I could try to reproduce tha... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 8 release (0... 2015-12-03, 19:22:48
I'm experiencing quite a lot of crashes when typing shortcuts (I have a lot for the lack of auto complietion before Beta8), b... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 8 release (0... 2015-12-03, 12:49:03

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[wish] Desktop actions Otter Browser Forum 2017-02-01, 09:43:06

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