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I got: YOUR BROWSER SCORES 528 OUT OF 555 POINTS which is the same as for Chrome. Otter Browser Forum Re: 2018-07-08, 12:03:49
Quote from: Emdek on 2015-04-02, 09:43:22@ersi, when grouping will become available then we could consider "private groups", ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Feature Requests 2018-07-08, 08:27:48
Quote from: ersi on 2018-07-01, 16:35:31Doesn't this already work when you log in to an online account, then open the same we... Otter Browser Forum Re: Containers, please? 2018-07-08, 08:23:28
Quote from: ersi on 2018-06-28, 20:08:32Or you could be logged in with one account in one browser, and with another account i... Otter Browser Forum Re: Containers, please? 2018-07-08, 08:21:45
And btw, my due respect to your work.Brave is probably the fastest browser on PC, probably, but it has switched off ads. Otte... Otter Browser Forum Re: Containers, please? 2018-06-28, 17:25:38
Hi Emdek, and the Team,As you have been working hard on Otter, I do not know if you have noticed quite new solutions in Firef... Otter Browser Forum Containers, please? 2018-06-28, 17:20:19
Actually, I like this minimalistic look. And I do not like fireworks. The less colours the better for the eyes when working. Otter Browser Forum Re: disgusting look... 2018-06-28, 17:03:09
Hi,Small bug: as in the subject. I can see the movie (the first shot of it) with the blue/white circle+arrow on it. I click, ... Otter Browser Forum Bug report: Twitter e... 2018-05-06, 21:11:23
I can see Otter grows up faster! Thank you, dzięki, Emdek and the Team!What I can add is:save the file does not show the pro... Otter Browser Forum Re: Feedback 2018-05-01, 11:34:09
Emdek, he is right. I have a min. tabbar height 30, max. 40, but still the font size is tiny. Otter Browser Forum Re: Bug report: tiny ... 2018-05-01, 11:29:49

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Containers, please? Otter Browser Forum 2018-06-28, 17:20:19
Bug report: Twitter e... Otter Browser Forum 2018-05-06, 21:11:23

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